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I have recently completed B.E in Electrical Engineering, now I am interested in doing MBA on scholarship from Canada. I want to ask that what you people suggest me, whether I go for MBA or do MS in electrical or computer. I have to decide it now because after this decision I will start preparation of GMAT or GRE.

I have recently completed B.E in Electrical Engineering, now I am interested in doing MBA on scholarship from Canada. I want to ask that what you people suggest me, whether I go for MBA or do MS in electrical or computer. I have to decide it now because after this decision i will start preparation of GMAT or GRE.

Query Statement: Hello every one. I have recently completed B.E in Electrical Engineering from NED University and secured 2nd position with 3.961 CGPA (Dec 2014). Now i am planning for my higher studies from abroad. I am interested in doing MBA on scholarship from Canada. I have chosen Canada because my uncle has been living there since 2000. So permission from family won’t be a problem. I want to ask that what you people suggest me , whether i go for MBA or do MS in electrical or computer. I have to decide it now because after this decision i will start preparation of GMAT or GRE. Second thing if i am succeeded in getting a v good score in GMAT (for MBA) and in ielts then what are the chances of getting scholarship because there are very less scholarships in Canada and many people from other countries will also be applying. Looking forward for your response. Kindly reply me asap.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: I am extremely hard worker person. A good time manager. I always try to give my best.

Skills – Non Subject Related: I am a good time manager.

Interests: I always try to find ways that how I can improve myself.

Career Objective: I am planning to do Masters from abroad but on scholarship. (Confused between MBA and MS (electrical or computer).  Moreover, don’t have any idea about scholarships of Canada.

Counseling (History): One of my teacher recommended me to do MS (electrical) first and she also recommended me to apply in different universities of Germany and Australia as well.

My uncle who has been living in Canada always recommended me computer engineering. But my teacher told me that it will be difficult for me to do MS in computer as we haven’t studied computer engineering in detail in undergraduate level.


CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

 Hammad Siddiqui

Both degrees are good. You need to decide now what exactly do you want to do in future career.

Hasnain Malik

You should do Ms Electrical Eng and then doctorate

Farhan Khan

It’s nice to read that you are conscious & thinking practically about your career & future. 

Well, in your situation I’ll suggest you to go ahead with MS in your field of education, MS in Electrical/ Electronics. As MBA is a polishing management based qualification which you can do even after your MS, provided if you are so interested. On other side if you will do MS in your field then your chances to grab batter position in job market. I advise to do more research on Germany as they have many scholarship programs in MS level & there research on electronics / Electrical is so advance. One more advantage for Germany over other EU countries is you will not be asked for IELTs but you wil be required to learn German Language basics which is very easy & in Karachi there are many institutes for that purpose. 

I also suggest you to look for Germany, France, New Zealand & Norway for scholarship programs. There are many Pakistani community students already studying & living there. In Canada & Australia you will have more competition, if you are so lucky then only you will get offer for admission.

Wish you Good Luck,

Dr Manzoor yetto

If you want to go in teaching line then MS is better for you, otherwise go for MBA which has vide scope

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query. I will suggest you to do MS in Electrical Engineering or ME in the same field which have you studied in undergraduate level because of the following reasons;1- You have a clear concept of Electrical that Is why it will be more easy to understand and learn.2- Doing the master in same field will make a good look on careers so that you are not going out of track.3- I will be more easy to get higher job in the related field with MS or ME.4- There are so many opportunities for electrical engineer in abroad.5- It is an extra advantage for you that your uncle is living in Canada, hence going and adjusting is not a big deal. I will suggest you go for MS or ME in Electrical Engineering. Good Luck :) Best Regards, 

Syed iqbal Haider, M.Sc; Pg.D;

Asslam O Alaikum,

I am impressed with your performance and career strategy. You are doing, Masha-Allah, very well and you will reach the top, no matter what you do.

I am also an Engineer / Ocean Scientist and worked for Canadian Oil and Gas Industry, until I retired here, 10 years ago. 

I have been living in Canada for more than 50 years, now. 

All 3 of my children were born here and I am lucky that with the Grace of Allah, they are all good practicing Muslims and doing well in their Professions. 

In my opinion, You should keep both options open and do M.S. or even Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering and at the same time take up some courses to do your M.B.A. So that by the time you finish your Ph.D., you will be near completion of your MBA.

You will have hard time in the first year when you start your university here in Canada, but I know you are a hard working girl.

If you could not get any scholarship or some kind of financial help, ask your uncle to help you out. 

In your second year, normally, depending upon your performance, professors here are very helpful and cooperative, you should be able to generate your resources. 

My son went to University of Waterloo, here, who was, Masha-Aallah, 96/98% achiever, almost self-financed his studies and is now a qualified M.S; FCA and MBA (London Business School).

If your family and your uncle, here in Canada, can help you get into Canada and enroll you in Master’s program (or may be initially, in qualifying year for M.S.) you will be well on your track.

