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I have passed BSc Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry with 48% marks. Now I want to do MBA. Please guide me which specialization has good future

I have passed BSc Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry with 48% marks. Now I want to do MBA. Please guide me which specialization has good future

Query Statement: A.Alaikum. i have passed Bsc Botany,Zoology,Chemistry with 48% marks.Now i want to do MBA.Please guide me which specialization has good future,for example Finance,marketing,Hr etc. and which institution is best for doing MBA in Rawalpindi or Islamabad.


Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: voulenteer for anti.dengue compaign

Skills – Non Subject Related: cricketer as allrounder

Interests: technical and conceptual subjects, Cricket

Career Objective: I want to become good manager as well as cricketer.

Counseling (History): my elders want to see me a person who become famous due to his hard work and serving humanity


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies


Your have done Bsc and want to do MBA ,, this is little bit srange but may be completed if you have a confidence jo jump in new field because you have done Bsc in natural science and want to do MBA is just commerce, then you must did apply for not Bsc, according to my personnel experience i will suggest you that you do Msc not MBA, after Msc in any science subject such as zoology, botany, chemistry You will be able to apply for any 16 to 17 grade job after getting job you can do MBA beside, 


Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

You have done B.Sc. in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry and now want to do MBA.

There are multiple fields of MBA, like HR, Finance, Marketing, MIS, and Accounts. It depends upon your field of interest, every field has its own scope and charm and value.

For Rawalpindi, there are so many institutes, you can find on HEC website which are recognized and affiliated.

 Feel free to contact for any assistance..

 Best Regards,

Umer khan  

I would like to start by asking you a question. Why do you want to do an MBA?

Is this something you really want? Or is it something you want to do because of peer pressure or job pressure?

Doing an MBA is not an easy job as it requires dedication and concentration in addition to fervent expenses

i would suggest you to carefully decide before plunging yourself into this commitment.

To answer the question that which institute is best for doing MBA in twin cities is complex. As per quality of education, you can refer to the HEC ranking for year 2014 to find out which institute is the best. But i would again point out that your monetary condition shall play a cardinal role in the selection of the institute.

Please do not decide which specialization you want to opt in the last semester of the MBA before even starting your first. By the time you will have to make this decision, you will be in a better place to answer this yourself based on your personal choice and teachers recommendations.

I wish you the best of luck,

Muhammad Azam Tahir

COMSATS and/or FAST are the best institutions in Islamabad for pursuing MBA. Though I dont know your details; I suggest you for HR. HR deals with Human (s) and more liked area of MBA.

Ajaz Ahmad

To me Environmental Science can be one good option for you as you have background of sciences. But MBA requires the background of accounts, economics, commerce etc. And about.d please do not get attracted to fancy titles e.g. MBA, rather go for the subject you are good at and passionate


Faisal Ayub

There are a lot of good universities in RWP, Islamabad for MBA. You can decide one based on distance from your home, fee and teachers. As far as the specialization is concerned I think HR would suit you as i judged but you can decide for yourself once you have joined the university.


Syed Iqbal Haider

You should consult your professor who personally knows you well. The info you have provided is not enough for me to understand your priorities and capabilities.

Good Luck

Farhan Khan

Thanks for your e-mail. I am pleased to know that you are thinking pro-actively for your career. 

Selection of specialization totally depend on every individuals aptitude like if I may recommend you Finance but you don’t have interest in finical forecasting then it will be useless activity. I suggest you to take admission & at the start of third semester you will be having choice for selection of specialization field. By that time you will be in better position to select appropriate field by yourself.

Regarding selection of University, It depend either you can qualify the minimum requirements of Graduation marks obtained + Admission test + interview. If all goes well, I will suggest SZABIST, IIUI, IBA provided you may qualify there basic admission requirements.

Best of Luck.

Zubair Bajwa

You have put good foundation now need to start a building on it; for you Agriculture University Faisalabad should be the target. There go for Food Technology or related MS degree. There is lot of demand in Food industry for such skills; keep yourself to these sciences.

Good Luck!

Imran Baig

I suggest MBA from COMSATS and in marketing.

Waqas Azeem

As far as MBA specialization is concerned, let me clear you a very important element. You should be first very clear in which industry you want to work and then you can decide about your specialization. For Example if you want to join Banking than there are finance specialists who are highly paid.

If you want to go FMCG sector, there are supply chain managers and marketers who are highly paid.

If your interest in HR practices, go for HR specialization.

NUST business School, Riphah International University and Islamic International University are best business schools in Twin Cities.


Asma Afzal


 I shall suggest you two things;

  1. Join some International NGO as volunteer or as Intern & learn office/administrative Skills.
  1. Go for Internationally Recognized occupational  Safety & Health  certification rather than MBA.(It shall hunt you excellent job in industry)

I always tell students that Degrees fetch you interviews while Skills get you jobs. Becoming good manager of your life is something more important. 

Get into hobbies & interests to spend leisure time. Put deliberate effort to get happy in life as success & happiness are co-related.

There is another suggestion for you ….May be you don’t agree with me, but my job is to guide you in best direction so I shall suggest you not to waste your money in doing Masters of BA rather you may invest that money in the rapidly growing field business like energy related business,Oil & gas, Animal farming , Food business & Real estate etc

I see from your profile that you are a sports person that’s a plus point as it is healthy activity but on the other side i shall add that refrain yourself from extreme sports activity & play it as hobby or interest. 

MBA’s are readily available in the market and are jobless, do not become part of crowd.  I shall advice you being a student councilor that be ready to optimize luck when it happens to you & never fear outsourcing talent if you lack in any regard.

Good luck & Feel free to contact for further Queries.

Best Regards,



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