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Did masters in Economics in 2012, how to get a good job

Did masters in Economics in 2012, how to get a good job

Query Statement: I have done my masters in Economics in 2012 (Msc Economics).  I am having 16 years of education but unable to get a good job, please help me in this regard, I wish to get a job in a Bank or in any Multinational organization, I can work in administration, Supply chain, finance and accounting department with a little training.

Education Level: Masters

Skills: I am having the skill of working on MS office and all other official required systems.
Interests: I wish to have a job in Bank, NGO, MNC or any government job in 17 scale.
Career objective:

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Umm-e-Abdullah Imran

First of all prepare professional resume with action verbs and strong sentences and enroll yourself in online job portals, check Sunday’s newspaper for job openings, modify your resume according to company’s demand and apply.

Nida Shoaib

Salaam:  You should apply in all industries and start working wherever you get a feasible job. Please don’t restrain yourself to any specific industry. Rather than being jobless and having a gap in work experience, its better you work and then keep searching for better jobs. Also initially please don’t expect high salaries. Work on gaining experience more.

Hammad Siddiqui

You need to list organizations where you wish to work. Check their career section on websites. Use LinkedIn to find people, who are working in those organizations, build your network.

Hasnain Malik

Visit allied bank website jobs

Noor A S Qureshi

You should clarify Career Objective first, as you have studied Economics, try to search job in that filed, mostly teaching is there, excel skills in Economics theory and practice and can start from tuition. Further go for research in this filed.

But if you want to have career in other fields, it can be a job related to Basic Accounts, Office Administration, marketing. You will need to join any organization on Volunteer basis for at least six months, you will need to excel skills in those fields and get further certification or courses in that field.

Get a help of resume guide at our web site, and have a proper resume, give time to English communication



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