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Recently did my MBBS, and completed my house job, I am interested in doing post-graduation from abroad

Recently did my MBBS, and completed my house job, I am interested in doing post-graduation from abroad

Query Statement: I am a fresh graduate, recently did my MBBS, and completed my house job, I am interested in doing post-graduation from abroad while searching for various post-graduation options after MBBS, I came across these 2 master’s degree programs that I think are of my interest

  1. 1.    masters in surgical skills
  2. 2.    masters in performing arts medicine

They are being offered by 2 well known universities in UK,

I want to ask

  1. 1.    what are the future scope of these degrees especially the second one, i.e job opportunities in U.K or Pakistan
  2. 2.    If I am in U.K studying for a master’s degree, can i take a PLAB exam as well at that time?
  3. 3.    since it is very difficult for non UK/EU citizen doctors to get a training job in U.K even after clearing PLAB, will my chances of finding a good job increase because of the above mentioned degrees or will it remain the same?

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: I have done all minor surgical cases, can handle surgical/ medical emergencies very well.

Skills – Non Subject Related: I am a good speaker, and a good writer, I have actively participated in all research projects and subject presentations during studies

Interests: Interested in pursuing surgery as my career . Interested in performing arts,I am aware of possible work related problems artists suffer, and importance of occupational therapy in this field

Career Objective: I am currently planning to do FCPS 1 in surgery

Counseling (History): During my house job in surgery I was acknowledged as a having good surgical skills, and stamina by my seniors


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Zubair Bajwa

It would be best to consult a professor at your medical college or someone who has cleared the PLAB examination before, and knows the system. 

Other than that, these degrees could improve your portfolio/CV when applying to a surgical training programme, and also open avenues with regards to academic/research related jobs.

Muhammad Ali

Thank you for your query..

I am glad to hear that you are going to do Masters from UK.. Its good..

As for as your query is concerned i will suggest you to select option 1 because..

1- Surgical education has a brighter future in Pakistan as well as abroad especially in Middle East.

2- As you have mentioned that you have some sort of skills in surgical educations that will help you more in your future.

3- There are so many reputable hospitals and organizations which are hiring the surgical experts on good demands and at high positions, as you will be master in surgical studies from UK/EU, your chances to become on stars will be more brighter and vibrant..

Secondly the Masters in performing art in medicine has a little scope as the people of Pakistan are not so much aware of this, moreover you better know the health facilities in Pakistan are very rare and expensive.

You can take the PLAB examination anytime while continuing your studies.

After clearing/passing the PLAB, definitely your chances will be brighter to get good and handsome job in Pakistan as well as abroad.

You have good surgical skills and have done some sort of minor surgeries as well, so i will suggest you to go through for Masters in Surgery.

Feel free to contact for any assistance. I am available at below:

Good Luck :)

Hasnain Malik

Scope of surgical skills exist in Pakistan and abroad but performing arts medicine has not so scope in Pakistan. Yes your chances of job will increase after clearing plab



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