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I am BBA student. I am bit confuse in selecting my major (HR, Finance, and Marketing)

I am BBA student. I am bit confuse in selecting my major (HR, Finance, and Marketing)

Query Statement:  currently i am BBA student. i am bit confuse in selecting my major (Hr, finance, marketing) i want your help in selecting major according to market worth & scope of these three major. Can you please help me?

Education Level: Bachelors

Subject Related Skills:  i am good in art, economics, business studies & all numerical subjects. i complete my internship in bank for 2 months,community educational services & school for 6 month as maths teacher.

Non Subject Related Skills:  i think i have good leadership quality, management skills, loyality, able to work effectively in team as well as individual, communication skill, hard work, and the most important i am dedicated towards my assign task. I known how to work on Microsoft word and excel.

Interests:  i like dress designing, painting, social services & love to play chess or mind games, i got several 1st position for my art work.

Career Objective: if i will get a change i want to become CEO of an organization

Counseling (History): it first time for me & i am confuse to choice my major because if i go for marketing i have creative mind but cant think i do sales of a product effectively, if i go for finance i will compete CA, ACCA it was difficult for me to hold BBA degree and compete CA, ACCA, etc and if i go for hr so i dont think i have that much career scope to become CEO in future.


CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Sajid Ali

Don’t make yourself confuse rather select the subject of your interest so you will have command and can compete anyone at market. CEO is not on qualification but on struggle and dedication because every CEO was once a student and a beginner and then reached CEO right. Don’t go for scope but create your scope at market through your gained


Thanks & Regards’

Ajaz Ahamd

Go for HR or Finance. Suits you


Ahmad Zeeshan

From your email and interests apparently HR seems appropriate for you.

Farhan Khan

I must appreciate the way you are thinking proactively for your career & planning ahead of time.

In my opinion you should go ahead for finance to select as majors as skills & your personal aptitude you shared, hopefully will excel you in a growth oriented professional career that ll show your personal interest & innovative working ability. Your thoughts not to go for marking is quite right as marking is not only creativity it also need front end dealing with management as well as with end users of products/services & that may conflict with personality.

So I will advice you to go ahead to select Finance as your majors & one day your dream will come true to become CEO, INSHA ALLAH.

Best of Luck; be blessed.

Dr Manzoor Yetoo

I think HR will be better for you keeping in view your gender and competition in your field

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query. As for as the scope of any field is concerned, all have their prior importance and scope. But for now a days, HR is going on top and being a girl, you will have much more positive chance to get desired job. After completing your BBA, go for MBA in HR with some sort of short courses in HR afterword, or you can also do some sort of short courses of HR after completing BBA. The main purpose of doing short courses will help you stand separate in recognition while choosing the right candidate for the HR position. I will suggest you to complete your BBA and try to get some job in HR position and on the second hand carry on your MBA as well. It will help you in terms of financial as well as getting professional experience in the same capacity. I wish for the success in your goals and to become CEO (which is your dream job) of any reputable organization.  

Syed Iqbal Haider

Asslam O Alaikum,

You seem to be fairly sharp and intelligent girl. I think your fears are rational at this stage, but you are fully capable of making right decision for your career.

You, in fact, are in a better position than me, to steer your career, because you know all the influencing environment and the road ways.

As I said, “you are fully capable of weighing all the odds”.

Fears and doubts make you think!

Have confidence in you!!!

All the best


Muhammad Azam Tahir

Since you have good leadership quality, management skills, loyalty, and able to work effectively in team
as well as individual, communication skill, hard work, it is therefore suggested that plz opt

 “HR” as a major subject for you. You will excel a lot in HR, Insha Allah.

Hasnain Malik

Marketing field is best related to your confidant 

Zubair Bajwa

Personally, I don’t like BBA, should do pure science or arts subjects. The best goal can be to do CA, now figure how you can achieve that. Think out the path, make a plan and then stick to it.

Good Luck!

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Select the one which interests you and you think you have the potential to bring a change in that particular field. Like marketing ideas out of the world. Policies in HR which can revamp companies, so on and so forth.

 Adeel Durvesh

Career option selection lies within yourself. Be it a finance major, marketing or HR or even a CEO, the career choice solely depends at your discretion. I myself is MBA finance but playing the lead role in one of renowned organizations. Remember you sell yourself in the market and not your degree. If you think you are amongst those who takes ownership, initiatives, manage finance, strong networking skills and above all a sharp decision maker then you are best suited for CEO role.

In short, it depends KSA- knowledge, skills and abilities. Good luck for your career selection!




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