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Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

Query: Can I start ACCA after finishing

Advisors Replies


Amin you cannot start ACCA after I.COM you may have to go through Foundation in Accountancy route. It is a new program introduced by ACCA last year. It has 3 levels introductory, intermediate and diploma level after completing FIA you will have to pass 2 more papers to get yourself CAT certification and yes after CAT you will transfer to ACCA with an exemption of 3 papers. There is another way to qualify for ACCA, you can also transfer to ACCA as soon as finishing the first 5 papers of CAT, yet you will not be granted any exemption of ACCA.

Gul Ahmad

Minimum Entry Requirements – 2 passes at GCE A’ Levels and 3 passes at GCSE/GCE O Level in 5 separate subjects, including English and Mathematics. American Higher School Certificate with at least 50% Graduate Entry Route; Graduation, B.Com, BA, BSc from a recognized University access to ACCA via FIA qualification. No academic qualification required to do FIA. Complete the Diploma in Accounting and Business through the Foundations in Accountancy route, and you can continue your studies with the Certified Accounting Technician Qualification, or you can transfer onto the ACCA Qualification, miss out the first three exams and continue your studies from the fourth exam (F4 – Corporate and Business Law) onwards.

Laila Ghulam Ali

There are only 2 ways to enter in ACCA, Graduation or FIA. In the past there were options of 21 years age, or CAT. Students need to appear in last 3 papers of FIA and will get exemption in first 3 papers of ACCA. It is suggestible and useful for student to appear in all 7 papers of FIA. In ACCA there are 16 papers and student need to pass. No formal qualification is required for FIA (it is a pre requisite for ACCA). After completing FIA (7 papers in which 3 are compulsory) first 3 papers of ACCA will be exempted, and you need to give more 11 papers.

CAT (certified Accounting Technician) course was also the pre requite for ACCA. In some countries CAT get some recognition but most of the cases it’s just use to enter into ACCA. In 2011 ACCA introduce FIA course in place of CAT. Student can get CAT certification after completing FIA and give 2 more papers but it will not help in getting any more exemptions.

There are many other institutes in Pakistan who offer FIA & ACCA courses. You can check the list from ACCA website. I am Academic head of an institute who offer these courses.


Query: Please guide me for a university or college in Lahore which offers need based scholarship. I have funds problem due to which I am unable to continue my study at undergraduate level. I have done ICS in 2008 and C.A.T. from ACCA through CFE College Lahore. Then I took admission in BBIT at Virtual University but was unable to continue because I am more comfortable learning in a direct Teacher-Student interacting Class. My score in Matric was 75% and in ICS is 62 %. I want to do Bachelors in Business administration or Business Information Technology.

Advisors Replies

Laila Ghulam Ali

If you already completed your CAT programme than I suggest you to complete ACCA rather going to any of Degree Programme You already have invested your money and time in it. ACCA also offers 5 scholarships per year. You can contact ACCA local office for it.

It is entirely up to your will that you want to go for ACCA or not. But compared to BBA programme from any reputed institute ACCA is less in cost. For example, if you go for BBA (fee 8,000 x 48 courses) cost will be 384,000 while for ACCA (Tuition fee 8,000 + Exam Fee 8,000= 16000 x 14) cost will be 224,000. You can also add registration fee lets say 30,000 (for 3 years) it totals to Rs. 254,000. I think I sound like an accounts faculty 😉

After ACCA there is no need of Internship. If you work in relevant field before, during or after your studies you will get membership of ACCA.

I strongly suggest that you must do whatever you like and want to pursue in your career. Best of luck. There are lots of scholarships available. You must ask to admission office at your university you want to join.

Mazhar Iqbal Khawaja

Log on to, there are 150+ universities & degree awarding institutes, all website addresses, emails, and contacts are there, find the one you like, everyone is offering BBA, your educational background is not as bright so you will not get 100% scholarship, maybe some of them may offer you 10-20% discount, apply to them & visit personally if you are in Pakistan. My advice is as you are now 23 year old you can’t afford to be a full time student at BBA, you have to do it side by side.


