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I am FSC(premed) student, matriculation marks is I know I don’t apply in med so I’m not preparing MCAT

I am FSC(premed) student, matriculation marks is I know I don’t apply in med so I’m not preparing MCAT..

Query Statement: I’m waiting for my intermediate result.. My marks in 1st year is 330 but now in 2nd year hope getting 450 marks, I am FSC(pre med) student..matriculation marks is i know i don’t apply in med so i’m not preparing MCAT..i want some suggestion for my future study. please help me..i’m not ready to do BA BBA or Bcom..plz guide me for that line which have scope today

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related:    None

Skills – Non Subject Related”      None

Interests:      Bs honers in biotechnology

Career Objective:  Want to Work in biotechnology departments in university or industry.

Counseling(History):         None


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Sajid Ali
Greetings !
Dear looking to your marks you mentioned here reflex your competencies. I will simply suggests go for the subject of your choice. This is the age of education you can see the professionals around you some are doctors others are engineers but some are none of them and still getting almost double pay from them.
choose the subject of your choice and the subject you had command because successful professional does not need any occupation if they had command over his subject he will always had value in professional community. Be confident choose the one of your interest and will let it discuss if further need.
Zubair Bajwa,
Why don’t you look at Nursing and Pharmacy professions? Good educated nurses are very high in demand locally and internationally. There are openings in Shaukat Khanum hospital and many NGOs like United Nations etc.

Same way Pharmacists are in demand all over the world.

I suggest you do some internship in a hospital this summer and see firsthand different professionals as well as seek advise from them.
Best of Luck!

Mozzam Nizami
Sallam Dear Student
Yeah you are right with the marks scored in 1st year shows difficulties in admission to Medical.
As your interest revolves around the Biotech, i would like to suggest you apply in BS (Biotechnology). Perhaps University of Agriculture Faisalabad and Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi having the Biotech discipline. Admission will be open in August probably.

Secondly you can also join B. Pharmacy in Punjab University. BS Physiotherapy in Karachi is another option.

I am not sure but do search on Google for universities offering Nano Technology disciplines in Pakistan. As this is an emerging field.

BS forestry in Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi is also an option. After that you can join Env. Sciences or forestry education abroad

 Best of luck for your endeavors

Shaista Khanum
Assalamo alaikum Wala Rahmatullahe Wa  barakatuhu

It’s been nice to see your concern about the future.
It’s not necessary to opt for medicine if many other life sciences fields are emerging in this technical era.
A few steps of organized search and prompt application to each University program is needed to get into all life sciences fields.
Also decide your preferable country/city of the University to start your graduation qualification.
Your education budget will undoubtedly affect your priorities of all above-mentioned steps.
Don’t forget to surf websites of all your selected universities to get the latest updates.
If possible, plan a personal visit of all those departments, especially admission sections to get the latest information.
Keep in touch with our expert s for further guidance.

Stay blessed.

Dr Manzoor Yetto
You can go for biotechnology BS, as it has got a good scope.

 Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

 There are many other options besides medical or business studies. 

 You can go for Specialisation in particular subjects such as Mathematics , Chemistry and so.

 You have options such as interior designing, computer engineers and the list goes on.

 Please first assess what you are interested in and then look for options.

Azeem Khan

Thanks for sending your query to CCP, we are glad that you are planning your future early on.

 Reading your passage gives some idea, but to give you a comprehensive solution I would suggest you send us a two page 100-200 words essay on your personal background (incl. education, likes/dislikes, hobbies, ambitions, goals etc) and what you would like to do in the future.

 Kindly send this write-up ASAP so we can evaluate and give you our reply.

 Warm regards,

 Safeer Abbas

That’s great Zunaira, you are not ready for BA, BBA and whatever…

Here are few fields you might like;


Agriculture (there are a huge range of majors in Agri. Visit the link please!)


Wish you best of luck! 



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