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I am the student of final year of Electrical Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi. I want to do masters so I want to ask that which will be better for me MBA or ME

I am the student of final year of Electrical Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi. I want to do masters so I want to ask that which will be better for me MBA or ME

Query Statement: Currently I am the student of final year of Electrical Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi. I am about to graduate in December 2014 with 3.96 CGPA. I want to do masters so I want to ask that which will be better for me MBA or ME. And i don’t know about fields of MBA. If I will do masters I will try to do it in Computer and information system engineering. Will it be better as I am not going to do master in electrical??? . I am so much confused whether I will do MBA or go for masters in computer engineering?? Or there is another better option?? . Please try to reply as soon as possible.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: I have done internship at EBM and have learnt basics of PLC programming there. I have command on software’s like MATLAB, PSSE , MS-Office etc

Skills – Non Subject Related: I can manage things well. And the most important thing is I will try to do every task before time.

Interests: I am interested in doing masters.

Career Objective: I am looking forward to do masters along with the job at some good organization.

Counseling (History): Fellows guided me to do MBA. Whereas parents want me to do masters in computer engineering


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Hasnain Malik

Do Master in computer and IT system engineering (with specialization in networking/data base)

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ali

First of all, u should decide what career u want to adopt, Teaching, working in a company at what level. If you want to be professor, then go for ME and then Ph.D. For that I will suggest u to apply to a university Master Program. This u should start now. If u want to make ur career in a company, then you should do MBA for a management position. But they might ask u for few years’ experience before u join MBA.

So decision is yours. If u can afford u should do it from USA/Canada. If not, then I will advise u to apply at KFUPM (

If further help is needed, do contact me.

Engr Muhammad Asad Imran

Well, I think MBA at this stage may be required if u want to change your profession n become a management person. Again it needs to be done from a reputable institution.

However, if that is not the case then better to proceed in your career by opting for an advance degree that is masters, then later on once in job, you can go for MBA when demand arises.

Profound Regards,

Zubair Bajwa

In my view a Bachelor in Engineering is more than sufficient for you to step in practical field. If I have to hire  someone for a technical field, I prefer person with more market experience than somebody with higher degree. I suggest that you get some experience and attempt for US Scholarship for Master Degree.

The market demand tells us that there are more avenues in Computer related fields than power distribution; furthermore there is better environment to work in.

Good Luck!

Rakhshanda Khan

I have read your questions, skills and interest, it reflects that you have good time management skill. Moreover your GPA shows your hardworking nature.


Your options depend on what you want to do. Do you want to stay in the field or do you want to teach in any engineering university. I must say before enrolling as an ME/MS student try to get job during internship or just after graduation to earn some field experience(you also mentioned it).It will  help you to get teaching and field jobs as well. You can also start ME just after graduation. In Pakistan, you can teach with ME plus some teaching or field experience. Masters in computer engineering would be a good choice. After spending some years as a faculty member, need of another degree will rise.

You don’t have clear idea about MBA and its field, research fields and develop understanding about subjects will take time. If you pursue your MBA, most probably, there would be more experienced MBAs seeking employment rather than young individuals having ME/MS degree.

If you want to work in your field then you need to know what is needed to practice, field knowledge before entering into the field is essential. As we know about competitive and shrinking job market , it is difficult to get job and we need more technical skills and qualification in order to get spot light i.e. job. However, after spending some years in the field, you will definitely need a master’s degree to excel and to grow professionally. At that time degree will depend on job nature. Sometimes an MBA helps but it totally depends on job nature. ME/MS seems to be more favorable. I would say your parents are right.

Selection: Computer Engineering or Computer and information system engineering

Computer Engineering and Computer and information system engineering both have more potential and, in future, it will provide you compatible pathway to integrate with Management Sciences. I would like to know about your programming skills. Can you write programs or code?  It is a must have skill. You will need in almost every field

Some suggestions:  Go online and see course outline of the following suggested options

  1. MS Computer & Communication Security{ NUST (Islamabad campus)}
  2. MS energy systems engineering {NUST (Islamabad campus)}
  3. DHA Suffa University, MS computer science(check your eligibility)
  4. I would also like to suggest apply for MS program offered by Karachi Institute of Power Engineering(KINPOE)
  5. PINSTECH- MS System Engineering

If you want to teach in any of the well reputed university go to their career pages (online) and check what qualification they want to see in their faculty member. I also would like suggest read advertisement and jobs advertised for both teaching and field positions. By the time you finish your BE, you will be able to think about what you have (skills and qualifications) and where you can go for work. It seems difficult but not impossible. Only you need dedication and consistency. I hope it will help. If you have any question do not hesitate to ask.


Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please go for ME



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