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Our Counseling – Finished Queries

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  • Check relevant filed
  • Queries are based on below group fields
    • Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology
    • Aviation, Tourism, Hospitality
    • Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Biochemistry, Microbiology,
    • CSS (Civil Superior Services of Pakistan)
    • Defence & Strategic Studies, Gender Studies, Social Work, Women Studies, Political Science, Pakistan Studies, International Relations, History, Law
    • Education & Teaching, Library Technology
    • Environmental Sciences, Plant Sciences, Geophysics & Geology Agricultural, Horticulture, Archaeology
    • Fashion & Design, Garments Technology, Textile Designing, Artistic Painting, Interior Designing,
    • General Queries
    • Information Technology, Computer Sciences
    • Islamic Studies, Comparative religions
    • Journalism-Films, Media & Mass Communication
    • Languages, English, Urdu, Arabic, French, Regional Languages
    • Logistics, Procurement, Facilities
    • Marketing, Business Management, Finance, Economics, Accounts
    • Medical Engineering, Animal Sciences, Dentistry
    • Medicine, Healthcare, Medical Laboratory Technology, Biochemistry
    • Physical Engineering (Automobile, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics)
    • Statistic, Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, Econometrics

Our Counseling

CCP Pakistan at your service: Whatever your concern, we are here to assist you in finding a solution. If you feel you are getting nowhere or don’t know where to turn, stop by us at Do registration as a student and send us your query.  You may find your cases addressed (on right side of the page as per subject/filed), already, please check the Counseling cases. Professional blogs on Career Counseling and Advising also help you to decide on your subject and career selection. All services provided by the Career Counseling portal Pakistan Center will be FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

Self-Assessment / Our Procedure

You have to do your Self-assessment and provide us the details. Upon receiving your query, our site moderator will refer your query to the concerned team of Advisors. If it related to psychological issues or subject selection, it will be referred to the Career Counseling Section and if it is related to your career development, career plan, , job search strategy, CV Writing tips, Interview preparation and handling work environment issues , it will be referred to the Career Advisor. The Counseling case will be documented that will be uploaded after a month time frame on CCP Pakistan website.

We may ask a student

What are your skills, what value you have, your interests, your financial position, your preferred work environment, your behavior, your education, specify subject interest and many more

Set goals and take action

Once you are done you have to Set goals and take action but remember that good mental health is the cornerstone of personal, academic, and career success



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