Query: Can anyone tell me that after I.Com, which fields I can choose. My sister has done SSC, and will decide as per marks, in 9th her marks were 368 and it might be 800 plus in SSC exam. She is god in Math. What about ACCA (what subjects are involved), Mass Communication 

Advisors Replies

Laila Ghulam Ali:

If you want go for Academic Qualification than you can go for BBA. If you want to go for Professional Qualification then again you have many options like ACCA, CIMA, CAM. your sister can join FIA than ACCA. She can also complete her I.Com side by side. More details at website i.e.

Malik Nawaz:

Mass communication is getting popularity. The situation of journalism in Pakistan has totally changed now. Increase in literacy rate, industrial development and advancement in technology have pleasantly affected the print and electronic media in Pakistan. More than sixty news and entertainment television channels are broadcasting their programmes today. The traditional miserable situations of newspapers are totally changed. It is therefore a very attractive career choice for the youth. Hardworking and aspiration to get perfection in this field may result in a very successful career. Interest in mass communications is an area of academic study that has grown steadily, and includes the study of the ways people and groups relay messages to a large audience. A number of leading educational institutions offer majors in mass communications, and many graduates in mass communication can find jobs in the news media, advertising or public relations agencies, publishing houses and research institutes.

Saina Siddiqui:

I guess you are a bit confused. Make up your mind that which field you want to select. What is your percentage in I.COM? If you have good Math skills then continue this field or go for ACCA etc. If Mass communication field attracts you then then there is no point to rethink. If you are creative then you can do a lot by earning Mass Communication degree. Opt for professional degrees only when you plan to do professional job.


Query: I did from B.Z.U Multan in 2010 & continuing my Job in Superior Group Of Colleges, now I want to carry on my further studies and start my M.phill how can I take admission in M.Phil? Which university suits me best for M.Phil. Give me some suggestion.

Advisors Replies

Malik Nawaz

The basic requirement for M.Phil are sixteen (16) years of schooling, GAT-General conducted by the National Testing Service with a minimum 50% cumulative score will be required at the time of admission to M.phill/M.S. The GAT-General test is valid for a period of two years.

For award of M.phill/M.S/Equivalent degree, candidates will either need to complete 30 credit hours of course work or complete 24 credit hours of course work along with a minimum of 6 credit hours for research work/thesis, and now comes the answer to the second part of your question that which university suits you, so for this question kindly share with us from which university and city you like to do M.Phil?

Check Govt universities and check if any private university is offering scholarship.


Query: I have taken I.COM exam recently, I want to do ACCA, I need to do HND or FIA, what will be good one to select, some people suggested to do B.COM then CA, but I don’t want to waste time in CA. Please guide me. Thank you.

Advisors Replies

Laila GhulamAli

Dear Muhammad Abubakar, you need to complete FIA before you go for ACCA. You can also join HND but it will be very costly and will take more time than FIA. You can also join CA after intermediate. No need to wait till B.Com.

It will take 6 months to complete FIA and for B.Com at least 2 years and after completing FIA I think you will not have any problem in ACCA. It is also suggestible that you complete your B.Com side by side.

Admission criteria of ACCA have changed in 2011. Now student can only enter in ACCA directly on the basis of graduation otherwise student need to pass 3 papers of FIA.


Query: What should I do before ACCA; FIA or HAD, which one is better?

Advisors Replies

Zill E Huma Farooq

  1. Com, BBA and other commerce options are also available to do before ACCA. It requires hard work as well as long period of time to clear all the subjects. I will suggest you to go for ACCA.

Laila Ghulam Ali

‎Both the options are good. If you want to go for ACCA I suggest you must go for FIA as it is the part of same qualification. HND is good but it will be expensive as you need to pay exemption fees of ACCA papers.


Query: One should do CA after Intermediate or graduation. I am an I-com Student –

Advisors Replies

Laila Ghulam Ali ‎

You can start your studies after intermediate. If you have more than 60% you will get direct admission and if your percentage is less that 60% you need to appear in PPT test of ICAP. Visit


Query: I am planning to reside to Dubai for job. Can anyone guide me regarding career in Finance in UAE. I am Fresh MBA (Finance)

Advisors Replies

Syed Saud Ahmed

A Finance Career is always in demand globally. However, you must realize that within the UAE, it is a saturated field. Please have a look at our ‘Careers’ Portal that will indicate Accounts and Finance Jobs. Meanwhile, should you have any queries regarding personal career related questions, please feel free to ask them here? Thank You.

