CCP Pakistan Portal aims to provide effective career counseling to Pakistani students and young professionals by connecting them to our panel of subject matter and professional experts
CCP-Pakistan|We provide free career advising & subject counseling to students

CCP Pakistan – Dream Plan

CCP Pakistan – Dream Plan:
1. Dedicated Administrative body to run the cause
2. Professional Team of Volunteer Career Advisers (HR Expert, Subject/field Expert), Counsellors (Psychologist, Motivational Speakers),
3. Presence at Social Media
4. CCP Pakistan registration as Non-Profit Organization , offices throughout the country and representation at international level.
5. International Standard Web Portal
o Individual Virtual Career Counseling & Advising
 Advising on self-awareness, decision making, goal setting, plan of action, subject selection
 Helping students and youth identifying hidden roots of their issues to have sound psychological growth•
 Assisting them make decisions to lead more meaningful and balanced lives•
 Students to be taught of different roles play in their studies and career selection as emotion, Self-Acceptance , self-awareness, positive & negative thoughts, Schooling environment and a disciplined work day•
 Providing quality, professionally-delivered, subject counseling
 Helping students in strengthening subject based skills
 Guidance in exploring career options,
 Guiding students in Resumes, Cover Letters Techniques, Interview preparation
 Guiding students in finding the best and most efficient methods of searching for employment•
 Helping students in strengthening skills
 Support in professional development
 Providing techniques in getting better salary and promotion packages•
 Motivating them to cope through temporary stages
 Motivating students on the need of right Career and subject counseling and its benefits on their career and professional life
 Motivating students to right subject selection and action and reinforce career based studies
o Daily new Professional blogs(written/video) on Career Counseling And Advising.
o Students related information, data and news
o Aptitude test, Assessment of personality traits and other assessments
o Jobs Portal(Internship / fresh Graduates jobs)
 Coordination with Companies offering Internships , fresh graduates jobs, part time study job
o Career Centre ( data of all Career Centres within universities/colleges)
o Advisors Interactive Board

o Students Interactive Board
o Integration with Other Web Portals( for Admission and details. Full visa processing information , Education scholarships)
6. Career Centre setup in Pakistani universities and Colleges ( Our Coordination and, support)
o Coordination with Universities Administration
o They can do career counseling of their students through their own Career Centres
o Allocate Work placements and internships for graduating students
o Professional skills training

7. Parents Awareness/ Schools Students Cousenling
o Reaching through Schools visit, Workshops and through Counselling Book with focus on subject selection on skills and interest base
o Workshops and awareness Campaign in schools( throughout Pakistan)
o Coordination with Schools Heads and Teachers

8. Seminars/Conferences:
o Seminars / Workshops at universities level.

9. National Career Counseling Conference (National , international advisors and Institutes Heads).!/notes/career-counseling-portal-pakistan/ccp-pakistan-dream-plan/413676362058283



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