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After FSC Pre Medical opt for MBBS or BDS

After FSC Pre Medical opt for MBBS or BDS

Query Statement: Hello. I want to ask about my admission in medical university.

I gave MCAT test last year in govt universities of Karachi but i failed to have admission in mbbs so i decided to reappear in the test this year again for which i dropped my one year.I just want to know if i am doing right or should i look for any other field? Because i also applied in some pvt universities and i did quite well in test but i dont know why i am unable to get admission in medical university.So please guide me with the best option to go for? I am not interested in pharmacy,i can do bds if i get into it also physiotherapy but my father isn’t in favour of choosing dpt as my career option because he is a Doctor and he says that physiotherapist have not such good career oportunities.So what should i do now?

Education Level:  Intermediate

Subject Related Skills:   Not applied

Non Subject Related Skills: Not applied

Interests: I am interest in psychology because it is some what related to medical and it is also good for Girls especially in Pakistan.

Career Objective: I want to become successful in my career approach related to what i mentioned above.Because i want to support my family and also want to become a reputed person in the society.

Counseling(History): This is the first time i am taking a career counselling because i’m quite confused and depressed about my career.Though my parents wanted me to become a Doctor but now they are also worried about me because i didnt get admission in medical university.Therefore,my father advised me to work hard to get admission in govt university of Karachi as i dropped my one year just to reappear in dow and jsmu but if this time i failed then i shall do BA in any field and then apply for CSS.Because i really work hard but maybe my destination is not medical so he advised me to do CSS if i failed to get admission in medical university.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Rabia Ahmad


I can understand your emotions and insecurities..!!!!

But first of all I just wana say take it easy…Just to lose a single race doesn’t mean that there will be no race ever and no one gona organize it ever on this planet.
You can do a lot! Even more than your expectations worlds is open to you. Medical students use to be cream

First analyse your skills!

What skills do you have?

What about your personal Interest.

Ask from brain and heart what you really wana do?

As you are saying about clinical psychology it’s really a good idea .There are many other options as well.

As far as scope of any thing is concerned its all about the person .That how much he/she prove his herself in related domain .There are many doctors who are giving day and night earning not more than 20k they have no family life no social life.

What you have to do is ask from your heart and then get admission in your favorite subject /domain when you will work with interest and passion your work will be definitely significant by doing so you will not only sooth your heart and soul but you will get good opportunities also…!!!!


Uzma Mushtaque

You should become a psychologist or a psychiatrist. You can do BS in Psychology, which can help you a lot. And also appear in CSS.

Hasnaim Malik

You should do BS Psychology, food sciences or some 4 year Program of medical technologies like BS digital imaging, medical lab technology and other

Azeem Khan


From the information you have provided I can understand that you are interested in becoming a doctor but not sure about many things. Moreover, you were not able to enroll in any of the universities for MBBS, which made your situation a bit complicated. Finally your father has some influence in your decision making! 

In such a situation, I would recommend that you first conduct a S.W.O.T analysis of your current position find LINK, This will clear your mind to an extent. Moreover, you need to explore on “Clinical Psychology”, that’s an area where Pakistan will need a lot of professionals in the coming years/decade as people are going through enormous amounts of pressure from work, studies and family which will definitely need a professional consultation. Also keep your discussions ongoing with your father and other medical professionals to get the best out of their opinions. Most importantly, what you need to understand what is best for you and that should be your priority!  I am confident once you are sure of what you want to achieve in your life, your family will support you InshaAllah.

I hope this will create a new thought for you to move in the right direction. 


Zubair Bajwa

Now that you have taken the MCAT exam, now plan for other avenues like Pharmacy, Food Technology, Microbiology, and Agriculture. There are tons of opportunities in these fields.

Stay with Bio, check out the post graduate institute for Physiotherapy and other diplomas also.

Good Luck!



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