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Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

Query: I have given the exams of 2nd year (pre- eng). I live in Dubai. I want to do Electrical Engineering in Pakistan but almost all the universities admissions are closed now. Please tell me is there any solution to get admission in Pakistan or is there any concession for overseas Pakistanis?

Advisors Replies

Omer Yousaf

Check these sites

You need min 60% marks in Fsc to be eligible to apply for any engineering program as per PEC regulations

Rabia Ahmad

UET still has not conducted its entry test and same for the Punjab University, but you have to clear his supplementary in order to get admission because otherwise you are ineligible for ECAT.


Query: I have completed my BSc in Electrical Engineering and now I have a little bit confusion in my mind that whether I go for Masters or MBA. Year of passing BSc in Electrical Engineering was 2010 and reason of choosing this filed because my father told me to do so. Don’t have any Career Plans as if I go for MBA then approach will be different and if I go for MSc then there will be a different approach, I discussed it with my teachers and almost every one told me to continue my job (to get experience) instead of further studies but I don’t have to spend any thing on it. That’s a kind of a scholarship for free. Currently, I am working in an Engineering Consultancy Firm as a junior Engineer. Basically I am wasting my time as there is no learning and I usually pass my time by watching movies .In MSc, I think Power is a good option as this field is not saturated like electronics and communications but in MBA I have no idea. It’s my 2nd Job and it’s been 6 months since I have been working here

Advisors Replies

Saina Siddiqui

It is a start of your career and you need to show a lot of patience at this time. May be your immediate boss is just testing your patience level. Secondly business is slow these days due to recession and may be the consultancy has few projects so your boss has less work to delegate you. If you are not getting any unreasonable nonverbal cues (termination signals from your boss) that means your jobs is not that insecure. It is better to ask for appraisal as you are completing your 6 months of your employment by this you will have clear idea where you are standing and what your boss is thinking about you and your further development. I suggest you to continue your job and try to sustain it as long as you can as job market is quite tight. Quitting job at this point is not a good idea and will put you in more trouble. Don’t plan for studies as an alternative or use studies as a scape goat.

If you are planning for studies then find any institute which will offer you evening program. Now here you have decide again as you have two options 1. M.Sc 2. MBA . M.Sc will make you more specialized in your field and MBA will equip you with management skills and you can work in a broader spectrum. It is better for you to keep gaining practical exposure and continue your studies after working hours.


Query: What is the scope of advanced diploma of electrical engineering? I have done F. Sc from Pakistan and will be doing advance diploma of electrical Engineering in Melbourne InShALLAH, I will go to Saudia Arabia for job

Advisors Replies

Shaista Khanum

Dear Zahid Aslam Diploma courses were in good demands in Gulf Countries in 70’s and 80’s. After Kuwait War and settlement of European, American, Australian, Philipino, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Malysian, Indian Professionals and Education Grooming of Arab Countries like Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptians, Saudis, Omanis, Kuwaitis, Bahrainis, Qatris and even Emaratis in Engineering, the demand of Pakistani Engineering Diploma holders is very less. They maximum get a job of Supervisors and also after long experience. They are mostly selected at lower technical posts with less income. Depending upon the type of company in its Salary infrastructure the opportunities varies across GCC’s but since Professional Engineers a easily available therefore the DAE holders are far behind in competition. This is the bitter reality now in Middle East. I am sorry if U got hurt but showing you a real picture will really help U decide about Ur future I believe.

I will add a few points here. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is always demanded all over the world. It has established career in developing countries like U.A.E. but has improved career in Multinational companies in Pakistan. Since Pakistani Multinational Companies are not more in number therefore the opportunities are less and competition is more among engineers from Pakistani Colleges and from all over the world wishing to work in Pakistan. While in Middle East, all GCC countries who start new Engineering projects every now and then, they can give more opportunities of settlement for engineers. Alshaya Group, Al Ghurair Group of Companies and many others welcome engineers to work for them. You need to do a general search on internet about all the Companies of Bahrain, Qatar, K.S.A., Kuwait, Oman, U.A.E. who are offering opportunities to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers. The same you can also do for Pakistan

Saina Siddiqui

You have to think twice before you decide for your next step. . As mentioned above you should take guidance from some senior professionals in the same field. At this point it is better for you to go for further studies and get admission in some Engineering college or university if you can

If you cannot join any Engineering college or university then it is better that you should look for other alternatives. Don’t just stick to Science subjects, there are a lot more new subjects and fields in Social Sciences…Give it a try as well. Also keep on checking newspapers and job portals for entry level positions to gain some experience in your field

Farhan Ahmad

 DAE demand is too less these days that you can’t relay on that now only. Its better if you take admission in some B.E. or B.Sc Engineering courses.. They will at least broaden up the job opportunities afterwards..!! Best of luck…!!

Noor A S Qureshi

Good Scope, go ahead with it. Remember Competitive people are always on the top in job market (plenty of examples are there), so don’t worry about JOB. I will write something for your Career Plan (A professional in Electrical Engineering and then after specialization in these filed (power generation, transmission, and distribution; communications; electrical equipment manufacturing, or a subdivision of these areas) through studies, studies practical, Volunteer subject related job, subject related workshops, seminars and you will enhance and manage continuously your skills, knowledge and work to make you a competent and profitable professional Electrical Engineering in the market.)



Query: Which has wider scope computer science or electrical engineering, I have done pre engineering with 752 marks from FSD board. My interest is in technology field. I want to live a prosperous life. No special career plans i just want to live life without tension. Please guide me

Advisors Replies

Noor A S Qureshi

Computer science has many branches and is used almost in every field of job and in organizations and on the other hand electrical engineering is related to a specific field. Both fields have its own value. Subject selection depends on student approach and interest. Monetary wise both has good perks if one is enough competent.

Syed Saud Ahmed

2 different fields, with 2 different salary bench marks. First you need to believe, that no matter what you do, Allah has created a path for success if you work hard InshaAllah. Secondly, both these fields are pre occupied, they have huge …See more

Syed Saud Ahmed: Having said the above, a ‘Professional’ is made out of hard work and dedication, it is a difficult path ahead, strive for that extra mile. Whatever you choose, again, both are high paying areas, but both are heavily flooded, you need to choose from your heart. After all you don’t want to get in to something and then plan to move out. No time! Good Luck!

That is why the first couple of years of your professional cycle re a ‘trial’ run. You may develop a third interest once you start working. This doesn’t mean you move immediately. At the moment, it is wise for you to continue your education. Within the Engineering segment. Once a field is chosen, you may identify your long goals. At this moment, science has not developed a particular nerve that will tell you what your good at in your professional career.

Shaista Khanum

Dear Rohan Tahir, Unfortunately here our system of education and family fails to guide or encourage you to your right path. Practically speaking present youth knows basics of IT better than before. You people surf internet resources better than your adult members of society. Try to find the ways and website which help you assess your aptitude using Psychometric tests. All over the world these tests are used for selection of professionals in established institutes and they can provide you a guideline to understand your personality. For Brother Syed Saud Ahmed I would say that Science assesses a person’s potential not by his/her nerves but by his/her personality. And personalities are assessed through Aptitude tests. Therefore Aptitude tests or Psychometric tests are important to use. Keep in mind. These tests may give you varying result and not the same value all the time. This test depends on your emotions, age, level of understanding at the time when you are attempting them. But varying score does not mean tests are wrong. They just give you an idea of your Best potential but not exact measurements of potential levels. Rohan Google such things on net and see if U find something U can attempt easily.

See this test if it’s useful for U Rohan Tahir. 



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