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I am doing MBA(Marketing) 3 1/2 years program.I need an advise about selecting subject or thesis in coming year semester.

I am doing MBA(Marketing) 3 1/2 years program.I need an advise about selecting subject or thesis in coming year semester.

Query Statement: As I have doing MBA(Marketing) 3 1/2 years program.I need an advise about selecting subject or thesis in coming year semester. I was afraid of duration problem am already spend 3 year i n the same degree and if thesis is not clear for a while then my degree is in danger and require more time. But as Ms student and for opening an other opportunity for doing pH.d thesis is important. So i need advice about selection of any one option one the basis of those standard.

Education Level: Masters

Skills – Subject Related: As my team got first position in X-Culture diverse business international competition.Successfully conduct entrepreneurship and marking Mela project.Published my research paper in IJRCM and last but not the least got first position in “best promotional campaign”
Skills – Non Subject Related:   Finance, Computer know how and mathematician
Interests:   Movies, Magazine and games
Career Objective: I want to become a lecturer or a manger a mentor or a guider
Counseling (History):  According to my teacher some are preferring subject over thesis as they said who want to start their professional life so they don’t wast their time in studies.And as some university offer thesis in pH.D so it’s not a big deal.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Azeem Khan

Thanks for inquiring at CCP, we are glad that you contacted us for an advice.

What I understand your request is ‘what topic should you choose for your MBA thesis’ ?

Well you have answered your own query, please choose a topic from any of your anticipated professional paths that you plan to take in your future career, i.e.

  1. i) a lecturer
  2. ii) a manger

iii) a mentor

  1. iv) a guide

If you need any further guidance, do contact us.


Nida Shoaib


Choose a topic such as the need to overcome consumerism in society. How fashion designers are exploiting people’s money to buy expensive brands which actually does not cost so much.

Maha Khalid

Thesis is the requirement from HEC at the end of bachelors or master’s degree both. As for your thesis, the more it is relevant to your major field of study, the better. From the information you have provided you should either go for a topic regarding entrepreneurship or marketing / branding. Master’s degree holders can teach in well reputed universities as well as apply for manager level jobs in the corporate sector. A PhD will get you very good teaching opportunities as a professor, which is his highest rank of teaching. Further research while teaching as a professor is also advised to make a name for a lifetime career in teaching.

Faisal Ayoub

Since you are doing MBA in marketing most obviously you should go for a thesis related to marketing or a related matter. Keep in mind that study gives you the platform to the successful professional life. Seeing from examples of people trying to study again after their professional life, it’s quite difficult. So I would advise you to complete your education before you go to professional life. However for your PHD its best if you have some experience as well.

I hope this will help you. In case you still have queries please don’t hesitate to email again.

Imran Baig


If you have good links in any marketing company, it will be beneficial. You must ask your fellow students as well.


Zubair Bajwa

I think your professor will be better counselor in advising you to choose between thesis and additional subject vis-a-vis their future benefits.

 If you are not satisfied with one answer go and consult another professor.

 Good Luck!



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