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I have done FSC Pre Eng in 2010 and different option, advise

I have done FSC Pre Eng in 2010 and different option, advise

Query Statement: I shall be very thankful to you if you advise me about my career path..!

I have done FSC Pre Eng in 2010 and after that i started doing CA from ICAP. In.In my first examination i passed all 2 papers easily as it was english and mathematics ..!In the next semester i studied accounting eco n law.I found accounting so much difficult as i haven’t studied it i failed in all 3 subjects.i tried further 2 times and i failed to pass the subjects. Recently i have done BA from PU so that i can have a bachelor degree. and this is not enough.

My line was still not selected yet as i was thinking what to do next. On the basis of BA i joined articleship of CA and its almost 7 months iam engaged with an audit firm.

I have 4 years of my life.i didnt take admission in any discipline as i was so passionate about CA that i can do it..Bad luck. Well now my family members asked me to choose a line like any 4 year graduation.

If i do Bcom (Hons) then there’s no such demand in Pakistan as there is a lot of competition of professional qualification.

My uncle living abroad asked me if u want to come abroad then do any technician diploma like medical technology, radiology ,pathology etc..theres a good job over there with better cash floww he(uncle( further added.

U have seen all my data now please advise me what I should do..!and suggest me institutions which offers theses kind of medical type diplomas.. M waiting for your reply.

Education Level:  Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: Just doing articles from an audit firm.its almost 7 months here

Skills – Non Subject Related: I learn to operate some accounting softwares like ERP,Quick books,Peach-tree,MS Office.

Interests: My interest was eng 4 years ago but uncle advised me to do CA so i did not take part in ECAT neither i applied in any institution. Now its almost 4 years and my mind towards study is going lesser.

Career Objective: Career objective is to do a job with a demanding degree so that i can handle the circumstances being faced by my family .I want to go abroad as well cz there’s such a competition in jobs here..I know its difficult out there but u can stable there in lesser time (as it depends upon your skills) than you try to stable here in more time.

Counseling (History):  My uncle advised me 4 years ago to do CA as he is an FCMA. Now another uncle asked me to do Technician diploma.. All admissions are going to be start in September so kindly guide me what should I do so that I can have a better future. I have also some financial issues so advise me such a discipline in which there’s a better cash flow with the passage of time.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Hassanin Malik

Its better you do any networking diploma or any other technical diploma certification like Nebosh, AutoCAD or quantity surveyor

Imran Baig


I do recommend a regular MBA. 2 years program will give you 16 years of education. There’s always a scope of MBA.


Zubair Bajwa

Thanks for writing to me as I see that you have been victim of others wishes and unrealistic demands. What matters is that, what you want to become?

I am surprised that after FSc why didn’t you join some engineering field; going for Accounting and now to Medical Diploma is plain stupid (who would leave a degree program and go for Diploma).

Don’t get desperate and make more rash decisions, four years late is no problem_ you added something to your skills.

Best thing now is that you take admission in Computer Science, at PU, Comsat, VU. There is 100% employment in this field and you make money more than any other graduate. Also there is great demand abroad and good chances of getting immigration.

Make up YOUR mind and tell your parents of your decision; I am sure they are also very worried and will support you if you show confidence.

Good Luck!

Maha Khalid

First of all, please don’t be disheartened. Everyone is not cut out for a profession others wish for us. Let me tell you a story about an engineer who had a bachelors in electrical engineering from a top university in the US but loved to spend university summer / winter break to intern at a salon, learning how to cut hair. He also went on to pursue his passion for hair styling, while getting a masters in engineering. He belongs to a very well off family, wherein he has no interest to take over his father’s big readymade business. He is New York’s famous hair stylist today. All of Upper East Side pays him big chunks of dollars to cut their hair.

It is not anyone else’s decision, it has to be your own. We dont decide careers because of people or movies or even money. You can earn well enough if you do what youre really good at and what you are really good at it will also be something you enjoy.

 So you have done your intermediate, by now you should be able to tell your strengths and weaknesses in the basic disciplines. If you were good at Mathematics  & Physics, make sure to find teachers or tutors who are as passionate about teaching it to you and go for engineering. Accounting is not an easy subject but neither is it hard. It is upto the teacher to teach you basics and with a subject such as accounting, if the basics are weak there can be nothing understood.

 If you would like to know, finance and accounting majors, engineering majors and IT experts are all preferred abroad. Also to make it better for you to earn and study, you can take up working night shifts at a call centre or elsewhere and pay for your own education.

 Good Luck

 Rakhshanda Khan

You have been doing what you were told to do. You have mentioned that you are looking for a job in demanding field. Do you have any thoughts about specific field? I would like you to think

  1. what do you want to be?
  1. What type of job or work you want to do and in which field? (bold and underline words are most important)
  2. I always recommend to read advertisements or job postings. For example if you want to be electronics engineer then check engineer required advertisement in newspapers or job-banks or job-websites. What combination of degrees, skills, software knowledge and experience is required for the advertised position—–(I encourage you to search international job search websites as well like monster, Workopolis, CareerBuilder, eluta)

Above all are the generic information that I used to provide for pupil seeking advice.If you already have completed your BA (your subject combination is important). You haven’t provided me with your subject info. However, It seems, from given information, that you are good at mathematics. So I would like to say think about economics, statistics and math for master’s program. Research masters programs, subjects and jobs available. The second option i.e. technician diploma (did not mention specific field) I must say you will be needed to spend 1-2 years to get diploma and then experience. In order to excel in the field you will need Moreover, your will give you credit towards engineering degree but it will also take years. Its is your choice but before considering technician diploma think do you have technical skills or technical aptitude? Don’t forget to learn software and applications related to your field because IT is going to be core for almost all careers
Think wisely and write pros and cons of your choice( after your research i.e. job posting and institution websites). Consider which choice has more positive points, requires minimum completion time,jobs available within country or internationally and must have thing is your confidence in you, your abilities and competence i.e what you can do easily with full confidence. I hope it will help you towards career decisions.

Hammad Siqqidui

If you follow instructions from people who do not understand your capabilities and interest, you will not achieve anything.

 Question here is “What do you want to do, what do you love to do” – if you understand technical stuff, go for it. Otherwise continue your degree qualifications with interest. Do you MA and find a way to enter into job stream.

 Faisla Ayub

From your CA results it looks like your aptitude is not towards accounting etc. In this case choosing any other profession would be important as the time is passing by. For the medical courses that you said, it is not clear that you have aptitude in them as well. And you might not succeed in them due to lack of aptitude.

 First of all you have to assess which profession will give you satisfaction while working. Once decided you can go for the same.

 I hope this will help you..

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

 Please choose a proper degree program of 4 years and then carry on to do a Master’s program.



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