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I am 3rd year MBBS student from Kashmir but due to financial issue I have to leave MMBS.

I am 3rd year MBBS student from Kashmir but due to financial issue I have to leave MMBS.

Query Statement: assalammoalaikum.. i am 3rd year MBBS student from father is working as driver in a local company. My brothers are just done with DAE civil engg.  Younger sister just joined uni for B.Sc elec engg.. my family is finding it hard to continue.. i dont want to go with loans any more. so i decided to quit the field and go for masters etc, so whats good option there?

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: I have been a topper student since start. i have good interest in co-curricular activities

Skills – Non Subject Related: none

Interests: just interested to satisfy my parents

Career Objective: good job

Counseling (History): None

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

 I have read and understood the situation. Most of the families in Pakistan are on survival of their future.

I will suggest you to continue your studies because you are in 3rd year of your MBBS, the remaining 2 years will be more important as your bright career. I can understand the situation of your family, but for the best of you & your family, you have to struggle and complete your MBBS. If you quit means you are disappointed, and if you go for masters then the same you have to spent few more years to complete that.

This is very critical situation i can understand, but you have to be motivated and have faith in Allah, once you complete your MBBS, then there will be more time for you to do FPSC or any other specializations in the same field..

I suggest you to carry on. Its the stack of your dream & future.

No need to be disappointed, Good Luck & Have faith in Allah,

Cheers :)

Sajid Ali

Firstly i am sorry to know about the situation you and your family facing now a days. i will suggest please not to quit from MBBS as this field along with engineering field are the only fields where a professional can sustained independently. i will advise to stick with MBBS the time will be passed soon but if you gone for other profession then it will be difficult for you to fulfill your desires of satisfying your parents.
i will try my level best to ask someone at Islamic Relief at AJK to adjust your brother there if possible to you will find a gap to complete your studies.
will try my level best to assist you, where i can do….

Thanks and Regards

Zubair Bajwa

I find many good students in the grip of similar financial problem, my advice is bit radical, but there doesn’t seem to be any other better choice, take loan or whatever complete your MBBS degree and as you are bright student; it will pay your family back. Low aim is a crime!

 Ask your father to check for student loan from National Bank.

 Best wishes & prayers!!

Hasnain Malik

You should complete your study as there are lots of scholarships.

Syed Iqbal Haider


 As they say, “God Helps those who help themselves!”

You are a good person with lots of self-respect. 

This distinguishes between an animal and human being. 

I respect your thinking.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have experienced similar times, in spite of 2 Master’s and a history of good jobs, just about the time when my son graduated high school and wanted to go to medical school, I had lost my job.

He was aspiring to become a doctor and was  scoring 96% / 98% in one of the top University of Canada, when he decided to take up Master’s in Mathematical sciences and quickly get it over and get into job stream.

Now on his own efforts he is working for major Bank, as Chartered Accountant and MBA from London Business School (One of the top 3 Institutions in the world). 

Masha Allah settled with beautiful children practicing Islamic ways of life and doing excellent in academics.

A girl with your kind of vision will definitely know what the best for her and her family is.

I encourage you to follow your Sixth Sense !

 All the best. Please keep me informed “How you are doing in your life !”


Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

 Please complete your MBBS degree.

Faisal Ayub

I am sure you must have given a good thought to the decision you are taking. However i would suggest continuing with your MBBS even if you have to take a loan as MBBS is a degree far better than masters. You have only two years remaining before you can be a doctor and in this way you can help your family in a better way.

 I am not sure how much cost you have to bear in MBBS., is it a govt institution or a private. Still I you want i can try arranging funds for your if you so require. Please let me know the details.

 best regards

Muhammad Owais 

 وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبراكاته

I would suggest you not to change the field now at this stage as you already enrolled in 3rd year of MBBS.

 As you mentioned you have been an intelligent & topper student since start. You should not give up because of the financial problems.

 You should try to get scholarship in college, or even should try to find out the persons who recognize & support the talent on their fields through personal scholarship. 

 Thanks & Regards, 

 Ajaz Ahmad

Sorry for being late. I fully disagree with your decision of dropping the medical degree as it is very difficult to get the admission and you are lucky in this regard and please do not leave it. Why not some of your siblings drop their education as they can get the admission again. Also there are some scholarships e.g. British Council female specific scholarship which can be availed. But leaving MBBS is never a good step.




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