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I am doing masters in Economics from NUML, please give a thought to my dilemma and guide me at one of the most crucial moments of my life to secure a good job

I am doing masters in Economics from NUML, please give a thought to my dilemma and guide me at one of the most crucial moments of my life to secure a good job

Query Statement:  Dear Sir, I am doing masters in Economics from NUML: I will be a graduate this January 2015.

Sir, I have minimal experience as my previous life was a drama, unpleasant events occurred and left me in chaos.

I will be of 25 on the New Year eve. I have about 6 months call center experience, six months experience of managing an internet cafe and about a year’s experience of freelance writing.

In my family, there is no one I am bound to take care of. Parents died about 5 years ago. I am the youngest member of the family. I am unmarried. All my siblings are married and are happy with their family life.

I have now separated from my brothers to safeguard my share in family’s property. I have net worth of almost 3 million. I have no chronic disease or disorder (except sexual frustration that too is declining rapidly as I am more concerned about my future than anything else.

I am finding jobs with every new day and I am giving preference to the jobs related to my field even if the jobs would give me a scratch. I am more focused on my professional development and less on monetary output.

I have made a decision to go to Middle East (peaceful countries of course). My goal is to collect wealth half of my inherited then I will start some business.

There is a lot more to say as nothing should be hidden from lawyer and doctor ( I am taking this portal as my career doctor).

Please give a thought to my dilemma and guide me at one of the most crucial moments of my life.

I would like to meet you. Please tell me when and where we can meet.

I will wait to hear from you.

Love and Peace

Education Level: Masters

Skills – Subject Related: Qualitative Data Analysis using SPSS software , Quantative Data Analysis using Eviews software

Skills – Non Subject Related: Ghost writing, Academic writing, Article writing, Blogging,Call Centre Experience for 6 months

Interests: Business Research and Analytics, Research in Social sciences, Real Estate Business, Dairy Business, Publishing Company

Career Objective: I have two options in mind, 1- to do CA with job, 2- to do M.Phil in industrial Economics or Financial Economics

Counseling (History): I consult with my brother but that is just for the sake of make him feel connected. I am consulting no one about my education, career and financial decisions. I only take consultation from friends and family about relationship issues.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please do MPhil if you want to go on with studies and look for a proper job as well. When you will be occupied with thins, your mind will not wander away.

Keep yourself busy with studies and job.

Hasnain Malik

Your past life is with experiences so I will advise you to make your career. You should not think to do CA as now your age is 25 and its tough job too, to do with your job. It’s better to start your own business or start any job for experiences. Its better you call me on Sunday with appointment 03335682814

Uzma Sadaqat

Doing CA or M. Phil can be a strategy to achieve “something” but the real question is that what is that “something?” I mean you must know where you want to go??? What is your final destination??? What do you want to achieve in life???


Khalid Cheema

First of all accept my good wishes on your birth day and also wish you very happy and peaceful new year 2015. I am not a professional career counselor. However, as I am residing in UAE, depending on your specific circumstances I can guide you

to start your business in UAE or for job search if  you wish to try it in UAE. Send me you skype ID so that we can discuss further.

With best regards

Safeer Ahmad

It’s really great to hear from you.

I’m really happy to see you determined. Good Spirit Man…Keep it up!

Well the other aspect is that; you are so much over emotional. By the way, why are you thinking about a job???

Why don’t you plan to start your own business today???

Think like an ECONOMIST…Search the resources around you, everyone has resources.

You know what, I remembered that time when I organized first career counseling session with my team in Lahore (2011). And the amazing thing was our expenditure… PKR 120/-only. Today Agri. Education Pakistan is the only youth organization of its own kind regarding its agenda and activities. And it’s our specialty to organize an activity on minimum finance.

Why am I telling you all this???

Because I feel the potential in you. BE AN ENTREPRENEUR! Brother you have finance to do that. No doubt! try to find a good job but don’t wait for your dreams. You can invest in Agriculture, Livestock etc.

Well think about it carefully.

And eat more fruit and drink fresh fruit juices of your choice. Ice cream, nuts, banana and chocolate are good stress busters.

Be Happy, Be Relax

Good Luck!

Noor A S Qureshi

If you have research mind then do Mphil and Phd in Economincs field in Pakistan or good from aboard along with part time job to get market exposure (start teaching Economincs or do job in any researched based organization.) Search through net on economics and see if you can fit in research as it takes time and good study.  In developed countries, if you have potential and have a competitive mind in economics, you can get a lot of opportunities.

If you have skills and interest in International Relations, you can opt for Phil in IR and need to be up to date with current world and past history. It has a good scope while you will have a solid degree in economics as well.

If you are business oriented person and you know that you can excel in the field and can earn and lead the market, you can start business anywhere.

Faisal Ayub

I hope you will be in the best of your health. i am available in Dubai and can meet you on weekends or in the evenings if you are here. Otherwise i can be contacted on 00971-50 6921301. You long email gave me a good feeling about you and i am sure you would be doing well in your future life.

Doing business is good compared to the job although it requires hard work and a certain amount of luck. However without a detailed discussion i am not sure to recommend you to go for it.

I will be available as per above for a detailed chat if you want.





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