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Passed SSC now I want to do MBA. Can I do first FSc then BBA after then MBA? Or doing I.Com or ICS in intermediate is compulsory for MBA

Passed SSC now I want to do MBA. Can I do first FSc then BBA after then MBA? Or doing I.Com or ICS in intermediate is compulsory for MBA

Query Statement: I am from Lahore, Pakistan. Yesterday my result came of matric. I got 882/1100.ALHAMDULILLAH. Now i am so confuse regarding studies! i need your help and advice that what to study further. I want to do MBA. I want to ask can i do first FSc then BBA after then MBA? Or doing I.Com or ICS in intermediate is compulsory for MBA?

Education Level:  Matriculation

Skills – Subject Related:  I did spoken English course only, as I love English!(subject)

Skills – Non Subject Related:  nothing.

Interests:  Marketing

Career Objective: I want to study hard, and want to earn a lot.

Counseling (History):  My mother is saying that be a literature in subject that you like most. But i want to do MBA. i am so confused that’s why i need your help and advise. Please give me a proper guidance. My brother is saying that if you want to do MBA then do FSc now, because FSc students are prefer more because they’ve studied more difficult subjects! I think i am capable to do that, but i want to know that after doing FSc can i do MBA afterwards?


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Dr Qamar-ul hassan

Know yourself as much you can.

Hasnain Malik

Yeah its better that you do as in future you want to do BBA AND THEN MBA

Zubair Bajwa

Why MBA, this degree has produced much mediocre talent and is only good for big corporations (which we don’t have in Pakistan).

I recommend you to do engineering like Computer Science, Mechanical or accounting, market needs specialists and not Generalists.

Good Luck!

Farhan Khan    

Congratulation on achievement,

Regarding your query on educational track selection, as you have had selected your final field for Business administration (M.B.A) so it’s advisable to get in business studies from now. Either you can go ahead with followed by & finally M.B.A or I.Com, B.B.A & M.B.A. In both study tracks you need to do first I.Com at the next graduation level you need to evaluate yourself another time either to select B.Com (Which will take 2 years of education)  or to go ahead with B.B.A (4 years for Honer’s Degree). 

On other side proposal for getting in F.S.c at this stage & then changing track to business studies is also possible but I’ll not suggest as you already selected your final destination M.B.A so studies at next level subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Bio etc will not be adding any help for MBA or BBA/B.Com. 

 An advantage for doing at this stage will be your grounds on business subjects like Business principles, Basic accounting, statistics, Business Laws will be stronger & you’ll understand concepts more easily. At the next stage of B.Com / BBA same subjects with advance theories & concepts will make a sequence of knowledge to build a better understanding & smooth concepts clearance. On other side, FSc will be helpful only if your mind get change midway from business studies to Engineering or Medical then only FSc studies will be fine. But I as suggested earlier I.Com will be the best option for you as first steps to get M.B.A. qualification.

Best of Luck.


Faisal Ayub

Many congrats on your result. Your mother is right. you should do whatever you like and feel comfortable. This will give you more rewards in life than any other profession. and by rewards i mean monetary as well as non-monetary, like happiness, satisfaction, sense of achievement etc . These are very useful in life and are needed more than money many a times.

Yes, you can do MBA after FSc, or Icom or even after general science group. you have to decide for yourself which way to go.

Best wishes and good luck.

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

Dear first of all congratulations for the results. Glad to hear that.

If you want to do MBA you have 2 choices:

1- Do F.Sc then BBA then MBA.

2- Do I.Com then BBA then MBA.

Benefits of doing are much more then F.Sc because when you do then BBA and MBA, many of the subjects will be familiar to you in I.Com, because this is a field of business studies. Those subjects will be taught to you in BBA but in advance levels and in MBA it will be more advance level.
My suggestions to you is if you really have personal interest in MBA then go to I.Com then BBA and finally MBA as i am myself MBA in MIS and if you still have any confusion then feel free to contact @, i am available to assist you..

I will highly appreciate you for the comments and reply for this query that will i was helpful to you or not..

Rakhshanda khan

Your brother is right; do F.Sc. first then BBA and MBA. is not compulsory for MBA. Caution: By the time you finish your MBA, saturation in this profession will have appeared and it could be difficult to get good job. During my last visit to Pakistan I noticed almost every college was offering Business and computer science. I also noticed that there was less number of jobs created than the new MBAs and BBA. If you really want to do MBA , keep focus and work hard for admission in LUMS. F.Sc.(pre engg.) offers us better combination, i.e. BS, BE, BCS, BBA. 

Ajaz Ahmad

 Congratulations for your brilliant results in your matriculation. Now coming to the query you posted I have following guiding points.

 1- Stop worrying about the field of study at intermediate level, as it has almost zero role in MBA admission. Chose the subjects who are easy for you and you feel comfortable with. I can assure you even if you do simple FA, you can get the admission in MBA. Many people get admission in MBA after doing BS in sciences or engineering so for MBA your previous background not a big problem. 

 2- But here is the most important part of my advice, apparently you seems to be just attracted towards MBA and you hardly know about the subjects offered in it, your aptitude, and scope of the degree. Remember, your interest might not reflect your aptitude, so the important thing is to know about your latent talent. Though it is little earlier but still I would recommend you to get yourself evaluated by some psychiatrist for your aptitude or take some on-line aptitude tests which can tell you what you are good at. 

 4- It is not all about your like and dislike but your aptitude or what you are good at. And finally never listen others opinions, even family members unless they are qualified to guide you, it can be a distraction. Hope this works

 Good luck 



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