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Scope for engineering for females in Pakistan

Scope for engineering for females in Pakistan

Query Statement:  I want to know that is there any scope for engineering for females in Pakistan?

Education Level:  Matriculation

Subject Related Skills:  Matric (biology)

Non Subject Related Skills:        /

Interests: Engineering

Career Objective:  I am interested in engineering but I want to know that is there any scope in engineering for female in Pakistan?

Counseling (History):  My parents are of the viewpoint that engineering is not suitable for female……

CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Farhan Khan

Thanks for your query, Iys nice to know that you are conscious about your future planning & moving ahead in right direction. On your query, For specific engineering disciplines I ll say YES , as there are orientations of engineering fields which are suitable to work for females in Pakistan , areas like Chemical engineering, Fluids Engineering, Agri & harvesting invention engineer are fine for females but on other side engineering disciplines like mechanical, electrical, petroleum etc which are more practical in work orientation does not suites in most of the cases, an other important factor is your demo-graphical factors like your family background & society where you live, your religious values & social norms etc also play an important role in career development. For example being a petroleum engineer or mechanical engineer a female will be required to travel alone or with other male colleagues & live among them for months or years , so all those factors one should keep in mind while planning ahead.

Best of Luck……………



Zubair Bajwa

Times have changed, girls are toppers in Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, and Architecture. Now companies want quality work and does not matter engineer is male or female.

So be the best in your class and there are lots of opportunities for you in every field.

Good Luck!

Syed Iqbal Haider

Asslam O Alaikum,

Sure, Pakistan is progressing fast

By the time you become a professional in your specialization, there should be plenty of opportunities for Female Engineers.

Some fields of Engineering require lots of field and hard work out of office, while others don’t. Make sure that you are strong enough to stand up to it and prepared to do efforts and hard work. 

Generally Civil, Mechanical, Industrial Aircrafts and Marine engineers may have to do lot of physical hard work.

Other fields, such as Electrical, Electronics,

Medical Engineering, etc., require less physical work.

Most Important thing is that you will be competing lots of sharp students for admission, make sure you have the confidence and the ability to get admission in your desired field of interest!


Muhammad Azam Tahir

There are is a scope for female for Engineering in Pakistan but of course, for some specific areas of Engineering like Architecture, Textile, etc. where office work is involved.

Otherwise, other fields of Engineering do demand physical involvement which perhaps lady may not perform.


Salman. S

For sure there is scope for engineering females and very impressive careers , but you need to explore options for yourself according to  personality and aptitude. This is right time to decide about your career prospect.


Faisal Ayub

There are many branches of Engineering and yes some of them are more demanding than others, but you can pursue the ones not demanding. Since my main field is Finance and Accounts i cannot give you much details but let me tell you the software engineering and the telecom related engineering is less demanding in terms of work outside in the field. Most of the time you can be in office and do your job. 

Even in case you want to pursue any other field in the engineering you can still go for that. Let me tell you that one of my niece is a civil engineer and she did fine.

Hope this answer would help you.


Hasnain Malik

Yeah of course specially in Telecommunication, Textile Engineering 

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query and sorry for late reply.

Yes, offcourse, there is a lot of scope for females in the field of engineering in Pakistan. As you will see the ratio of admission in Engineering Universities in Pakistan, there are so many female graduates entering in this field.

If you are choosing engineering field, i will promote you and will suggest you to go for it.

Good Luck



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