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How is applied physics does it have a good scope and now a days is applied physics is a good field

How is applied physics does it have a good scope and now a days is applied physics is a good field

Query Statement:  Salam! My question is that how is applied physics does it have a good scope and now a days is applied physics is a good field? And is it a professional degree? KU is offering applied physics (with specialization in electronics) kindly reply this compliment i will be thankful to u..:)

Education Level:  Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: none

 Skills – Non Subject Related: None

Interests: applied physics

Career Objective: not decided

Counseling(History): None


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Muhammad Ali

Thank you for your query,

As for as your choice Applied Physics is concerned, it is a good field and has a lot of scope now a days, there are so many opportunities in this field as it’s the branch of Physics. Secondly the degree is a professional degree program offered by UOK.

Moreover, i am available, feel free to contact for any assistance.

Cheers and Good Luck

Dr Anum Naz

Thanks for your query

 Every subject has a good scope 

Particularly science subjects has their unique importance All have professional scope similarly Physics has good scope You may opt the same if you have a capacity to perform in it

 Good luck for your future

Hasnain Malik

Every subject has its own worth. It depends on your choice, interest and skill what you select for your career. University selection counts a lot for better opportunities. Applied physics is one of the most used practical subjects in field of Physics. Try. 

Rakhshanda Khan


The field of physics/applied physics will never become outdated. It will always have a future for dedicated and outstanding students. However, jobs in physics or applied physics are not like IT jobs, most of the jobs available are teaching faculty jobs. To teach physics, higher level degree i.e. PhD is a must. Proficiency in object oriented C and C++ is a must in order to excel. Ability to write Programs in C/C ++ will increase your chances to work in Research & Development (R&D) departments of multinational companies. In Pakistan you can get job in Govt. scientific organizations (like PCSIR, NESCOM, SUPARCO) as Scientific Officer with working knowledge of software. By having PhD you could get designation of SSO(senior scientific officer) or PSO(principle scientific officer)

Moreover, proficiency in C/ C++ with M.Sc. will give better opportunities to work outside Pakistan. However only M.Sc. first class could provide good government job.  M.Phil degree (with A grade or GPA more than 3.5 – 4 will give you ticket to PhD admission in universities outside Pakistan.. Get enhance training and learning of MATLab and Labview as well, it will be helping you to get admission in universities outside Pakistan. 

Applied Physics Department has been offering M.Sc.(specialization in Electronics)since 1995, check what courses they offer especially projects and thesis topics. Department of applied physics has better faculty than Department of Physics. Specialization in Electronics is a good choice but I must say, try to study for you not for competition. What you will learn, nobody can snatch it. I would also like to suggest learn basic skills(use of breadboard, soldering and troubleshooting…. usually male students already know about it but try to make frequent visits to electronics markets or shops or electronic repair shops) before starting your studies. I have known a person he has four year degree in electronics from Jamshoro University and he has been working as I&C(instrumentation and Control) manager in a big Pvt. Company. He is earning more than Rs. 300,000 with benefits. He has got this job not because of sifarish or quota, his position is just because of his practical knowledge – hands on experience (not bookish). During university days, he usually spent most of his extra time practice troubleshooting.

I would also like to suggest visit websites of multinational companies to see what they are looking for. Try and write the key word physics and search. Also go to in order to see what types of jobs available for physics students internationally.

Zubair Bajwa

Sorry! You have to ask someone with Applied Physics back ground or walk into a professor’s office to get your answers.

Best Wishes



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