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I have chosen subjects Accounts Economics and mathematics. I want to know do I have the opportunity of doing CA

I have chosen subjects Accounts Economics and mathematics. I want to know do I have the opportunity of doing CA

Query Statement: I want to know about professions I can have for the subjects I have chosen? As I have chosen subjects Accounts Economics and mathematics. I know I have the opportunity of doing CA. And also want to know about universities in which I can apply?

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related:   I have earned good grades in Mathematics. And understand mathematics  easily.

Skills – Non Subject Related:      I like playing Football (soccer).

Interests:      I have interest in mathematics and want to do something in it while carrying other subjects also.

Career Objective:  I just want to know my professions and also courses that i could do?

Counseling (History): My parents say whatever you want to do.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Faisal Ayoub

With your subjects you have a number of areas where you can excel. Since you have specifically asked for CA, I will stick to that.
for CA there are a few routs but the best is if you do the foundation course first. Surely good knowledge and understanding of mathematics will help in this regard.
You can see the website for a list of colleges for foundation course. Once you have done the foundation course you can go to CA companies for practical training.

Shoujat Haider Malik

Hope you are doing well,In my opinion CA is the better opportunity for you, or you may go for
ACCA, ACMA or BBA ( from IBA, IOBM or Szabist)..

For any further query reply me soon. Kind Regards,

Maha Khalid

You’re the ideal candidate for finance industry and even engineering.
If you pursue finance. Then ACCA, CA or CFA would be great option.
If you pursue engineering then rest assured, all the thriving economies are looking for specialized labour force and specialized labour force will never have zero demand.
Lawyers, doctors, engineers and financial analysts are welcomed by economies around the world and these countries offer immigration opportunities as well.
Sky is the limit, you can figure out your true calling from the above mentioned two disciplines.
Best of Luck.

Zubair Bajwa

You have chosen excellent subjects, I suggest you meet some CA and ask him directly the path to achieving your goal. I you don’t know anybody just google accountant firms in your city and walk in to meet the boss. Everyone will be happy to guide you when you show interest in their field.

 Best of luck!!

Muhammad Ahsan Khan

Dear, you have to be very stick and goal focusing. I would to like to you something about IT. The computer science fields really required software’s and programs but it’s only seen in the upper layer. The basic thing is Computer Science not only depends on Software’s and Programs. Software’s are developed to be just run and Programs are to be coded to design a Software. Interestingly story is different. Networks and Telecommunication now also a part of IT. You can go for BS- Network or BS- Telecom.

Ask me if you would like more details. It’s my expert area. Regards



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