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My parents have convinced me to do BA in English Literature and I have also made my mind on that for past 2 years. But now that my A levels is about to be completed, I have to start applying for universities now. But there aren’t much universities in Karachi who offer this course

My parents have convinced me to do BA in English Literature and I have also made my mind on that for past 2 years. But now that my A levels is about to be completed, I have to start applying for universities now. But there aren’t much universities in Karachi who offer this course

Query Statement: So my parents have convinced me to do BA in English Literature and I have also made my mind on that for past 2 years. But now that my A levels is about to be completed, I have to start applying for universities now. But there aren’t much universities in Karachi who offer this course. The only option I have is Greenwich University but my father wants me to go Habib University, which does not offer English literature as major and has this course Bsc Social Development and Policy. Now I don’t know what to do, whether should I apply for it or not, and just go for Greenwich only. Also that I thought of applying but in June that’s round 2 because I want to be thoroughly prepare for its entry test but others keep telling me that apply in round 1 too cause then I will have another opportunity of round 2 too if I don’t pass, but I keep thinking that I have to get ready for my A levels finals and how can I manage to get ready for round 1 right now. And my father really wants me to apply for Habib University cause its really good and all and has a name while Greenwich hasn’t.

Education Level: Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related: I have done o levels and a levels. And I took commerce subject in both because i wasn’t interested in medical or engineering. I don’t have any skills though because I m lazy. And my parents didn’t let me go to model united nation or do any other co-curricular activity because they are conservative.

Skills – Non Subject Related: I am lazy but at times i m really hard working. Despite of having bad grades I worked really hard on my grades even more than my friends had but I don’t have good luck maybe that’s why I got bad grades.

Interests: I wanted to go towards fashion and design but can’t cause my parents think it’s a waste of time and I can’t convince them even though i tried a lot. I have interest in CSS.

Career Objective: I’m interested in being a lecturer in a university teaching English literature because I want more people to know about literature as our generation isn’t that much interested in these types of subject.

Counseling (History); my parents want me to do BA in English literature, but now my father wants me to go for Habib University. My mother says do what you want (which is not at all helpful). I didn’t tried to ask my teachers because they will be like if you are doing commerce then why go for English literature. And I’m going to be the first 3-generation child in my family to go to a university and family is really having big expectations for me. Also i m not at all interested in marrying early neither are my parents ready for that.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Sajid Ali              

I will advise not to follow instructions from outside because at the end you will have to live with your profession till last. Think before taking step that what are your interests and why? Then talk to parents and make them convince that at the end you will have to live with my profession so why I should not choose in on my interest so I will enjoy my professional life thereafter…

Zubair Bajwa

I believe that a good institute’s name goes a long way. You should go for the university that your father wants. Take up the courses that will help you achieve your goal in sitting through the CSS examination.

As for doing a master’s degree in English Literature, if you have a serious interest in the subject, continue extensive reading of the literature course and generally as well. You can even take that up after your bachelors program.

Good Luck!

Dr Manzoor Yetoo

You can go for English literature also

Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query. I have ready and understood. As for as you interest in Fashion designing is concerned, there are lot of opportunities in this field, but as you mentioned that your parents are not interested in this. Moreover, Habib University is a good for study as having good faculty but not offering any English courses, for this you have to go for Greenwich University or Karachi University, they are offering the same courses. As HU (Habib Uni) is not offering the course in English then why you parents are forcing for that. You can easily convenience them regarding this and also tell them that is not your interest. I want to study of my choice own so that I can study with keen interest. The field of BA English literature is very good and Greenwich is a very reputable university and have good environment. Be calm and concentrate on your studies first. Clear the O and A Levels and then decide for the higher educations. Greenwich and Habib are not mandatory, there are so many other institutes which are providing the same education in same field. As you parents are forcing you for test in Habib then after Examination prepare for test of round 1 and then for round 2. It will help you to understand the patter of test. For the parents you have to do this, but ultimately you have to study for your own choice. Good Luck Best Regards, 

Syed Iqbal Haider

Try shake off your laziness. 

This will not let you get anywhere. 

There are some exercises you can do and try to practice small routines on regular basis.

Talk to your doctor and psychologist in the University!

Try to do the things perfect in your life, with minor details!!

Laziness makes you lose your memory and makes you dull. You will have problems in qualifying for admission in a good university, so smarten up!!!

As regards your career, your mother is right, you should do what you like and want to be the best. 

There is no need to be pushed in to what you do not like!!

I live abroad, so I do not know which university and institutions are there, in Karachi and what do they offer. 

You know the best yourself and if not do your research, spend some time, on regular basis in a library reading literature and studying about various institutions, pick the best of your choice, try to convince your dad by making him read that literature.

I am sure, you seem to wish to succeed! 


All the best

Farhan Khan

I appreciate the way you are thinking & analyzing your future plans. 

Information which you shared I can see that your objectives are not that clear, as your parents wants you to do something as they think & your thoughts are different, additionally your education background is also another story. So what I can suggest you at this stage is make SOWT analysis of your own thoughts, compare with opportunities which you have in hand now & what will be the career opportunities in future in case you may select one of the either fields under consideration. In our society especially for females, another important factor is family constraints & values which we are required to take care off, so do consider your family ethical values & expectations as it’s true that you can’t live without them. 

The very first element which is most important in career selection is your own interest & opportunities which you can foresee like after 5-8 years from now. Other than your mention two fields there are many others like Bio-sciences, Pharma, Social management; you can do a bit research on these areas too. At this stage I can only advise you to select a field where you can have more options to switch & grow. In fields like English or fashion designing the options are very few. Compare to social management, commerce, business administration gave you option to go ahead with CSS as well as rest of career development opportunities. 

As you have to appear for your finals so I suggest you to focus only on your study for A level at the moment, once you have done it then in next step you can work on availing admission opportunities. Selection of university / educational institute is also important &  I advise you that once its finalized that you are going to take admission in English literature then go ahead with University who have good name in that particular field.  

Best of Luck,

Dr Fauzia Khurshid  

Well if you want to do your specialization in English literature, you can contact to the university which is offering degree in this field like National University of Modern languages, you can visit their web site. 

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Greenwich and Habib are more or the same Universities as regards quality and standard of teaching. Both are HEC approved Universities. I would suggest to opt Greenwich University where you have subject of your choice and area of interest. You will enjoy your studies at Greenwich, too.
No worries regarding the status of Universities. Great luck.



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