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I want help desperately. I have just completed my A levels and did not applied anywhere because I wanted to take 6 months break and relax. I thought of applying in LUMS and Greenwich University because they offer English Literature and I want to study that programme.

This is my second message to you. I want help desperately. I have just completed my A levels and did not applied anywhere because I wanted to take 6 months break and relax. I thought of applying in LUMS and Greenwich University because they offer English Literature and I want to study that programme.

Query Statement:  Hello. This is my second message to you. I want help desperately. I have just completed my A levels and did not applied anywhere because I wanted to take 6 months break and relax. I thought of applying in LUMS and Greenwich University because they offer English Literature and I want to study that programme. I was waiting for my result of A level. My result is not that good. Its just average. I worked hard day and night like a dog and all I got was C, D and C. My parents never guided me and still they don’t. I have been in depression because of the grades for a month now. And just feel like my whole life has turned upside down. I obviously can not go to LUMS now. So Greenwich in the only option left for me. But I want to get out of this society and want to study abroad. I have emailed some universities about their spring semester now I’m waiting for their email back. I am confused that whether should I go for those universities or not? Should I give SAT or not? Should I retake the exam in which I got D or not? Or should I just lose hope and simply go to Greenwich? I’m really confused and stressed out. I feel depressed all the time, I think about my future and I lose hope thinking I can’t do anything useful in my life and that’s what my family makes me feel like. They don’t really talk to me about my career or further studies, they are not really supportive, they taunt me of being useless. This all hurts because I know I can do better, but I don’t have luck or something. I worked hard for my exams and that only I know and my Allah knows, but everyone, specially my family doubts me. They just talk about other relatives in my family who got admission and have better grades then me. I get the point they are embarrassed by me and my grades, but saying all things they hurt me all the time. I have an introvert kind of personality. I don’t share my feelings or thoughts. But people say parents get you, but sadly mine don’t. Please help me out of this hell, if my parents can’t guide me well I’m sure you guys can. Thankyou.

Education Level: Intermediate

Subject Related Skills: Hard work.

Non Subject Related Skills: I am hard working. Love books.

Interests: I want to study English Literature.

Career Objective: Well i want to be an author someday but before that i want to work and write articles for dawn newspaper.

Counseling (History:  None.


CCP Pakistan Advisors’ replies

Maha Khalid

You are way too hard on yourself. Take it from someone who has gone through O, A levels, SAT I & II, GRE, BSc(hons) and MBA that your grades from school days will be a forgotten past, especially for someone who wants to become an author. Do you have imagination? Is your sentence structure good? Do you follow the steps to plot creation or description? Are you good with creative writing? You should know that an author is an artist of expression, artist’s dont need grades. They need to believe in their talent/passion so blindly that nothing can stop them. If your words have an impact and your stories appeal to people then my dear you will be a very successful author. But to gain knowledge you have to get into a school with good teachers, so try and use google to that advantage find out where these teachers are and wherever they are try and get into that institute. Each institute has its own pre requisites so go over them, if they require SAT from you take it. SATs are usually for American universities and IELTS for English universities. Please keep in mind that your admission essay is what will make it a winning application. As for the part about comparisons made by family, you dont need to be embarrassed, because all grown ups know the ones from the batch that aced their O/A levels and those that flunked them. Today when we are all grown ups, we compare success not by our grades from university or school days but from the positions we hold in offices and salaries. Not caring about what the world thinks of your abilities is a good start, be patient and prove them wrong if their views matter. I would suggest you block out that negativity, because it’s not something for a winner. As for retaking your papers, that’s entirely upto you and the requirements of the universities you shortlist. It’s a good idea to apply to several places instead of only one. Best of Luck and hoping to read a book by you soon. Stay positive. EYE ON THE DESTINATION not the journey.

Sara Khalil

Hope you are doing well. You got your grades lower than your expectations but that’s not the end of your life. Just relax. Stop blaming yourself or anyone around. Clear your mind and start planning from the beginning. You have your options and you need to choose yourselves. Taking a re-exam can be exhaustive so evaluate yourself if you can go through it all again or not. You wish to go for English literature, my suggestion would be to go for a BA and opt English literature as a subject there. Work hard and then go for a prestigious institution of your choice. 

Bad grades are not the end of your life. You need to keep moving. Ignore what people say and focus on what you want. You are young and energetic. You have a life ahead. Your family has and had plans for you. Work hard and make yourself and them proud of you. Keep moving. Do not stop to listen to anyone. Don’t bother about how well or bad your age fellows are doing. Competition is good but only if it’s a healthy one. If it starts getting to your head, just stop there and choose the path that satisfies only you and none other. 

Good luck.

Syed Iqbal Haider

Asslam O Alaikum,

Thank you for contacting again!

To me you, really, don’t look like much of Introvert, because you express your points of view loud and clear.

It is just that you worry too much!!

Remember, everybody in this world has different nature and thinking.

People who care about themselves and the people around them are good people, it seems, you are one of them.

So, stop worrying that the world is going to fall apart tomorrow.

Have a full trust in Allah, if you are Muslim, practice Islam sincerely, if Christian or believe in any faith, practice it. 

This will provide you confidence and concentration (very important).

Now regarding Your interest in English Language, try to join some literary society, attend poetry forums and meetings, become a member of a good library and spend some time searching and reading books, news Papers and magazines of your interest.

To improve your academic achievements, which is the subject of your present communique, I must admit that I am not fully up to date of the educational institutions in Pakistan, these days, although I taught in Pakistan for 6 years before I immigrated to Canada, in late 60’s.

However, I went to F.C. College, Lahore, which is an oldest American Institution for Higher Learning and has become a University now. 

They used to have Class of 15 (as they used to call it) which was an exclusive class of English literature Post Graduate students.

In our times, Universities of Punjab and Karachi, were the only institutions which had high credibility. 

Now, there are several. 

You should check with Department of Higher Education regarding their Credibility Rating.

Talk to some writers who write articles in Dawn and Fiction Writers, if you can!!

Write to them!!!

All the best and good luck!

Stay cool and don’t give up!!!

Hammad Siddiqui

Add psychology as your qualifications. 

Noor A S Qureshi

NUST has a degree program in MS Career Counseling, Link:

Additional to your degree in education, you can add a diploma in psychology from virtual university and a Diploma in HR Management.

For online degree please check online universities abroad that does offer degrees in Career Counseling, school counseling, Career guidance an as well certification.


Check this for past cases:

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