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I am an A level student. Could you please guide me regarding my admissions ahead?

I am an A level student. Could you please guide me regarding my admissions ahead?

Query Statement: I am an A level student. Could you please guide me regarding my admissions ahead? I have a combination of business studies, mathematics and economics along with Urdu and i am confused which undergraduate program to select ahead. Also if i want to opt for BBA, Would i have a lot of trouble being a non-accounting A level student although i know the basics because i did it in my O levels. I am doing my A2 currently at Beaconhouse.  I have done volunteering work at Behbud and also internship with WWF eco internship programme recently. I am interested in economics and math as compared to other subjects. I am not very good at accounting and managed to get an A in O level accounting but everybody keeps on telling me that accounting has a lot of career so do something in accounting ahead eg BS (accounting and finance) or BBA. I want to do something in the commerce field that earns me a very good living. But my parents want me to appear in the CSS exam and acquire a good job in the public sector eg deputy collector. I am really confused. Plz guide me.

CCP Pakistan Advisor replies

Maha Khalid

A basic accounting background of O levels is more than enough to get you by accounting subjects until your MBA, however for an economic major, suggest you stick to BSc rather than BBA. As most econ programs lead up to MSc, MPhil & PhD, whereas BBA ends with an MBA. For sciences it’s also advisable to keep to bachelors of sciences and not business administration, which is not an academic degree but a professional degree. BSC is an academic degree with the perks of professional degree. I, your advisor, am a BSc(hons) double majors Econ & Finance.  Currently pursuing my MBA, with the option of pursuing a MSc degree later on leading up to a PhD. I had accounting in O levels as well as A levels and thus far until my MBA also, I haven’t had to study much for accounting courses. Also if you go for an academic degree with econ and math major, that’ll be a better idea as if you want to move onto, accounting then, you can pursue a purely accounting degree. For instance, CA, CFA, etc. Hope that answers your query.

Umm-e-Abdullah Imran

With Economics, Mathematics  and Business studies, you can do BS. Mathematics or BS. Economics or you can also do BBA. BBA is not all finance. It depends on subjects or majors you choose. If you are not comfortable with accounting then you should not go for it, despite of its demand in corporate world.

Saima Zuberi

It is true that Accounting and Finance may offer a more rewarding and stable career than most other areas in the Business field. However, everybody may not have an aptitude for it. It’s better to find something that you feel competent and confident about than struggle with the subject in future.

However, if you decide to go for BBA, a background in Accounting is not a requirement. There are many other areas that you can choose later on and there is no hard and fast criterion about success or failure in either of them. These include Economics, Business Law, Human Resources, International Business, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Public Relations, and the list goes on. If any one of these areas interests you, you can confidently apply for a BBA program. A couple of Finance/Accounting courses should not hold you back. At an undergraduate level, you should be able to get through those courses with some additional help from peers or tuition. Best of luck!

Shaista Khanum

I need to suggest some points to you before you make career hunts

  1. Think about your own abilities first before thinking what people say about the career market. If you have talent to do something better in your field of interest then “a public choice” doesn’t work best for you.
  2. For BBA admission without Accounts subject in A levels, you need to consult the career counseling manager of each university you are pursuing for the admission.
  3. Plan where you want to get your further education from means the region of the world.
  4. I suggest you to do some online aptitude testing for yourself to have an idea about your aptitude of studies.

We can discuss even more after you start detailed workout on the above suggested points.

All the Best and see you soon again

Nida Shoaib

If you are good in accounts, then you should opt for the career in accounting as it has a scope in all industries. It is a generic field.



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