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Promotional Offer – Career Key test for CCP Pakistan members FREE!!

Promotional Offer – Career Key test for CCP Pakistan members FREE!!

Career Key® Pakistan is # 1 source of choosing a career…..!

To help students in choosing a career based on their interests and personality, The Career Key Pakistan is offering a free Career Key test (English or Urdu) for the members of the Career Counseling Portal Pakistan.

The Career Key test will complement students efforts in subject selection based on their interests.

The Career Key test will help students to:

1. Know yourself
Your strengths, values, personality, and skills. This will help you decide which choice best fits you.
Take the Career Key test to discover which Holland personality types you are most like. You can then match the results with the most promising careers, career pathways and training programs.
Do the activities in Learn More about Yourself and Identify Your Skills to understand yourself better.

2. Know your options
To learn about occupations, go to Learn More about the Jobs that Interest Me, Learn about Occupations.
To learn about education options, go to Choose a College or Training Program.
Are you thinking of strengthening your job skills but you are unsure which ones are important? See The Foundation Skills.

3. Make a good decision
At High-Quality Decision Making you will learn a method based on many scientific studies that is widely used in business and medical settings. It is easy to understand and use.
Still not sure? Go to Career Indecision and consider getting help from a professional counsellor: Career Counselling

To get a copy of your Career Key Pakistan test please send a request at .



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