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BBA from Preston University, Islamabad. Wil do MS in Career Counseling, what is scope?

BBA from Preston University, Islamabad.  Wil do MS in Career Counseling, what is scope?

Query Statement: I have recently finished my BBA from Preston University, Islamabad. I am pursing to take admission in MS career counseling and education from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). As this degree being offered first time in Pakistan. I am willing to take admission in this program but looking for help to measure its future outcomes that how it would be helping me in my career.

I have done BBA and do not want to go for MBA which is kind of extended version of the previous course. Your help would be considered a favor for me. Thank you

Education Level:   Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related:  learning the basic banking system and its offering to customers at NBP.2009 enhanced skills to give infomercial session with NCHD.2010 interned with Attock Petroleum’s limited 2011

Skills – Non Subject Related: I have opted numerous skills which are more likely to be part of my education field.

Interests: subject related: marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, socializing, and community building

Career Objective: I intend to learn numerous field of studies but which have an emerging concept through which i may help myself and as much the community around me. i want to get experience working with leading organizations at national and international levels.

Counseling (History): I have shared my problems with every person who have better knowledge and experience which included my parents…teachers and my seniors.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Hasnain Malik

Career counseling will become highly valuable degree in Pakistan so think about it

 Maha Khalid

Your interests clearly fall under the header of marketing yet you want to pursue a master’s in education, that too within the niche of career counseling. Why? If you have a background of BBA, why not do a MBA in marketing? It will help you immensely. Unless your interests are centered on pursuing a PhD in the future within the education spectrum. The scope for career counseling in Pakistan is limited, but globally counseling is encouraged at every level of education. However our local degrees don’t have much weight abroad. So keep all that in mind as well.

Best of Luck

Zubair Bajwa

You have made a very interesting choice of MS in “Career Counseling & Education” from NUST. It is new thing and the trend is on the rise due to more people are going abroad for studies. I have observed office holders doing University advising for O’level and A’ level students at schools level. Another thing I have seen mushrooming is the Education Consultant agents for Foreign Universities, it seems as there is economical down turn in western countries they have started headhunting in third world to pay for their high costs.

I don’t see a future demand of Career Counseling discipline in local market. I encourage you to do Masters in Education and there are opportunities in Government sector as well as in NGOs. 

I think specializing in Education is more of a noble cause than a money making or trail blazing profession in our depressed third world country. I encourage you to take sciences/ math’s as base to build your professional dreams on.

Best Wishes  

Amna Zafar

Currently you are business student and earned a good degree from good institute. NUST University is one of best university of Pakistan. NUST offering MS in Career Counseling and Education is great. This domain and degree has great demand in market. In Pakistan Counseling of career and education field trend has started and many institutes and organizations have developed separate department for their students and employees. You should go for it. This degree has good scope. 

Best of Luck 

Rakhshanda Khan


Surprising news and a good news as well!  NUST has offered MS career counseling and education :) They are also offering post graduate diploma and advanced diploma.

  1. It is a new and a growing field. Need of career counseling emerge from white spaces among careers? It is closer to Business Management studies and I could say some of care counseling contents are essential for almost every career but I cannot separate it and say yes it is a distinct and specific field. 
  2. I must say career counseling education help us for personal growth and professional development but it does not mean everybody can do it 
  3. I would like to suggest before taking any step watch “” and by observing instructor you will get the idea about counseling and career counseling. Read his qualifications as well.
  4. It is a new field but does not cover all the requirements needed to work as a career counselor, you have to have career counseling education with either degree in psychology or human resources (MBA/BBA) or education or social work. You also need to learn life skills as well.  
  5. Check your eligibility (do you have career counseling experience. Because it is included in the entry requirements/eligibility) you could also do it after MBA
  6. I would say think advance diploma after your MBA or MA (economics) etc. You could do it before MBA but try diploma first to test water
  7. Qualification of faculty member also counts
  8. Future of Career counseling:  we are responsible for steering our own careers. In Pakistan, big name private educational institutes are providing guidance to their students, you need to visit (you are in Islamabad, you have golden opportunity) virtually their web site and physically visit offices to see the required qualification and experience for counselors.
  9. Fortunately in Pakistan some time they hire fresh graduate easily.
  10. Caution!! Future of career counseling is not even clear internationally. Individual from various back grounds are working in this field. I must say your degree in career counseling will work as a connector or to bridge to other careers (coordinator, counselor in an educational institute) and will increase your chances to hire but combination of degree plus career counseling education will work and I feel is a must
  11. Internationally they hired very experienced professionals eg in Saudi Arabia they want Counselors with 10 – 15 years’ experience with MBA(HR) or Social work. In west they wanted very fluent in English, a good public speaker with multiple qualification and life skills plus experience 
  12. After getting your counseling degree plus Business degree you could start your own practice as consultant. I would suggest you to check requirement to be a consultant
  13. Hard work, hard work and never give up is required for success in any field…..

All the best ,


Saima Tariq Khan


My understanding is that NUST is a sound institute and so a further degree there would be a good option.  I am answering career related questions such as yours on a voluntary basis – I have received countless queries in the span of a few days so it is certainly an area that is needed in Pakistan.  However career counselors will usually function at secondary school/College level.  What this means it’s salary structure is something you will need to gauge and research.

If you try a quick online search you would find jobs listed such as this:

However, please note that in most jobs experience is required.  

From the description you have provided of yourself I think this may well be a good fit – so go for it!

Best of luck


Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum

Please assess the job market for the discipline you have opted for as you said this is being offered the first time.



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