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I have completed my intermediate with 928 marks out of 1100 and have applied in DMC and SMC but didn’t get the admission due to tough competition but now I am stuck and I don’t know what to do

I have completed my intermediate with 928 marks out of 1100 and have applied in DMC and SMC but didn’t get the admission due to tough competition but now I am stuck and I don’t know what to do

Query Statement: I have completed my intermediate with 928 marks out of 1100 and have applied in DMC and SMC but didn’t get the admission due to tough competition but now i am stuck and i dont know what to do as i have done my intermediate from federal board Quetta so i cant apply in biomedical in NED. What do you recommend now? What should i do?

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related: None

Skills – Non Subject Related: none

Interests: medical was my sole interest

Career Objective: I wanted to study medical any way

Counseling (History): He is very good in all science subjects throughout all grades


CCP Pakistan Advisor replies

Hammad Siddiqui

There are other options for Pre-Medical students.

You can go to a University and to Biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacy.

Alternatively, if you can afford to pay private tuition fee, you can try private medical colleges also.

Good luck

Dr Muhammad Qamar- ul Hassan

Try to get admission in any private medical college or study psychology.

Hasnain Malik

Yes you should apply in NED and also there are lot of fields in medical.

 Moazzam Nizami

Your academic score seems good. Better apply for BDS or pharmacy in any university in Punjab or Sindh.

 Dr Nadeem Salamat

As I understand that your back ground from biology, you can apply n other universities of Pakistan,   there are number of chances.



Muhammad Azam Tahir

Hope you good.

You may opt for D Pharm now. And/or if you afford, you can get admission to any Private Medical College. Otherwise, D Pharmacy and followed by B Pharmacy & so on.

It’s equally good field. Agha Khan Medical College Hospital offers specialized courses after FSc in a good standing. Plz check those, too.

Prayers for your great good luck.



There are many options for Medical Studies beside your tried one DMC & SMS, such as

Private medical colleges such as Zia Ud Din, Baqai, Jinnah, KMDC and other. 

D Pharm from  Karachi University 

BDS instead of MBBS and opt career as Dental Surgeon. 

 I suggest you please call me at 0321 929 07 08 and share all options as each option need some academic background as well financial and other resources 

Simply drop your text to me and I will get back to you with my convenience 


Syed Iqbal Hayder

Asslam O Alaikum,

Your point score in your exam seem very good and you seem very determined to become a doctor. Both points go in favour of your choice. 

If you can try other medical colleges in Pakistan, such as those in Punjab (Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Pindi), Sind  and KPK (Peshawar), for admission. 

If, however it is too late for this year, keep fighting and try to apply in 10, or more, different colleges in Pakistan and meanwhile, keep up with your education, may be continue for B.Sc., for a better interview next year.

It may still be worth sacrificing one or two years to achieving your goal. Education always pays !!!

All the best


Habibur Rahman Abbasi

The career choices should not be limited to “whats available” , it should be governed by “what you want to do”.

 Is Medical field your choice??? If yes, then based on your current situation i think the few options you have are 

 1) Try for some private Medical colleges, I am aware that this option is expensive.

2) You can try Bio Medical option in some other universities locally or if your financial situation permits, abroad too, there are some very economical courses available in Australia and Canada.

3) Last option is to go for a related field like Pharmacy or Bio Technology, which can be very rewarding in future jobs at pharmaceutical companies etc.

 I hope this helps and most of all ask Allah SWT for guidance and help and you will not be disappointed IA.


Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please apply in all relevant places where admissions are still open. Try in Karachi University as well.

 Azeem Khan

My suggestion is to look for alternatives. Look into other medical colleges or even institutions who offer medical/ health studies. Like you can also consider becoming specialized e.g. nurse, physicist, dental surgeon etc. You can also try for out of country colleges like in India, Malaysia, China etc.
Best wishes for your future!

Further Query by Student

Thank you all for your precious time and advice i have applied now in COMSAT for bio sciences and bio informatics and also in Liaquat Medical college for medical technology?? what do you think is better option as far as  job opportunities and scope in Pakistan is involved?? 


Farhan Khan

Congratulations of achieving good score. Suggested to work on B-Pharma or if you are so interested in Bio medical  or health sciences you need to do some extensive search & look around for other universities/ institutions  offering courses of your choice, but dont waste your time.

 Best of Luck……..

Engr. M Ali

Thank you for your query.

As for the as the admission in NED is concerned there is a very tough competition in overall boards.
Well no need to get disappointed, there are other fields like D-Pharm which is also related to Medical studies.

There are so many other reputable universities and institutions where you can get admitted in MBBS or any field related to medical studies. If you are interested in MBBS then go for LUMHS or in Karachi Bahria & Hamdard University is also offering MBBS and D-Pharm which will help you in your career.

 Be confident and be motivated, get admission in Bahria or Hamdard for MBBS or any other university for medical studies. 

Good Luck Fakeha :)

Faisal  Ayub

Since you could not get admission in the medical college you can pursue dentistry, related field to doctors as it has go scope in future.

Feel free to contact if you have any other questions.


 Zubai rBajwa

I want to apologies for returning your query so late. You are a bright student and nothing is lost, take SAT exam and get into engineering university. Other than this you can get admission in micro-biology and other food/ agriculture related fields. Pharmacy is next and Chemistry has lot of application in the industries now.

Good Luck!!



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