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Done M.Com and my M.Phil. is in 3rd semester now, my plan is to go for PhD but my financial plans are even stopping me from doing M.Phil. Please seeing all this scenario guide me how should I proceed further.

Done M.Com and my M.Phil. is in 3rd semester now, my plan is to go for PhD but my financial plans are even stopping me from doing M.Phil. Please seeing all this scenario guide me how should I proceed further.

Query Statement: I have previously done M.Com securing 3.93 out of 4 cgpa. I am searching for jobs but i am unable to grasp any job. I want to become teacher. I am also doing it as tuitions. My M.Phil is in 3rd semester now but this is subjected to financial problems. I am the only child of my parents. My financial matters are not so good. My plan is to go for Phd but my financial plans are even stopping me from doing M.Phil complete please seeing all this scenario guide me how should i proceed further.

Education Level: M.Phil

Subject Related Skills: Accounting and finance skills, banking skills operations related while doing internship

Non Subject Related Skills: Writing competition win in essay writing.

Interests: Teaching books

Career Objective: I want to become teacher who can infuse a spirit of moving forward with honesty in my students as well as teaching them to serve for the country,

Counseling (History): No counselling history


CCP Pakistan Advisors replies

Faisal Ayub

It’s good to see that you are perusing higher education in the field of finance and commerce. It’s strange to see you cannot get a job with your existing M Com. Please inform your location and see if I can help you in that. 

As you mentioned that you want to be a teacher, let me suggest you try to work in the field/industry first which will give you some practical experience and in the mean while you can start evening job any of the colleges providing business/commerce education. This will not only help you financially but with your practical experience you will have more chances to get a job in teaching profession.

Sajid Ali

Don’t be disappointed all great professionals are once hit by these worse scenarios. Do your best and never forget that Allah never waste anyone’s struggle. Try your level best to continue even i will suggest for loan from someone but complete your studies. Also keep searching online for scholarships especially Chinese.

Wishing you best of luck

Stay confident and keep moving forward.

Good Luck

Muhammad Ather Rafi

From which university you are doing M.Phil.? Go to HEC web site they have scholarships please visit and check may be you will get. Also try for foreign scholarship search from web. You have every good CGPA. 

Maha Khalid

You are still studying, the kinds of jobs you can pursue are limited in Pakistan and to your locality. I suggest you visit nearest schools and opt for visiting faculty jobs or temporary teacher’s jobs. Lots of English medium schools are looking for good teachers. How you negotiate pay grade is up to you, they prefer experience so you can always qualify on the premise of being a tutor. Anything between 30 and 35k is good for a start. In a years’ time you can expect it to go up to 40 but when you work full time as a class teacher and subject perhaps. Experience is vital.

Sayed Iqbal Haider

Important thing is that you are struggling and making the efforts within your best of resources. 

Do not give up.

Talk to Gov., Universities and financing organizations, such as banks, who have funds to help you complete your Ph.D.

You can also talk to small companies, to do their Accounts and Financial Management work, on part time basis, such as few hours of work per week. This will also build up your credibility in the industry. You will have no problem in finding full time job, when you are fully qualified.

It may be hard, but not difficult. Being a young man you can do it!

 Good Luck

Zubair Bajwa

Keep applying for accountant jobs, visit offices to ask for the response to your application. Teaching tuitions on the side in the evening to earn is helpful. 

You can freeze your degree and complete it later when you are stable. Do PhD if you get a scholarship.

Right now, knock doors and find a job.

Good Luck!!

Azam Tahir

Plz try to find a reasonable job first. Then pursue your MPhil and/PhD simultaneously. You may lose the age bracket needed for govt job. Try for any job initially and by virtue of your higher qualifications, try for better and appropriate job.

Safeer Abbas

Dear, did you apply for job?

Your study history sounds great.

Just figure it out what is the real limitation…???

You have a good scope in teaching… there are lot of jobs.

If you are thinking right now that where are the lot of teaching jobs, then probably yourself is your hindrance. 

Even you can start your own academy… You know better how to generate finance and how to manage resources.

Just believe in yourself and faith in Allah Almighty.

Good Luck! 

Once you have field experience and some part time teaching experience i am sure you will get a good teaching job.

Hope this email is useful for you.




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