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Skills required to full fill the job is opposite of my personality

Skills required to full fill the job is opposite of my personality

Query Statement: Respected, I have done BBA (HR) in 2013. I work for some organization in Administration. Worked as a HR Intern. In 2014 I started to work with a software house as a Office coordinator. I realized that the skills required to full fill the job is opposite of my personality.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: I am very reserved and shy person. I have low level of confidence. I cannot force some to do anything they don’t want and I cannot say no to anybody. But beside all these weaknesses, I am a very creative person. I respected other people, their ideas, their lives and thinking.

Skills – Non Subject Related: Creativity, Helping others

Interests:  Creativity, to see the world with its deep and hidden facts

Career Objective: I want of be what I am. Helping others, working with the creative ideas I have. A Performing Artist

Counseling (History) By Husband, According to my husband, I am very good at resolving issues among people. I am a very good counsellor regarding family.

I should be a philanthropist or I should go for early Childhood Education because of my arts and crafts work.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank for your query.As for as the HR field is concerned, it has a good and wide scope in Pakistan now a days, as you mentioned that you are creative and respect the ideas of other, then I will suggest you to do some short courses of HR, that will polish more Skills and capabilities and will help you out more.Secondly most important, try to find job in your related field, that will be better and will create a good impact on your future. There are so many organizations which have HR in their best.Good Luck Best Regards, 

Umer Khan

I understand your situation as i have some personal connections to people who were facing similar situations.

The information you provided suggests that you are an introverted, shy but creatively active person.

I assume your question is; how to cope with the work related issues as they contrast with your personality?

If we were living in a different time, i would have suggested you to opt a career which is more aligned with your personality. Unfortunately, we happen to be living in the age of career slump where only the lucky few enjoy the liberty to choose their profession. The rest of us have to make the best of the circumstances as they present themselves.

I suggest you to be positive in your workplace and have a “yes-can-do” attitude. i understand this is difficult for an introverted person like yourself, but i believe that through persistent small changes, like making small talk with your colleagues and pushing yourself in the situation of social encounters, you will find yourself in a position where you will find your office job more bearable.

I further suggest you to pick up a hobby of your interest and invest your time in it; this way you will find your day less dragging and more balanced.

I will complete my note to you by suggesting to take MBTI personality test. This is a test used by many multinational companies to gauge and better understand your personality.

If you have any other questions, ill be more than please to guide you further.

 Best Regards,

 Muhammad Azam Tahir

Absolutely yes; your studies and area of specialization does not match with your current responsibility. Please try to find job in line to HR.

Prayers and Regards.

Syed Iqbal Haider

I think it is a good choice to take up Elementary Education as career. You seem to be a person with values and standards, which all Pakistanis need. If taught with such standards and values, honesty gets embedded in personalities, when they grow up. You will be providing good education to Pakistanis, who really need it!!!

Farhan Khan

Thanks for your e-mail.

Can you please highlight your query specifically, what you are consulting far?

Will be waiting for your refined query

Best of Luck.

Zubair Bajwa

 As you mentioned, you know your short comings so just need to concentrate and improve upon them. We have to go out in the world and have difficult conversations and hard reactions from others__ but that is LIFE.

I suggest you take the challenge and rise than to quit and start all over again. Improve your professional knowledge and take up the hard tasks; confidence will come naturally.

 Good Luck!

Adeel Durvesh

HR is one of the fields where you get bundle of opportunities to socialize with people. One of the sub division of HR which is very popular these days is Organization Development. This is the field which facilitates organizations in improving their cultures, organizational structure, survey assessments, etc. Moreover, it is also helpful for OD consultants to bring all employees on a single platform, one of the strategy is companywide CSR strategy. This will absorb your philanthropic competency coupled with your HR related academia degree.

It’s still a very niche market, try and explore it to excel in your career.

Just one last small tip: stand in front of mirror and start talking to yourself. This will abolish your shyness and reserved behavior. I bet it will benefit you……I myself experienced it.


Asma Afzal


 I have read your query many times to understand and place myself in your shoe, so I can guide you in the best possible direction. All of us in life go through the same dilemma at some point of time, when our expectations goes above than what we have (NOW). I can understand that you must have invested a lot of money to earn BBA (HR) degree but unfortunately our universities grant degrees only not skills, which are important in this competing world to come on the top. Trust me focusing on now & orchestrating it in our benefit is the way towards success. A brief summary shall be helpful for you to identify what you have now & can be beneficial towards happiness & Success.


  1. You are Employed, healthy & Educated person.
  2. You are working as Office coordinator & got an opportunity to learn skills of office work/administration which will make you not only skilled person but will help you in future to progress.
  3. You have a strong belief on a notion of Respect which will enable you to Respect people at work place regardless of gender , who & what they are.(An add on towards happiness & success)
  4. You are good listener already. (As communication is kind of Navigation so put deliberate effort to segregate Facts from feelings?)
  5. Your shyness is your Positive attribute, being extravert & out spoken means you will get more challenges from others.
  6. You have interest of arts & crafts which is not normally found in educated girls in our society.( being Talented guarantee success)
  7. You love to help others will make you an excellent HR Manager OR director in future and to reach there I’m sure you will carry on learning skills :)
  8. Neuroscience says that confidence is the faith on oneself & her abilities which you already have & High level confidence is a Psychology term (which is a Pseudoscience), basically its arrogance & egotism which is harmful in human interactions & can let you down at work place.


 I found you a strong person with ” NO “weaknesses (on basis of provided information) Just love yourself & always remember the legitimate purpose of life is happiness which can be achieve by putting deliberate effort.

 Good luck & Feel Free to contact for further queries.

 Best Regards,

Faisal Ayub

 Your query is not directly related to my strong areas, however as i  can see you have BBA in HR. so the best role for you is in HR, where you can do the things you are best in, like resolving the issues between people and counselling them. 

 However if it is hard for you to find a suitable job and you want to do creative/philanthropic work there are many avenues open to you. If money is not the issue and you can live easily without it I would suggest you start creating small story books with good message for little kids. Your creative areas will be used to a good extent in this way. There is a dire need of our own stories for kids rather than we teach them European or American stories. 

 I wish and hope you find you interest in this area and enjoy it.


Safeer Abbas


Just do whatever your husband said.

You have capability to change the life by altering the minds.

Good Luck!

Ajaz Ahmad

If I comment on your query I would say it’s rare in our industry/job market to find a job which truly matches your qualification or skills. It is normal in this society to do whatever job you could get, and adjust with the passage of time with it. But it is not right, I think you have switched from internship because you got the full time paid job but be mindful your specialization is different and you would enjoy your field more. As far as your shyness and lack of confidence are concerned, do not bother about them, they are not very serious problems and will be resolved with passage of time. 

 Moving on to your personality traits which you mentioned in your details, yes you are a sensitive person and a profession in social work e.g. education, children rights, environment, poverty to name the few, would not only provide you the source of income but inner satisfaction and sense of accomplishment as well. You are at the start of your career and you have enough time to get adjusted in professional life, so take the decision now and improve your qualification according to the chosen field. Think about MS (if you do) in education, sociology, development, economics etc. Hope it helps




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