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I have done BS hons in political science recently I am a fresher waiting for my result I’m bit confused about my career path

I have done BS hons in political science recently I am a fresher waiting for my result I’m bit confused about my career path

Query Statement: I have done BS hons in political science recently i’m a fresher waiting for my result I’m bit confused about my career path i need guideline i knew its scope and its importance but i cant ‘find in the institutions place freshmen for job i search different organization like from social sector to government sector different survey organization dealing with it as i’m a fresher when i saw job requirement it require experience 5 years 10 years so this really depressing me because i am in a starting phase but i did internship for 3 weeks in a organization dealing with child abuse to learn how the office life as i have studied BS hons from a govt . college post graduate college for girls 6th road Rawalpindi affiliated with university of Gujarat i took admission in their honors program government college like others it has lack of facilities at the admission the administration told all the students they are affiliated with Punjab university but they lied to us and they reveal the secret after admission another lie was all student took admission in the department of political science/ international relation but after 4 semester the HOD told us we only got pol. sc degree i feel very dishearten or disappointed at that time i knew if IR was attached to my degree it would along with pol .sc it would be valuable on other side i belong from a middle class family and my father can’t afford these expensive university so a there is somehow a complex as i wanted to study in a university it’s like my dream when i started to think about my four years what i see is my struggle to achieve something from my study i was average student i completed my FA with 688 marks before entering in the BS honors it was my hard work in the subject i got good marks i have achieved rewards like my first laptop when cm Punjab started to distribute laptop and a good GPA and CGPA i was become a completely a different person in BS during my 4 years i suffered from problems like our department cannot arrange a research for are class because college did not have funds at the time of internship college cannot arrange this because they don’t have approach it’s a govt college so these things really disturbing me during my college years all the time I feel complex ed from a university students i feel in the you have all the chances to get an opportunity but we don’t in university u have guideline at every point of time but we have not we are taught only those subjects whose teachers are available i wanted to study journalism a study course during my 5th semester it was mentioned in our course outline but it was not taught it was changed according to the teachers access there are many subject which all class wants to study like DSS its defense and strategic study and political sociology political economy we study statistics not this these problems really creating frustration in me about my future in my 4 years i feel all the time i haven’t studied all these subjects i mentioned above what to do about job these are related to our field if i wanted to job in some research house i studied IR as a course subject in 4 semesters my cpga is 3.52 i still think it needs improvement as i found job somewhere inshAllah I will start my further studies after graduation taking admission to MS on my own can u guide me about what is better MS or MPhil after BS. Please answer me

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: 1- presentation skill 2- developed thinking like political scientist thinking different perspective 3- Analyzing situations 4- Exploring information during internship 1-data entry 2- assisting them in training session

Skills – Non Subject Related: sharp memory my friends use to say i stored information very quickly. i participated in a social event at college depicting our society that was for awareness as on annual function. Confidence

Interests: I have keen interest exploring something i love to listen news and find information about different countries it’s my favorite hobby i can store information fast.

Career Objective: To seek a position where i get opportunity to explore more taking different challenges and proven my research and analytic assessments and lead the organization with my communication skills as an important team member i choose research as my career objective i want to become a researcher

Counseling (History): I don’t have any counseling history

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Hasnain Malik

MS is better and you should try to get admission in Quaid e Azam University or int. Islamic .You can take MS in Int. relation too. For further guidance contact me any Sunday on 03335682814 by taking appointment

Muhammad Ali

Dear Maryam,

Thank you for query.

I have analyzed all the views and concerns of you.

Firstly i suggest you to do Master or MS in Political Science. When you were getting admission in the college, you have to get all the information before getting admission. There is no need to be disappointed dear, you have to be brave and fight back for the sake of your family.

Firstly, create your professional cv or resume in a manner that attract the employers.

Secondly get connected in social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook internet for the latest updates and information regarding political scenario and situation of Pakistan.

Keep trying for the job and forward your resume to me also, so that i can forward it in my social network. Remember one thing Maryam; you will have to struggle for the start. If you find any job as internship, accept it and get the experience of work, once you have it, you will be on stairs.

I am hopeful that you will get a good job soon.

I have read and understood your problem and will suggest you to do Masters in Political Science.

Feel free to contact for any further assistance @

Good Luck :)

Safeer Abbas

Hey! You are awesome!

The spirit as you have, it’s very rare and Masha’ALLAH you are too good.
To study in college and university is something else… The spirit to
stand in all odds, it’s the real education.

Hats off, Maryam… Masha’ALLA, May all the youth get this spirit. Well, you’ve completed your BS (Hons) Congratulations! Now your are eligible for M.Phil. degree program. Because your

Educational status is already equal to MS. So go for M.Phil. Think about to attempt CSS exams.

Masha’ALLAH you have a preliminary attitude of CSP Officer.

May Allah bless you with more and more…?

Best of Luck! :)

Zubair Bajwa

I sympathize with you regarding the University’s conduct but we have to face the challenge. The very best break you can get is by getting foreign scholarship for studying history, IR or some art subject (check up with embassies and university counselors).

Second best will be if you get into some International NGO and being near Capital there should be lots of openings for Social work, Gender equality, women & child welfare, Monitoring & evaluation etc.

 Third get into Sales department of a good company, it is tough field but has most openings with highest dividends.

 To study further, I suggest Law, Quality and Sales but no MBA; do MSc in pure subject and you will be all set for your future.

 Best of luck!!

 Noor A S Qureshi

You have a degree, having interest and talent in it with a good grade, so be confident of your education level. Person learns from the existing period not only in the institution. Check websites of all Private and public universities, you can find it here ( ), and see relevant Post graduate degree programs.

You can do MS in International Relations,

Beside try to do a certified diploma in English language

Computer operating is a mandatory skill.

Read and listen International and National News, magazines

Get more information and research in your fields, Political Science, International Relation, Public Affairs, Law and you can get it through net, if you are free these days, spend at least 4-5 hours on this research.

Join any organization, even without pay, join volunteer organization actively and do tasks on daily basis.

For CV review, send us your CV



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