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I had studied F.Sc pre medical and got 73 % marks, now Ii want to study BS programs( biochemistry, biotechnology) if I got admission, and also I am thinking of doing ACCA so in regard of that I want if I do ACCA I will choose some sub related to ACCA subjects(BBA, BS Finance. B.Com)

I had studied F.Sc pre medical and got 73 % marks, now Ii want to study BS programs( biochemistry, biotechnology) if I got admission, and also I am thinking of doing ACCA so in regard of that I want if I do ACCA I will choose some sub related to ACCA subjects(BBA, BS Finance. B.Com)

Query Statement:  actually am confused while choosing different subjects some time there is scope prob for any sub some time interst and some time family hindarance and many more… i had studied fsc pre medical and got 73 % marks … now i want to study bs programs e.g bs biochemistry.. bs biotechnology.. if i get admission… and also i am thinking of doing ACCA so in regard of that i want if i do ACCA i will choose some sub related to ACCA subjects e.g bba bs accounting finance. as an another degree with ACCA……. am too much confused.. what should i choose. and also i dnt have enough time to think……… i thankful to u if u guide me…….

Education Level:  Bachelors

Subject Related Skills: nothing just studies

Non Subject Related Skills:   no

Interests:  am intersted in doing r studing biological subjects…. and i like search as well……. but also i like maths and due to scope of ACCA i wnt to do that… but i have fear may i do this r not .

Career Objective:   career should respective… Having good pay……. intersting things to do… am get bored with same things to happen and to do

Counseling (History:  omg my parents donot guide me… they ask me do whatever u want to…….. once i choose physcology they want me to quit it bcz they dnt like that field…. no one is here to guide me properly


CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Syed Iqbal Haider

Asslam O Alaikum,

I just replied a similar query 

You seem to be fairly sharp and intelligent girl. I think your fears are rational.

You are at a stage where people get confused, but you are fully capable of making right decision for your career.


You, in fact, are in a better position than me, to steer your career, because I am a scientist, you know better all the influencing environment and the road ways that will lead you to the right career.

As I said, “you are fully capable of weighing all the odds”.

Fears and doubts make you think!

Have confidence in you!!!

All the best and REGARDS

Hassnain Malik

As you have based of Pre medical so I will suggest you to do BS hons in medical technology or do DPharm 5 year

Ajaz Ahmad

After reading your query, I can easily say you should go Only for BS programs, Not ACCA, it is a distraction or allure. If you like biology, go for BS Environmental Science program. It is offered by QAU, NUST, IIUI any few others. Hope it helps.


Sajid Ali

ACCA is a very good field I believe so far but the current trend and number of admissions taking place at each semester making it little more blur in future, say coming in mind that where

These currently enrolled students will be accommodated for jobs. Second thing I would like to explain you that jobs are rare but for common people like us experts are still on high positions, so it’s up to you to select the subject of your interest study will full interest and gain command over that subject so obviously you will have a great career ahead. Select the subject of your choice and gain command over it and being an expert of your profession competition at market will not hurting you at all.

Good Luck

Thanks & Regards’

Farhan Khan

I must appreciate the way you are thinking proactively for your career & planning ahead of time.

In my opinion you should go ahead either for BBA (finance) or ACCA then BBA as it looks from information which you shared that you have interest in that area to select as major skills & your personal aptitude you shared. on other side growing fields like biochemistry, biotechnology are fine but those fields are not career oriented yet, In Pakistani job market there are very few jobs or even businesses in Bio tech. So it will be a risky decision to go ahead with Biotech at the moment.  Hopefully BBA/ ACCA will excel you in a growth oriented professional career that ll show your personal interest & innovative working ability. 

In my opinion it is always wise to select field of interest rather than any personality conflicting area.

So I will advise you to go ahead for ACCA/BBA Finance as your majors & one day your dreams will come true to fulfil your wishes, INSHA ALLAH.

Best of Luck; be blessed.

Dr Manzoor Yetoo

You are at right path what you think is perfect for you,


Engr. Ali Soomro

Thanks for your query. I have read and concluded the following suggestion for you. As for the as field of Biochemistry and biotechnology is concerned, they have a wide scope in here Pakistan. There are so many fields related to Biochemistry and biotech. On the other hand, there is ACCA, its good, but you then also need to struggle for that and have to complete all 7 levels of ACCA, and after that you can get a good job via ACCA certification, but still you may need to do CA or CIMA and some sort of different courses available nowadays. As my opinion, the girls are not much interested in accounts related fields, they prefer to move in science fields. Although I have pointed out both fields in front of you 

 Muhammad Azam Tahir

Keeping in view your interest and other aptitude, you are advised to opt for BS Biochemistry, as it has more and expanded scope. There are ample opportunities to get affiliated with AGha Khan and other Medical Institutions, quite easily.

BS in Pharmacy is also another good option.

Please choose the one you like most and go ahead.

Wish you good luck.

Zubair Bajwa

Stick to Bio subjects and go for good universities, Agri University Faisalabad has wonderful degree programs.


Best of luck!

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please go for the field and subjects which is of interest to you. After completion of one degree program, you can do another one in parallel along with job.

Adeel Durvesh

Hope everything is good at your end. It’s good to see that you have a passion to get higher study.

You need to sit down and map your career options vs your competency. Search for your core competency, your interest and available career options. Irrespective of which career you select, you need to find within yourself to make your place in market place successfully.




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