Required General Skills: Always portray yourself as a ‘team player’, but with ‘multi-tasking’ abilities. Since the population of job seekers is higher than demand, one must understand the concept of almost saying ‘yes’ to everything (unfortunately). At the same time your general skill sets should ideally be towards a; go getting attitude, positive mentality, delete sad story lines within your interview and job etc.

IT Related Skills: One has to be proficient in Microsoft Office package, and if he/she are into Accounting and Finance, then they should concentrate on having significant hold on Microsoft Excel. Apart from this, the Software’s used in this domain e.g. Peach tree and Quick book are other IT related skills that one should possess.

Language Proficiency: It is advised to have excellent command over the English Language, both written and verbal. To practice this, one should read the newspaper, business magazines and other print media regularly. Try and watch English programs more. Remember, it’s not at all about speaking ONLY, you should have a good command over your ‘business communication’ skills.

Communication: Do NOT be political in your work environment; keep your communication very diplomatic. Do NOT at any point of time, try and super exceed others expectations, or try and jump reporting lines. Keep your communication straight and speak when you are asked to raise your point of view. In other words, do NOT at any given time try and prove you are a smart a**


Query: I am MBA finance and looking to do some certification that add worth to my profile and help me getting a reasonable job, what is worth of CIMA, any subject exemption? Please guide me.

Advisors Replies

Laila Ghulam Ali

You can join CIMA and you will get 12 papers exemption on the basis of passing 1 paper. It’s a combination of 3 papers. Exemption depends on your university, if your university is recognized by HEC. CIMA does have market and above all it’s exceptionable globally.

You will get exemption from first 12 papers of CIMA. On the basis of passing 1 paper (combination of 3 papers) .


Query: Please give me an advice as I am doing MBA which stream of specialization should I go for, Finance or HR. I am good at both numerical and theoretical subjects, I did my bachelors in marketing from university of Sindh, I am in the second semester of MBA from the same university, I am currently in the skilled module of ACCA, I am also an ICMA part qualified. Have a little knowledge about HR?  I have not discussed it with my teachers yet

Advisors Replies

Saina Siddiqui

Beena nice to know about you, I guess if you have done BBA Marketing and doing ACCA and ICMA PART qualified that means you have interest in finance subject. It is good to have knowledge about all subjects but running into every direction can make you jack of all but master of none. You need to identify your aptitude first.

Laila Ghulam Ali

Dear Student, If you are currently doing ACCA and ICMA so you can easily go for MBA finance. And I strongly suggest that please focus on 1 direction at a time. Complete your course and then start other.

Yousaf Almas

Finance and Accounting is highly suggested for you as you already have an ACCA degree. This will also help you in job hunting. While HRM will totally be a change of career, and will not be regarded as best option by many HR managers.


Query: Would you please like to guide that what should I proceed as I have done MBA(F&A). I want to improve my qualifications,

Advisors Replies

Laila Ghulam Ali

As you already done your MBA so you must have some idea about Financial Accounting and Management Accounting, in case of financial accounting go then you can go for CFA, ACCA, CA and in case of Management Accounting then, you can go for CIMA, CMA  


Query: What one should go for if one graduate as MBA and can’t find a job? Should I go for MS and afterward I will got job. I have specialization in finance and can you tell me, which are the training institute that will improve me or polish me. Please do suggest

Advisors Replies

Noor A S Qureshi

MBA is enough to be in job Market and jobs availability upon your competency in skills and studies that you have. You may join unpaid or volunteer market for a short time to get some practical exposure to the market; it will enhance your skills as well. Have you made any Career Plan (totally matched with your studied subject, acquired skills and interest) and if you have that plan all the requisites that is need to develop that plan is available. You can enhance your skills through different courses or certification as well.

Muhammad Zubair Malik

There are some training institutes which conduct short courses after MBA, which will improve your skills in your related field, and will enable you to be hired easily. Check

Syed Saud Ahmed

MBA itself is a privileged degree, forget the aspect that there is an overflow of candidate base. To secure a job after an MBA should not be difficult. One must understand, he/she has to be prepared in going grass root level after completing an MBA, you are up against a thousand other fresher or graduates. Look into Sales or Administration, these are areas where an MBA would easily get in. I know this is NOT ideal, but that’s what market is tending towards. If you think you really need to explore other educational areas, then I would suggest you to go for ‘technical’ courses, e.g. I.T, Engineering, Manufacturing; these areas, can back your MBA well! Good Luck!