After your M.S. or Ph.D. in Elect Engg; and MBA you could easily fit into more modern field of Renewable Energy (Wind Power / Solar Power Generation) Projects, starting as Project Manager and going to the top.

This is going to be need of the day, now and in future.

All the best

Wish you a good luck

Allah Hafiz

 Maha Khalid

MBA for engineers secures their growth prospect it’s become a core requisite for getting a raise or promotion. MSc on the other hand is entirely your choice if you feel you want to excel in the subject enough to change the course of the future. As for scholarships and university picking Google can be of great help. Canada has a number of good universities. Each one has its own merit list and rules.

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Congratulations for your great success in BE Electrical, securing 2nd position. 
You are suggested to pursue MS in Electrical engineering; rather MS leading to PhD program. It would be in line and strengthen your BE studies, too.

Secondly there are more chances to win scholarship for MS/MS leading to PhD, insha Allah. It depends upon your capacity; if you can work hard, you can opt for MBA evening program, later on.
There are agencies like Common Wealth that offer ample scholarships for Pakistani students, too.

For scholarship offerings, please get yourself registered at:

Wish your great luck ahead, too.


Zubair Bajwa

My suggestion is to do your MS in engineering as there are more scholarships and secondly more job opportunities afterwards.

Good Luck 

Muhammad Owais Atta Siddiqui

Congratulations on getting a position in you Bachelors.

As far as MBA and MS are concerned, it depends on what you want to do after your Masters. Whether you want to do some Management related job or you want to work in your core field i.e. electrical or computer engineering. Considering the fact that you will be relying on scholarships, you will get lesser funding’s got MBA than MS. MBA is considered to be a professional degree and most of the MBAs require work experience as their pre requisite. Moreover, in MS you can always opt for teaching assistant and fund your studies with that. You usually get a fee waiver too depend on you GRE score (As you already have an amazing CGPA).

As far as Canada in concerned, you will have tough time finding scholarships over there. I know friends who have gone for their MS and PhDs in engineering related fields in countries like USA, Saudia Arabia, Koera, Turkey etc. There are pretty few people I know who have gone to Canada for higher education on scholarships. Having said that, I suggest keeping your option open and applying to other countries too, I know you may face some issues from family but when you dream higher you need to take such decisions.

Concluding above, I advise you to go for MS and appear in GRE with good preparation. IELTS should not be an issue for you and you can get higher band with little efforts. Keep your option open and apply to other countries with better scholarships options such as Germany, US, KSA, Korea etc.

Hope above recommendations help you in taking a feasible decision. Do let me know should you require any further advise/ clarification.

All the very best for your future. 


Dr Muhammad Qamar ul Hassan

MBA is good if you want to have management position and MS is good if you want to go in academics or industry. But as a female I suggest MBA.

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ali

Try US as well and u will find more scholarship there. Best Regards,

Umer Khan

I hope you are fine.

I can relate to your query in every way possible because i was facing a similar fork in my road a few years back.

I will recommend you to sit down, relax and list down all your options.

You can’t actually choose between the available options based solely on how other perceive your talents.

I suggest you to ponder on what you really want, a 5-why technique is always a good start.

It drills down your options to the underlying cause of origin. Only when you are in contact with what your passion is, you will be able to conclusively decide your plan of action.

As far as the scholarships are concerned, there are multiple internet sites which can give you a detailed list of the available scholarships.

Europe is a good place for engineering studies. it includes Finland, Germnay, Belgium, Sweden etc.

Most people doesn’t apply for the scholarship fearing the competition. I suggest you to try and try again. You are a very bright student. I hope you find peace in your search for answers.

Uzma Mushatque

You should go for MS in electrical since you know what you have studied earlier. Since MS is a specialization degree, be careful in choosing the field. Good luck.

Asma Afzal


Congratulations for completing B.E in Electrical engineering with distinction.. I believe now it’s time to gain some practical experience as well for reality test. .

As you mentioned 

Career Objective

I am planning to do Masters from abroad but on scholarship. (Confused between MBA and MS (electrical or computer).  Moreover, don’t have any idea about scholarships of Canada.//

I suggest you not to go for the fish which is still in water.. GMAT, GRE preparations & applying for scholarships & hoping that you will get it is exactly like that. . .. You are not sure for achieving scholarship & getting more confused in either OR or between MS  & MBA… This confusion will waste time, energy & money shall leave you aimless.

I always suggest students that wise is the one who makes excellent recipe out of available ingredients not the one who looks for whats & ifs etc. . 

If possible consider followings:

  1. Start looking for job.
  2. Read journals, magazines related to your subjects to find out what innovations are coming up around the globe related to your subject. 
  3. Start writing blogs related to your subject.
  4. Keep applying for the scholarships for the field which is rapidly growing in Pakistan … ( use web for this purpose).




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