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What are positives and negatives of a doctor or engineer in Pakistan?

What are positives and negatives of a doctor or engineer in Pakistan?

Query Statement: Hi, I wanted to know the positives and negatives of a doctor or engineer in Pakistan.

First.. For whom engineer or doctor?

-for who is it easier to go abroad from Pakistan?

-who earns more doctor or engineer abroad and in Pakistan?

-who lives a better life? (in means of luxuries, enjoyment, trips etc.)

-who have more facilities?

-who starts earning more and more early?

-who is overall better? (A doctor or engineer  … most probably mechanical is my interest along with doctor)

Thanks for any answer you give and any help you provide :)

Education Level: Intermediate

 Skills – Subject Related: I have really good grades and i think i can manage both being a doctor or engineer (inshallah).

Skills – Non Subject Related: sports like cricket not many skills apart from studies at the moment.

Interests: Both interested in mechanical engineering and being a doctor

Career Objective: I will choose the one better.. Mechanical engineering or being a doctor

Counseling (History): Parents advise me to go to NUST for mechanical engineering or become a doctor from Rawalpindi medical college..


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Zubair Bajwa

Here are few thoughts about query:

  1. If you want to enjoy money and luxurious life; it can only be through your Dad’s money or from a rich wife. Whatever you get through sweat and hard work is not that sweet and luxurious.
  2. Pakistan’s economy/ market are so small and unpredictable that Doctors  & Engineers don’t get what they want. It is tougher for Doctors as there are fewer opportunities in cities initially and later takes lot of hard work and money to get foreign qualifications to make good earnings at later stage of life.
  3. Engineers get more opportunities to study and start a job in the market but they have to be in Govt. or go abroad for stable/ well-paid jobs in the mature stage.
  4. My recommendation is that you go where your passion is; you need to be in the top 1% to be successful in any profession and money/ life style will follow.
  5. There is no one solution/ short cut to success.

Good Luck! 

Muhammad Ali

Your question is regarding the future of doctor and engineer.

Dear, there is so much brighter future of engineers in Pakistan and have very good opportunities abroad also.

Engineers earn more than doctors because they have more technical skills and abilities, but for doctors you must be capable of good degree and have much experience. Engineer have very good life, and can go abroad easily.

Overall an engineer is better than doctor.

Hasnain Malik

Both have own scope its better meet any professional engineer and doctor then decide which one is better, You did lot of question and it can’t be answered here. There is need of your call on Sunday by appointment

 Uzma Sadaqat

I find your query interesting. You seem a studious student and profession doesn’t a big deal for you. You are ready to invest your time, attention and focus to your studies no matter what it is.

 The most interesting part is that you want to make really good money to live a luxurious life with so many facilities. Isn’t that true? :-) It’s all possible if you start learning about “Financial Fitness” by reading books on Financial Education. It’s like learning about Mechanical Engineering. You can learn how to make big bucks through legitimate sources. It’s as easy as we all learn how to be professional in a chosen field. You can google “Robert Kiyosaki” a well-known author on Financial Education and also you can find so many mentors on this subject.

 I would suggest you to choose Mechanical Engineering to pursue a career and start reading books on Financial Education. Good Luck!



Hammad Siddiqui

Your passion is to become an engineer or doctor or to make more money?



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