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I want to ask you that how’s is statistics as a field and how is its demand and scope?

I want to ask you that how’s is statistics as a field and how is its demand and scope?

Query Statement: Salam sir!! I want to ask you that how’s is statistics as a field and how is its demand and scope? I’m interested in computer science and want a good job in field of computer by due to my percentage concerns i couldn’t be able to take admission at UBIT KU now i have choose statistics at Karachi university Please sir tell me is there any way to enter in IT because now a days IT has a lot of scope and secondly i also want to ask u about virtual university kindly is its BSCS is good because admission are open at VU Karachi kindly sir reply my these two question because my mind says continue with statistics and after that do MCs but my heart is unsatisfied with statistics and wanted to take admission in BSCS this year? Kindly reply this as soon as possible? Please

Interests:I am interested in IT(COMPUTER SCIENCE)

Career Objective:My objective is to become an IT expert help me to find the way

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Muhammad Hamid

Welcome to CCP. We are here to guide you.

First of all you need to understand CS is stick with each and every fields, some peoples come from different area and utilize computer to get assistant in their particular field, like for example: An economist utilize computer for his economist related stuff.

The key thing is your interest and hardworking. If you are really interested and planning your career in CS, VU is a good option and you may opt for it.

Finally I’ll suggest you, if you really want to become an IT expert you do have contribute a lot of efforts, as there is no mid-way. You have to prove yourself as topper.

We all need to bring change in our country by education and commitment.

Kind Regards

Muhammad Ali

Thank you for your queries.

First of all you must keep in mind that whatever you mind is accepting, choose that field.

As for as the Statistics is concerned, it is a good field and have a bright future in Pakistan, and it is growing rapidly

On the other side, IT is growing very fast and the world is already becomes global village. Pakistan has a very vast and brighter future in IT as now many multinational firms are investing in Pakistan.

As you are not selected in UBIT KU, there are other universities providing IT in best ways.

VU is good but when you take regular classes then your mind will be capable to understand all these things of IT.

If you are taking Statistics and your heart in not satisfied then leave it immediately, because you don’t have interest in Statistics.

Dear Hunain, Keep on, move to IT, and if you feel any difficulty and help, feel free to ask anytime, i am available at web, call, Skype, Google, LinkedIn. :)

God Bless You.. Cheers


I cannot say much about statistics, an expert can answer well.  Always look for HEC – Higher Education Commission of Pakistan recognized university that will help you in future everywhere (local and abroad). The Virtual University is fully recognized by HEC – Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, and working in all fields of Studies very successfully. I would suggest that go for that (BCS). and you may start your career after BCS in IT in any field of IT like  Networking , Programming  , IT Management  etc. with some basic Professional Certification like (CCNA , MCST , MCSE etc.)

I hope this will clear your confusion, you may contact for further assistance

Best Regards

Waqar Ali

First thing to do is to enter in CS domain but at the same time from some recognized institution. So do go for VU.

Rest assure that you are really interested in CS .

Saeed Ahmed

Virtual University is good you can start your BCS/BS from VU. I prefer to get admission in VU it would be great, otherwise you can take admission in private universities offering BS in CS, but they are costly.


S.M.Naveed Shah

It seems that you have chosen statistics not because of your interest but as a last option to get your admission in KU. If you are interested in IT or in CS then it wouldn’t be a good idea to waste your few years in graduating on a subject which you don’t want to follow in your career, and then doing masters in CS.

Therefore, if you are looking for a career in IT/CS, then you should follow the same academic track in graduation too, even if you are getting admission in VU only. However, it is important for you to consider the completion of you graduation in statistics, in case you have already invested so much time and you are close to finish line.

Regarding the scope and demand of statistics, I am not an expert of statistics but the easiest way to find this out is to look for the available job openings in market; this gives you a good idea of demand and requirement of industry. Below are two links I got in a Google search, you can find more following the same way.

Govt Jobs in Bureau of Statistics Punjab Pakistan


Hamid Gul

Among all these courses I’ll suggest you to take BS Software Engineering (if you have enough patience). This will lead you to become an expert. Rest of the courses are also fine but I don’t’ much details about those.

There shouldn’t be any fear as you must rely on yourself instead of teachers and university. Teacher will teach you according to his knowledge and you have to multiply it by yourself and at the end you will be responsible of your own life if succeeded (only thru hardworking is possible) you will enjoy otherwise situation is all open to you and all challenges are on your table.

Wish you best of luck

Waqar Ali

Below is the order by preference

 1) BSCS

2) BS Software Engineering

3) BS IT

 You can take admission in VU (also check its recognition first from HEC ).

Amna Zafar

Hello Hunain!

All 3 degree programs have good demand. If you want to go for IT degrees then go to any professional IT school.


All these 3 are inter related and has some differences like

BSIT – You may join and work in IT (Computer + Technologies )  , like IT Managers etc.
BSCS – You may work in Computer Programming , like  system programing , game programing …etc.
BS – Software Eng.  –   its higher than programing  . Software Engineer can be after having much experience of programing..

I would suggest for BSIT

Saeed Ahmed


It depends upon your interests. If you have interest in networking, software development, database administration then you should pursue BSCS/BSSE, they both are more or less same with few different courses. If you have interest in computer hardware then go for BSCE. From job perspective you will get more opportunities if you follow BSCS/BSSE comparatively.




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