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I want to become a doctor since my childhood but because of family problem I couldn’t

I want to become a doctor since my childhood but because of family problem I couldn’t

Query Statement: I want to become a doctor since my childhood but because of family problem I couldn’t.

Education Level: Masters

Skills – Subject Related: Easy to understand critical and complicated topics

Skills – Non Subject Related: Sketching and drawings and cooking

Interests: Learning English,

Career Objective: I want to be a doctor but I couldn’t and now doing MSc zoology in which I am not interested, I want to do double masters in the field which have standard and worth and I bring confidence n because of not became doctor there is a regret that I have feel so. I just cope up. With this

Counseling (History): No one

 CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

 Safeer Abbas

Awww! Well, I often say that; if you want to do something best then do whatever you want to do. You can do best only with your interest.

And if you think that you don’t like adventure, animals, and wild beauty of nature then you should just complete your current degree and go for your interest.

Just Think Li’l Bit!

Good Luck!

Hasnain Malik

You should think to do master in English and then make mind for become CSP officer. I will guide you how you can do this and it’s much better then to do any other thing.

Muhammad Ali

Thank you for your query.

We always think that we will become a choice and have a pleasant life. We all have dreams in our childhood but there are different situations we are facing in our families.
You have selected a good field of Zoology but still you are not interested in it and want to do double masters. First complete this M.Sc and then go for M.Phil leading to Phd, you will be entitled as Dr. Isha.
On this situation changing the field is not a good option because you can’t be MBBS doctor now. You have good confidence and faith and you can do whatever you want.
After doing this i assure you that you will be having a good future and a luxury life.

Good Luck..

Anjum Naz

 Thanks for your query

Your query is very vague.

Anyway follow your instinct to make decision of your life

Pursue Ph.D degree to become doctor

 Have a great time

 good luck



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