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Done BS in chemical engineering from UET Lahore …what would be the best subject for master as a female?

Done BS in chemical engineering from UET Lahore …what would be the best subject for master as a female?

Query Statement: I need advice for younger sister career…she has done BS in chemical engineering from UET Lahore …what would be the best subject for master as a female. As she said it’s more suitable to boys and it’s hard to find jobs for girls in this field

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Rakhshanda Khan 
Before taking any decision you should consider (1) your interest and passion for the subject (2) what type of job you want to do after Masters (3) what types of jobs available for girls and your comfort zone ( i.e. what you can do and in what environment) (4) do you idealize any company or institute? if yes think about positions they offered and the required skills and qualification

I understand sometimes we find barriers to follow our passion. For any option think about possible difficulties(barriers) and their possible solutions Intense research is required to check the available jobs, you really want to do. You could also talk to professionals in this field, for example meet your female professors and ask their thoughts. I don’t know where you would like to go for Masters in Pakistan or in another country. From UET Lahore, I would like to suggest two subjects 
( it is just a suggestion. Do your research and think about your interest, passion, comfort zone and how far you could go out of your comfort zone. However, please don’t reject options just because of male dominated environment. It is possible that you can do better than them, just think about your level of tolerance)
Wish you all the best for your career success

Dr.Manzoor Yetoo :

There are two best options for you depending upon your interest.1)If you like teaching then you must go for MSc or MTech health certifications courses like OSHAS AND NEBOSH which are recognized worldwide and can fetch you a good job in chemical industry field

Dr Yousaf Hayat Qureshi

 Hi there, My advise is that you may still go for Masters in the same subject:

You are familiar with the subject so it’d be easy to right Thesis in the same subject and then IF your situation permits go for “Doctorate” i.e. Ph.D in one of the topics that will be apparent while you’d Masters.

Chemical Engineering a new line that attracts and will attract many aspirants.

So then you can go for teaching at a University. It’s respectable and a payable job. Plus demands will be high in the Middle East . They have shortage of women scholars.

Best of luck


“Climb up the mountain NOT that the world can see you; climb so that YOU can see the World” Cheers

Sajid Ali

First i would like to answer your question of jobs availability of boys vs girls. now the trend is changing and opportunities are shifting from male side to female side as the
current world is going for gender balance in each sector so don,t be worry or dis-hurted about this. the second thing of choosing master for you i will suggest to do master in environmental sciences as it is easy as compared to other subjects and chemical engineering is more related to environmental pollutions. in my life i had a senior with BS in chemical engineering and master in environmental sciences and is currently working with OGDCL safety officer and a good salary. be confident and try to start an internship with masters if you could do i m hopeful you will have a good future in this sector INSHA ALLAH. Good luck for your job hunt and further studies.

 Saima Tabbasum

Good Day, First of all be positive and thankful to Allah the Almighty that you have done BS Chemical Engineering, a well done job by you to have this valuable degree. Secondly please come out of this impression that this is a field only for male candidates and females cannot get job in this field. It is a futile thinking and is no more valid in 20th century. You only need to explore opportunities around you and even worldwide, as now a days everything is on your finger tips with advancement in IT technology. Many females are working in Chemical industries at all organizational levels.

Well Chemical Engineering is not my field , so I cannot advise you in one line which subject is better to choose for master’s degree but you should select the one which you enjoyed more and  understood better during you bachelor’s studies

 Habib ur Rehman

Chemical engineering is a unique field especially for female candidates and few of the obvious choices you have are either to choose a manufacturing, process or research. The manufacturing area will lead you into pharmaceutical or cosmetics side of business, process specialty will take you towards oil and gas or petrochemical/refineries etc. Finally research will take you to academics or applied research.

I am not sure what your plans are in terms of Masters, are you planning in Pakistan and abroad and if you can clarify your intentions a bit, I will be able to guide you better.  AH and Good Luck.



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