 Shaista Khanum

I would advise that you start with a job with your MBA and then plan for your further education. Best of Luck!

Laila GhulamAli

If you have any interest in Management Accounting so you can apply for CIMA CGMA course. In this course you need to pass 1 paper and you will get 12 papers exemption from CIMA. You need to go for only 3 more paper to get CIMA Certification. It will also add on to your CV.

Malik Nawaz

I think you first go for job hunting with MBA finance but as well as you must attend workshops/seminars relating to your field that give you edge in the future and MS is good but I don’t suggest to you but after getting job you must go for the Certification courses

Always remember that the practical life are total different from study life. Don’t think that degree is a piece of paper that gives you the guarantee of job but your skills give you the guarantee. Every time you must try to enhance your skills.


Query: I am doing BBA Hons and I am confused about selecting my majors. I really have no ideas whether to go for HR or marketing? Can I get some information regarding this? Kindly help me out…!!!! – I am interested in HR…But don’t know much about its scope in PAK…and moreover to be very true I am concerned about money too (Salary) . I don’t find myself good at numbers and calculations :(

Advisors Replies

Rida Zahra

I suggest MS finance… It’s very good for girls.

Shaista Khanum:

Dear Zahra Hashmi All fields are good for girls but it depends on their aptitudes which one they like the most. Its up to yours aptitude for studying whatever she likes the most. At the time of your specializations in studies one should rely on his/her own aptitude to select a specific area of a study discipline. I believe a person with correct aptitude for a specific area of study can perform best of his/her abilities.

HR managers are the Essential Elements of each established Organization/Companies/Institutes. They are the most important link between working force, management and authorities. They always earn top salaries of their organizations because they are the important part of Management.

Imran M. Ismail

please take some help from following link For Career Direction, Use Your Imagination. I hope this article will help you answer many of your questions.

Do you know what you want to do with your career? What if you don’t? The quest f…or the right career field frustrates students both before and after graduation. It frustrates people who are unhappy with their jobs and want something very different.

Noor A S Qureshi:

I hope you got good advises form our respected advisers. In Short, to have competiveness in one filed, to be a top professional in one filed, and Choose that filed where you have top interest, your mind is fully skilled for the subject. Competiveness will not make you only on top in job short listing but society will be benefited from your creativity in that filed. Scope follows the Talent.

Zill E Huma Farooq

 Yeah I will also suggest you Cydrah Riax to choose those subjects in which you are most interested, that will help u to achieve your Goals in educational Career. Best of luck dear.

Another suggestion is that get lots of information about HR from different sources, like Google etc. It will really help u to never think that your decision was right or wrong, and will help u to write the mission n vision of your career. Hope u got my point dear.

Syed Saud Ahmed:

HR is a very human interactive disciplined domain, you have to be a ‘peoples’ person. Within the HR segment you will find various roles; Recruitment, Administration, Payroll, Employee Relations, Training, Performance Appraisal Management Systems and the usual HR role which covers everything from strategies to Organizational Structuring. It is an amazing field to work in, provided you have the power to be a good listener and speaker. Think for the people/resource, Think for the Company, and Think for the Objectives.

You will probably start with an Administration or a Generalist role, and then identify your key strength areas, and then become a specialized HR person down the line. Good Luck!

Sultan Hussain

My suggestion to you will be … whatever subject you are going to select for specialization, make sure you master it. Before coming out for jobs… even it takes longer time….. one or two years extra is not important ….. Than a solid start

Maha Khalid

HR is a very ‘perople’s person’ kind of a job. There is a common misconception; that HR persons are the most boring, most disposable execs of an organizations -WRONG. It may seem like proof, when we look around in companies in Pakistan. But big firms here and even globally, that have a great value system and believe in employees as true representation of the reputation or a company, their HR department is a whole different ball game. And why should not you aim for the best? Anything is possible. I say go for it.

