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I’m not able to select which field to choose… I’m 22 years old and I have no interest or motivation

I’m not able to select which field to choose… I’m 22 years old and I have no interest or motivation

Query Statement: I’m not able to select which field to choose.. I m 22 years old and I have no interest or motivation, and I am double minded, can’t choose one field what should I do

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: No

Skills – Non Subject Related: No

Your Interests: I dont know

Career Objective: Dont know

Counseling (History): My self


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Waqas Azeem

Please share with me your hobbies or the activities you do in your free time so that i can advise you better.


Engr. Ali Soomro

Which two fields you have selected or having trouble with?

No need to be worry, tell me all the details, we can find suitable way…

I am available at career couseling Portal and also @


Farhan Khan

You are required to write more details about your previous educational history & personal aptitude for career development.

Best of Luck


Muhammaz Azam Tahir

You did not describe the fields, you are messed in. Plz write in detail so that guidance may be extended.

Plz re-send your quarry.


Maha Khalid

What are you good at? Which subjects do you like? What are your aspirations, who is your favourite personality? There has got to be something you would want to do in life. What is your background? All these things will help us guide you. Tell us your scores in subjects? Aptitude tests? If you are enrolled in bachelors then what is your major? If you have finished your bachelors what subjects did you do well in or enjoyed? What GPA did you graduate with? etc

Zubair Bajwa

Every human being is created for a purpose now we have to find that purpose. Each career starts with a rough patch that is why it is called HARD work to get through it successfully.

You get inspiration from your parents, family, friends and ideals from society to find the purposeful utilization of your time and talent. Talk to everyone and also seek guidance from your Creator.

If nothing happens, write each opportunity that you got on separate piece of paper, shuffle them and then pick one. That one is the one ordained for you, just through your head down and start working toward that for next ten years without looking for any reward. Your hard work guarantees your success in life.

Good Luck!

Adeel Durvesh

Do the meditation yourself and ask yourself that where you want to be 5 years down the road. What is your ideal profession? Who is your ideal personality? You ll automatically get answers to your qs.


Asma Afzal


I will suggest you to conduct a survey with 10-20 persons either family or friends & ask them following questions

 Q1. What are the rapidly growing fields in Pakistan & can bring fortune in coming 10 years?

 Q2. What are the hobbies & interest they pursue to get happiness in life?

 Q3. What are the skills to be learned at your age?

After completion select the field rated to, select hobbies & interest you like, Select skills which are rated on top 3.

Do it in next 2 months & get back to me with results & your achievement.


Safeer Abbas

You don’t need any motivation…

You are too good…

But here are some clear suggestions for you…

Try to believe in you and others around you and be true to believe in Allah Almighty.

Be thankful whatever good you have.

Don’t be SELF CENTERED… No one is perfect…

Eat more fruits and drink fresh fruit juices of your choice.

If you are reading it… I know you are surprise to getting such response.

You’ll not going to give it importance whatever I suggested.

Please, My dear! Believe me, you are not only the wise person on this planet.

You are a talented person.

I know, now you’ll think that you have not any appreciable talented.

I’ll not tell you about your talent. Please find that miracle in you and do respect your self and others.

I know you’ll not give importance to my suggestions.

But It’s my humble request PLEASE FOLLOW THEM ALL

Good luck! 

Salman S

In my opinion I need to explore this client further. I need to ask him certain questions including the following:-

Educational background and the subject studied. 

Subjects that interested him in his bachelors

Fields about which he is double minded

What was the motivation for choosing the subjects for bachelors; 

If possible, I may like to have one to one session with him on SKYPE and employing narrative technique that may help him to explore his options if any.

Please share his skype ID or contact detail to guide him accordingly.

Faisal Ayub

World is a cruel place. It judges people by the marks they get in a field or how much money one is earning. For me as long as you are happy in what ever you are doing you should be fine. So first of all check your interest and the things you are good at. Let them be anything and try doing the same things. Soon you will realize that you are enjoying and this will increase your strengths further. 

Again I would like to emphasize that the area you choose can be anything and should not necessarily be one which is paying more.




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