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I am unable to study

I am unable to study

I am currently doing advance diploma in clinical psychology! And I am unable to study! I have lost my concentration? My exams are in mid of January and I have-not opened my books yet !

I have few other activities too, I am a lecturer, and secondly I have applied for navy whose test is on 29th December! Thirdly I am doing my MPhil too, my midterms are in January too, so what do I do? I just remain worried 24×7 to what to do? I am just wasting time? And paying attention to nothing please help me quickly





CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Zille Huma Farooq

Dear Haniya: We know we are stuck; sometimes we don’t. But in both cases we have to do something. Set your priorities; see where your interest lies. With clinical psychology you can do well in navy as well as civilian but for that you have to complete your diploma and practice. Remember always before doing anything “ONE CANNOT BE JACK OF ALL”. So you have to find out where your interest is.
I would suggest you do not skip anything just manage your time. Everyone have a diversification right in one’s life according to their interest. Now time for you to decide, 
here are some options

1- There are civilians that work as Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers. I would suggest getting commissioned, if you find you don’t like Active Duty, do your minimum get out, and apply to continue working with the Do as a civilian. On that note there are several ways to get into the military and do the job you want. You could apply to a Military college, either West Point (Army) or The Naval Academy (Navy, duh), but I’m not sure if they offer much in the way of Medical Corps. Training. :
2- You can be a Clinical Psychologist (research) or a Counseling Psychologist/Psychiatrist, to prescribe meds, but it’s not necessary to serve in the military).
3- Last I checked the Navy only requires a masters to serve in a therapeutic or clinical capacity. Psychology majors who only have their BA/BS are some of the less paid professionals with undergraduate degrees.

This is what I can suggest you I hope you will get good suggestions from our team. Don’t skip any test or exam for which you already have applied just try to focus and manage. TRY YOUR LUCKY, it’s always good to take risk when you are stuck.
I wish you a very best of luck. Regards


Dear Haniya:  Actually you are stocked in many things. Now you are not finding the way of dealing all of them at once. Sit back, relaxed and start prioritizing your choices. Give yourself thought that what is most important for you. Lecturer ship? Diploma in clinical psychology? M.Phil or what? Make a list priority wise and act accordingly. Regards


I can suggest one thing first of all you must set your goal what you actually want to do, you have started so many things which result all this situation with you…. And if you relay want to go for clinical practice then do diploma otherwise it is of no use for you



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