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Did MBA in HR, want Career advise

Did MBA in HR, want Career advise

Query Statement: My age is 29 years. I have an MBA (HR) degree from NUML which I acquired in 2011. My CGPA is 3.43 out of 4.00. I did my BA as a private candidate from Punjab University in first division. Before that, I failed in 3 consecutive graduation attempts from 2005-2007.

I am working as a Data Entry Operator in a govt department since 2008 but looking for a better job since the completion of my MBA degree in 2011. I applied for more than 1000 jobs since then but not even a single interview call. I joined another govt department (on deputation) for almost 20 months where I gained experience related to Administration (That is the only experience which I mentioned in my CV). I also appeared in CSS in 2012 and 2013 but failed to pass it.

Now I am stuck in three different options.

  1. Go to Dubai on visit visa for job search (I already submitted my resume and applied to different jobs in Dubai on and other websites but got no response).
  2. To go for higher studies in a foreign university on scholarship and then go for job.
  3. To appear in my last CSS attempt in February (For which I have very less enthusiasm left).
  4. To apply for MS here in Pakistan.

Kindly advise me the best as I am already 29 years old and still not on a good job which is effecting my personal life badly. I shall be highly obliged.

Education Level:  Masters 

Skills – Subject Related: Skills which I acquired during studies and job are:- 

  1. Doing Research,
  2. Strong Communication Skills
  3. Administration skills
  4. Microsoft Office and other computer applications.
  5. Teamwork
  6. Leadership skills
  7. Ability to work under pressure.

Skills – Non Subject Related:           1. Data Entry Skills 

Interests: My interests include:-

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Training & Development
  3. Recruitment & Selection
  4. Compensation & Payroll
  5. Administration

Career Objective:  Even before my MBA, I was inclined towards HR field as I wanted to be on the top management position of a large organization. For that purpose, I choose MBA to boost my self-confidence, for my personality growth and to enter in a large organization in HR field. But because of lack of credibility of NUML MBA, I could not do so. I am also not financially strong so that I could study from universities like LUMS, IBA etc.

 Counseling (History): Most of the times I did counseling with my parents and teachers. My parents are not well off according to the latest trends in the private sector market as my father spend his whole career on a govt job. Counseling with teachers was mostly on subject related areas.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Zuabir Bajwa

I suggest you attempt CSS exam whole heartedly, tries to get in an International NGO and if left with any money and time get a HR related certification.

Your next degree should be in Law and best sectors are manufacturing and textile. For ME you must have expertise in Arabic language and Local labour law for being considered for HR there.

Good Luck!!

Hasnain Malik

You should try here in Pakistan for jobs and also do MS

Muhammad Ali

Thanks for your query.

As for as your degree is concerned you have attain a good CGPA and NUML has bright name is our country. The main problem is to search a suitable job.

There are so many jobs in Pakistan and vary according to city. As you live in Rawalpindi so there are so many reputable organizations in capital city. 

1-You have to create a professional resume and forward it to different Organizational at their site or by personally.

2- Create a social network and forward your resume through it. You can also forward it o me.

3- Keep on doing the job but remember that it’s not your destination.

4- Try to do some professional courses that will help you to boost your career.

Good Luck

Khalid Cheema

Please send me your CV for review and I’ll give you advice on improving your CV. Also send me your skype ID, if you want to discuss more about choosing your career path. My skype is bhaije60.

 With best regards

 Khalid Cheema

Saima Zuberi

My first advice to you is that you must maintain a “CAN-DO” approach towards your career. Your greatest strength is the fact that despite consecutive failures, you did not give up and completed your bachelor’s degree. And now you have a Master degree as well from NUML which–in my opinion–is a pretty renowned institute. 

Your second greatest strength lies in the field of your training that is Human Resources which is a rapidly growing field. It is always hard to make an entry in HR but once you gain some relevant experience, you move up rapidly. My own training is in HR but I found it hard to find the job in this area. I was offered an even better position in the area of social services but my academic background in HR definitely helped!

I strongly believe there are perhaps areas of improvement in your resume/CV. There’s no need to hide your data entry experience. Don’t let your potential employers find any gaps in your employment history. You simply need to highlight the skills obtained in that job as opposed to listing your duties and responsibilities. Emphasize on your organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail, maintaining confidentiality, dedication, time management, and above all, patience/diligence/perseverance. Perhaps there’s an HR assistant position in the private sector, waiting for you that can be a foot in the door!

Making your final attempt for CSS examination is a brilliant idea. Just like BA, there’s a chance of success. And if that doesn’t happen, remember it’s not the end of the world! If you decide to explore your options in Dubai, conduct a great deal of research on effective job search strategies used in Dubai before you land there. 

Also, please do not blame the system, or your institutes, or your parents’ resources. It’s probably holding you back. Believe in yourself. Many people struggle in the early stages of their careers. You are still young, intelligent and hard-working. Just do your homework and learn the right strategies for job searching, and believe that you will get there!

Best of luck!

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please pursue a certification course in HR and apply for jobs in Dubai as well as Pakistan to explore opportunities.



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