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I am doing BBA currently in 6th semester and Have to choose for my electives this is the part where I am confused and need counseling

I am doing BBA currently in 6th semester and Have to choose for my electives this is the part where I am confused and need counseling

Query Statement: Hi, I am doing BBA currently in 6th semester and Have to choose for my electives this is the part where I am confused and need counseling, I am not good in accounting and finance so I have closed both fields for myself I have the potential to go with marketing and Human resource as these are the two options left for me for electives. I am concerned about the job scope I consider HR a bit very common as everyone is going for HR whereas Marketing sounds more fun but being a girl which one should I chose I know I can give my best to both but facing it very crucial to determine which field ro select as it would be my future then, please help me what I should chose as my goal is get a good job work in the corporate world I have the energy, capabilities & enthusiasm for what it takes to work in any company all I am confused is its a 2 side turn and which to choose. Hoping for your suggestions

I could have easily chosen HR as I consider HR easier but I think it won’t let me grow marketing will grow me but I have fears about marketing that it may be not what I think the field is so here what I am confused, I asked once at an seminar to a trainee which one should I go for he said the one your god at when I told him I have the potential for both be repeated the same answer so how am I supposed to choose then???

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: Management, communication skills, business sense and all what you acquire when you study business, I have worked as an organizer and ambassador in seminars 2-3 times, currently looking for internship

Skills – Non Subject Related: Active, energetic, motivating, trainer skills

Interests: All I am interested to b public person social specifically updated so marketing and HR as I know I can manage HR ie events management planning etc managing simply is my interest

Career Objective:   I chose business as I wanted to be huge and I wanted to achieve big make a name become a bossy thing handle thing solve problems in short waned to be a manger its simple I want to utilize my education talent and skills and work with a company and make myself and the company huge I am not an accounts person But I am a leader and a team worker and I want to lead to greatness

Counseling (History): Have not consulted any teacher but my friends and seniors think I should go for Marketing as I am a bold girl and have that fire, parents have set free to choose however my father has worked in administration field for 35years but once he told me to go for marketing my uncle suggests me to go for Administration (I.e HR) as acc to him it’s in my blood


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Azeem Khan

Thank you for your query at CCP. I am glad that you are critical at finding your professional niche at this stage of your educational research. From the information that you have provided I can assume the following:

– You have interests both in HR and Marketing.

– You think HR is easier compared to Marketing.

– HR will not let you grow whereas you are skeptical about Marketing due to unpredictable circumstances (being a female etc.).

– You are good at management, communication and business skills plus you are inclined towards public and social activities.

– You want to utilize your education, skills and enthusiasm and benefit your employer. 

In my understanding from above you’re actually interested in both HR & Marketing

Now next question arises then what to choose?

I have been involved both with marketing (10+ years working experience) and HR (did my MBA-HR and now I create training programs and deliver to corporates) professionally and think that these can be adapted as successful future professions.

When I was working I always wanted to transfer my knowledge to others and thus chose to do my MBA in HR as this is close to my ambition. Whereas, I still love marketing which is my passion and help people. 

Some questions for you to ponder on:

– Monetarily is marketing more beneficial or HR in Pakistan?

– Which profession i.e. marketing or HR will give you more protection as you’re a female?
– do you have equal support (experts for advice, family to back you, friends to talk to, availability of funds to carry on your studies) for both or one is better than the other?
– What does your gut feeling tell you?

Once you have answered these questions, I think you’ll have more clarity on what to choose, Insha’Allah.
Finally, it’s your decision that will guide and motivate your drive to any of these future professions! So take your time and choose the one that will give you enough energy to take you forward into the future.

Warm regards,

Hammad Siddiqui

Marketing is certainly better. Potential is vast. Gender does not matter. Marketing does not mean door to door selling. 

Go for it 

Hasnain Malik

I think for you marketing will be best choice

Maha Khalid

Marketing and HR are two different disciplines. What HR has to do with people Marketing has to do with brands? Both make their particular object of work grow, build and make unique.

Both have equal scope. It is a misconception of yours that passionate people and bold people go into marketing. Marketing has seen many conservative people as well as introverts.

In Pakistan both have limitations and both have potential. The advise you got at the seminar is not so wrong, do what you are good at. And if it’s HR then go for it.

A word of advise, please remember hard work and consistency takes you from an officer to an executive to an assistant manager and then a full manager. This takes years in any profession. A team player is not necessarily a leader and a leader is not necessarily the boss. Practice humility whenever it is you start working, respect authority and work under it to realize the worth of it when you’re in a position to lead a team.

HR in Pakistan has been evolving since of late and many very social and very educated people are in the recruitment industry, Head hunting agencies, head hunting on the side. Giving trainings to several organizations and their personnel, you can easily make your name in HR. It’s a vast field. I’d advise you to research about it online and understand the further areas of expertise within the wider scope of HR.

Best of Luck

Anjum Naz

Thanks for your query

both fields, marketing and HR have a good scope as one can excel in both, you need to follow your instinct and interest, if you be able to perform in any one of these you will be able to pursue good career

 Wish you good luck, stay blessed

Zubair Bajwa

I recommend marketing for you, but keep in mind that in Pakistan market it is mostly sales and very few openings in marketing. You’ll need to be innovative and very persistent to achieve your goals. 

I suggest you take Project Management, Statistics and Psychology as additional subjects (if possible). Also must have great IT skills to use Social Media and powerful presentations to get your point across effectively.

Try getting some intern ship with International NGO in your area of interest and this will further help you understand the challenges and opportunities.

Best Wishes!

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please go for HRM.



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