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I am an ACCA Affiliate, and am very confused what to do next, to go for an MBA or from LUMS or do CIA instead.

I am an ACCA Affiliate, and am very confused what to do next, to go for an MBA or from LUMS or do CIA instead.

Query Statement: I am an ACCA Affiliate working in internal audit department of HBL. I am very confused what to do next, to go for an MBA or from LUMS or do CIA instead.


 I like doing financial analysis, risk analysis etc.

CAREER OBJECTIVE: pursue a career in accounting and finance only, keeping myself updated.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Dr.Manzoor Yetoo

It is better for you to go for CIA, however if you are interested in diversifying your skill set, you may go for MBA so that you can hunt diversified jobs. Thank you and wishing best of luck in your career excellence,

Bushra Siddiqui

Go for an MBA from LUMS instead. It has more value in the job market and since you will be having only certification (which might provide you with bachelors equivalence later on) you will be needing a proper degree to finish your hierarchy of education.

Nida Shoaib

It is advisable to continue your studies in the field of accounting, comprehensively, the subject of accounting may deal with management and marketing concepts. And hence you will be in touch with MBA related stuff too this way. As per my knowledge, accounting is a demanding field as the markets are completely saturated with MBAs.

Shoujat Haider Malik

I think she have to go for CIA, because it’s more relevant with her field.

Rao Sohail

She should go for CIA because there are two reasons for that.

1- She likes to do financial analysis and she want to pursue career in finance and accounting.

2- She is already an ACCA affiliate and with this she will get exception in CIA for one paper.

Ajaz Ahmed

There are two constraints for me to guide you; one is that the information which you have provided is insufficient, two; I have least knowledge of ACCA thing. Anyhow following are few suggestions for you.

  • First compare the timeline of MBA & CIA (now days shorter durations are preferred)
  • Also compare the yields of both in terms of financial security. But be mindful that it’s you who will decide your fate, not your degrees. Many people excel with ordinary qualification and vice versa
  • May be you can do MBA in evening with your current job but not CIA
  • In MBA you have wider scope (marketing, HR, finance, entrepreneurship) but CIA may confine you to accounts
  • There is a third option which I would like to bring in your knowledge that is MS in Economics & Finance offered by PIDE
  • Last point is, consider your personal circumstances, family commitments, relationships etc.

Umm-e-Abdullah Imran

If you are keen to pursue your career in finance particularly then you should go for CIA because MBA(Finance) gives you general overview of each subject but CIA will give you in depth knowledge of finance related stuff

Expending her horizon with and MBA should help her excel in her career

Hammad Siddiqui

From your profile, it seems that you are determined and passionate about a career in Finance/Auditing, and you are gaining work experience in this area at the same time. Being a certified auditor can take you to the next level in this field.

Saima Zuberi

LUMS has a good name and it is true that sometimes an institute’s reputation can uplift your career, but you need to consider Interests and career goals. I’d suggest you talk to a guidance counselor at LUMS and ask for the course outlines and discuss career prospects. MBA at LUMS does have an Accounting and Finance stream. From the alumni, try to connect with someone currently working in internal auditing, so you can make an informed decision. Use LinkedIn to establish connections and find relevant groups. Best of luck!

Hassaian Malik

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