Networking, great emotional IQ, very good judge of character, socially likeable – such are the traits organizations look for in an HR executive. And I can tell you because two of my very close friends are known HR execs in the corporate circle. They know every person in every other organization, they are in a better position to predict the company’s growth potential than a marketing executive. Because, rightly so, a good employee hired can change the fate of an organization just as a poor employee hired can be the reason for a downfall.

HR personnel – contrary to popular belief, as seen in movies, are NOT the most hated in organizations because they fire people etc, in fact they are the most likeable people in an organization because all employees refer their problems to them just as they make requests for appraisals and bonuses and leaves. HR persons have great rapport with the heads of an organization and are in a very influential position of power.

Those with a degree in HR also start their own firms, all they need is a portal where people can post CV’s and to have clients on board that require personnel. For instance currently my team at my agency requires a graphic designer, a game developer and a web developer. We are letting the word out but the response is lukewarm and from the candidates, the ones we interviewed – neither fits profile. How easy life would be if we had an HR firm referring people to us. They have a list of candidates and we can give them a brief of the salary package and what skills we require for each job and let them do their job the way they know how, the candidates they will send across will be better than what we will find in years. HANDS DOWN.

Also the biggest problem in Pakistan is not of joblessness, when you hear of the word ‘beyrozgari’ is it not meant for corporate slaves like us, it is meant for the poor, the actual population of our country that is NOT on face book. Let me assure you, there are jobs out there for everybody but we all need to realize that head hunters (another word for HR execs private agencies) do that for us according to our preferences. Much like dating sites, they find us the best match and the same goes for organizations. Some of the top agencies are: HRS global and other recruitment firms. Then there are pages on face book going up. For instance check this one group on face book, which has HR jobs as the first and the third or fourth position


Welcome to JOBS. Follow us on our official Page…

Saina Siddiqui

Dear Cydrah Riax only select that subject for which you have an aptitude. HR job looks more glamorous than any other job and it is also a highly paid one. But job market is saturated so do HR field. Every year we have thousands of HR graduates coming out and it is a fact that a lot of people don’t get a chance to get employed. HR department is comparatively small then marketing department and have lesser number of job opportunities as compared to sales and marketing. I am talking about a corporate sector not about any recruitment firm. If you are a fresh candidate then you will be starting from entry level job and pay scale varies from 7,000 to 25,000. Marketing have different dimension. Starting will be less but you can earn good with commissions. Now the most important part is selecting your field according to your personality type. If you are not out going and kinda reserved person then HR is good for but if you like to socialize and have good communication skills, with groomed personality and have great persuasive skills then marketing is best for you. No matter what career decision you make remember one thing that you can learn and develop new skills according to job requirement. We are born with specific traits but we can develop and acquire traits from our environment as well.


Query: What should I choose pre engineering or business studies which one has more scope? I have studied math Physics, chemistry but it’s difficult for me so I am thinking to change it

Advisors Replies

Shaista Khanum

 Dear Alee Nzr if you have math’s/calculation skill, analysis and compilation, emotional skills U can opt for Business studies. But U must also see Ur personal interest while choosing between them. If U can go for trial classes of Business studies in an ongoing beginners’ session, attend those classes and then assess which one best fits for you.



Query: Can anyone please let me know whether we can appear as national students for an entry in a medical college (for B.Ed) via SATII exam, not MCAT? I mean not as an oversea Pakistani?

Advisors replies

Rabia Ahmed

MCAT is mandatory in order to get admission in any medical college and it also depends on your domicile that from where you really belong as it effects merit preference.

Saina Siddiqui

Please check You will get all the information from here.

Omer Yousaf(Independent Advisor)

SAT II exam is very difficult compared to MCAT, you can apply in any private college for BDS on SAT-II at national/merit seat. But if you want to apply in Government College you need to appear in MCAT otherwise with SAT-II you would be considered as an overseas student (in Govt College only).

Query: Please guide me about the required website as I want to collect data about below mentioned topics: GDP, National Income, Inflation rate, Growth Rate(Pakistan) I need just for general knowledge and I am seeking some kind of authentic website from where I can get actual and real figure of these.

Advisors Replies

Malik Nawaz

Check the website of Department of statistics, government of Pakistan. Dear you must consider this link I hope that is helpful for you.

Also check statistical departments of government and research center, articles that have published in any journal according to this topic

Noor A S Qureshi

Please check here,



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