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Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook Group

QueryWhat is the future scope of logistics and supply chain management in Pakistan and in gulf? Is a Master’s degree in logistics useful in finding a job in this field? I have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and have been working in this field (electrical) for some time, but now I am interested in logistics and want to know about its future scope. Almost 3 years. I have also worked in gulf as electrical project engineer. Got my degree from UET Peshawar after securing good marks in and entry test. I am just interested in logistics, Irrespective of my degree, experience and want to know its’ future scope for someone having a master’s degree in logistics.

These are the points on the basis of which I want to have a master degree in logistics.

1) As I am not interested in teaching so masters in electrical is not an option because in the field one only needs the skills.

2) Another option is to do masters in engineering management. But even if I get a master’s degree in engineering management, it doesn’t mean I will get a managerial position straight away after my degree because for managerial position one needs 10 to 15 years’ experience. So degree doesn’t matter that much (logistics is also part of engineering management)

3) But during my stay in gulf I noticed that those involved in logistics, procurement etc., their jobs were a bit easy as compared to engineers and their salaries were also good.

So, what is your opinion about the scope of logistics for a person having engineering background?

Advisors Replies

Syed Saud Ahmed

The areas of Supply Chain and Logistics are well positioned globally. At the same time the jobs are more secure, and possibly more available. Within the UAE, Jebal Ali is filled with Corporate of this nature, and I don’t see why someone at your experience level should be back footed . If you think you have the dynamics to get a Master’s Degree in Logistics, then go for it. One can play around his/her career within the first 5 years. After that, accept what comes your way, and possibly by then, you would know what skill sets suit you best.

Having said all of this, I also believe, the competition level has moved up a bit, you are risking not getting selected for a Logistics job even after completing your Masters, so getting a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management should be first choice, since you have already mentioned it also includes ‘logistics’, plus your topping up your Bachelors with a Management boost. The odds should favor you more. Good Luck!

Shaista Khanum

Dear Imad Hassan, I have a query. Don’t you think you will get a Managerial Position in Electrical Engineering if you just boost up your experience in the same field? I have seen smart brains to move forward to Managerial positions after 5 years working and UAE is the hub of engineering fields. So why not just spend 2 more years and then try for some Managerial position in the same field?

What I got from your query, you are losing interest in your current work plan. But that does not mean the field does not have scope. That could be because the COMPANY you are working with is not providing you enough opportunities of growth and professional development. Is this the case there?

! Logistics in a good demand and highly paid in 2nd world and 1st world countries like Middle East, Europe, America, Australia and now the emerging economic power of the world i.e. China. But if you talk about Pakistan then its future is shaky and risky Because of unstable security reasons. If you want to try you can do it but try to work out the chances of getting better job after your Masters of Logistics. I guess you are in mood of Career-switch. If you can afford the transition period of this switching then go for it. Otherwise think about all pros and cons and then take a small step at a time and then move forward.



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