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I want to study Islamic Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions in Lahore at undergraduate level. What is the best institution for these?

I want to study Islamic Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions in Lahore at undergraduate level. What is the best institution for these?

Query Statement: I want to study Islamic Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions in Lahore at undergraduate level. What is the best institution for these? If I manage to get a degree in one of these are there any good fields for further studies?

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related:  I have grasped the rudiments of all three fields by books on the subjects. I am easily able to write articles regarding them.

Skills – Non Subject Related:  Excellent writing skills and knowledge of literature and history

Interests:  Islam, philosophy, literature, poetry, current affairs, also happen to like physics and chemistry.

Career Objective: If I could just learn the fundamental concepts of Islam, other faiths, philosophy and world history I could apply it to do CSS or teach and write about them.

Counseling (History): My parents are okay with any university in Lahore, other people suggest LUMS, PU and GC


CCP Pakistan Advisors replies

 Asma Afzal


According to provided information I see you already have medium level command over Subjects Islamic Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religion, So keeping that in mind Why don’t you think about writing blogs on it (three subjects) , having discussion in relevant FB groups etc  rather than leaving your family & home and moving to another city for further education. .. Think about It.?

 Why we get education. To get knowledge in certain fields & to fetch a job mostly but in your case i see you believe in exploration & than believing something to be true. . That is why i said that use Search engines like google, bing etc buy books by renowned writers for your education. . Trust me now days information is widely available over web the thing missing in us is how to use that information for good of oneself & people around him/her.

Blog writing will also help you to get skilled & mastered over subjects & writings.

On the other side both PU & GC are excellent and in case of Islamabad International Islamic University is best.

Good luck 


Engr. Ali Soomro

Thank you for your query.

There are so many institutes in Lahore, like GC, Punjab University and LUMS, but i think LUMS don’t offer the degree in Islamic Studies so far.

I suggest you to go for GC & PU. They are the best institute in Town.

Moreover, you can also earn, there are so many fields available in these areas of study.

You can also do masters and M. Phil in Islamic studies and have good future.

Good Luck

Salman S

I need to ask about subjects you studied in your bachelor and why do you want to go for an undergraduate degree again.

Secondly you need to prioritize your subject’s choice. According to my understanding, you are more inclined toward Islamic History, but I need to ask about your choice in detail.

As for the University, LUMS is offering BS in History but does not essentially cover the subjects of your interest as mentioned. PU, GC, and LWU are offering BA and MA in all the fields separately. 


Safeer Abbas

I recommend you take Chemistry as your core subject and take the rest as your interests. This century is of science and when Muslims were at their peak they they found their Creator through science and reasoning.I recommend PU.

Study Science and you’ll get nearer to your Creator and understand the Philosophy of this life better.

Good Luck!

Sajid Ali

That’s great to know and your subjects are much interesting and I really like your ambitions about your future. The universities you cited are all well reputed and good.
Go ahead wish you best of luck….

Maha Khalid

Yes, you can go to LUMS for social studies, for psychology you can opt for BNU. Gender studies in the future can help you get jobs in psychiatric, research or psychology industries, NGOs are always looking for people with a background in such studies. You can even teach sociology and / or history and evolution of cultures, cultural studies, religion, history, Muslim law, etcetra

Dr Manzorr Yetto

Best is Madina University

Hasnain Malik

University of management and Technology is the best one. visit

Waqar Ali

If have finances then go for LUMS otherwise GCU is best

Noor A S Qureshi

You can find the related degree in IIU Islamabad, Islamic Studies (Usoul-e Deen) also they have Arabic department and Sharia & Law.

Muhammad Azam Tahir

If appropriate, please try to get admitted at University of The Central Punjab and/or Govt. College University Lahore at the second option.
Comparative Religions seems more attractive and job oriented, too.  So, Comparative Religions, Philosophy and Islamic Studies in priority one, two and three respectively. Insha Allah, you will get good job, too.



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