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Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a Fresh Graduate, How can I contact Career Advisor?

You can send us your question through Contact Us section with complete detail, your skills, career objective, current position, we will send the question to our queries moderator section where they will send it to the Career Advisor. It may take time as we are concerned with student’s queries only, however, we will respond back with an answer as soon as possible. Please remember, that incomplete or unnecessary question will not be entertained.

Q: I am a Student, how to register myself at CCP Pakistan Website?

Please Complete the registration profile ( Link: with complete and accurate details, once it is approved from the CCP administration , your registration will be authorized with the same user name and password that you have entered. Be sure that we don’t have an access to your password. Sometime, we may do confirmation of your enrollment in the university or college you have mentioned in the registration form.

For a limited time period, we have given an easy registration process, you now can do registration at website through this link ( ) however when sending queries we may ask details of your education.

Q: Can anyone register him/herself as Advisor?

Advisors role at website or becoming a CCP Pakistan Advisor, Management approval is required. Advisors send to us the Advisor Form along with his/her CV through our reception ID, where it will be sent to CCP- Pakistan Management for review or Advisors can use this link at website to send us details ( ,once the approval is received from the management team, he/she will be notified through email and advisor role will be given to them at Web Portal.

Q: How long it takes to receive an answer to my query?

Once we receive a query that will be manually forwarded to the concerned advisors team, they will send us a reply back within a week time, the answer will be resent back to the students in 1-2 days, this way it may take 8-10 days to get a complete answer of your query. It may also happen that CCP queries moderator may ask more questions so that the query details are in complete and advisors can reply once.

We will have a new Queries forum that is under development.

Q: Can we see the queries asked by other to be benefited from it?

Yes, if you are registered user, you can see the past counseling queries in the counseling cases section. Also an yearly Book will be published for colleges and universities and libraries.

Q: Can I write a blog on Career Counseling or Career Advising?

Yes, and you may send it through reception ID, where if it is recommended it will be published in the specific section. Please be specific in the writing to the sections, given in career counseling and career advising.

Q: What is Interactive Board?

It is a discussion board which is accessible to the Advisors only, where they post and do professional discussions.

Q: Does CCP Pakistan has interactive Board for students?

No, but we will be having the same board for students in the future where professional discussion on professional development issues will be placed with a check from an Advisor

Q: What is Jobs Portal?

Jobs (fresh graduates), Internships and workshops arranged by Companies, institutes and organizations will be placed here, where registered students can apply for the jobs, internships or workshops.

Q: What is Career Center?

Career Centers of universities and colleges, The contact details with the services will be posted here, and student may get an idea of a university or college which has a good career center, the can contact these centers by email or phone. CCP Pakistan will be working together with these centers to bring a positive change in students counseling in colleges and universities.