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Subject selection after SSC, interested in IT

Subject selection after SSC, interested in IT

Query Statement: What I do after matric especially in IT field or some other suitable fields of study

Education Level: Matriculation

Skills – Subject Related: IT or business related

Skills – Non Subject Related: Computer games

Interests: Computer games

Career Objective: IT or business related

Counseling (History): My parents wants me to study in Practical related subjects like IT or business oriented

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Rao Junaid Aftab

In reference to your query, i suggest you to focus to obtain good marks in matric and then go for engineering as per your interest (Elec. or Mach.). In any case you can affiliate with IT field after the engineering basic degree that will help you for better understanding and good for your career path as well.


Moazzam Nizami

Better join general group in intermediate and then BBA in bachelors.

Muhammad Azam Tahir

There is no specialization and/or turning poitn for some specialization in any field. However, after your FSc you can opt for lot many BS programs in many filed including IT, Business, etc.
So please wait for and concentrate on your FSc to get admitted in BS programs.
Wish you good luck.

Farhan Khan

Selection of field for higher study depends on many factors, like your own aptitude, your back ground, your skills in hand, financial support, your life objectives & availability of desired field of study. Whatever field you may select the most important thing is your own interest for learning & demand of the field in practical life. I will also suggest you to focus on skill oriented field where you can have hands on work experience at the time you may complete your study so that your job induction may not have issue major issue.

 Best of Luck…………….

Waqar Ali

Ok go for ICS

Hasnain Malik

You should see your interest and tell to your parents.Both fields has own scope.Do first ICS  AND WHAT MARKS COME THEN DECIDE

Ajaz Ahmad

It seems to me you have not done any work to explore the different fields. Please search different disciplines and also try to assess your aptitude-that means what you are good at and what you are passionate about?? You can do this on internet. Also do not listen to ordinary people. Only get advice from professionals and experts. Business and economics are the most practical things, however, you can think of sociology or media studies as well.

 But for now just go for straight FA and with the passage of time you will get the clear idea of your strength and preference. Good luck


Uzma Mushtaque

You should opt for Computer Sciences, Software engineering or if business related then you have options of BBA, Management Sciences etc.

Engineer Muhammad Ali

If you want the career in IT, then do some diploma after Matriculation and short courses. After intermediate you will be more able to understand the trends of IT and Technology. The diploma is on 1 year. After that, you can get admission in any university in IT and then your career will be brighter.

Feel free to ask anything related to IT. I am available @

Good Luck :)


Zubair Bajwa

Join FSc and do your best, you can later join University for Computer Science.


Imran Baig

Look at your interest. An MBA is always a good option. You may focus on that…

 Sajid Ali

For a successful professional his/her personal interest in field is much important. so go to the field you wish to be master of. Don’t follow someone’s suggestions please….

Safeer Abbas

If you are determined and committed then go for ICS.

Good Luck!

Muhammad Iqbal haider

If your parents are advising you based upon assessment of your interests, capabilities and skills, you should listen to them and work hard to achieve your motives. If they are basing their opinion upon some other person’s success, you should take second opinion from a person like your ex Headmaster!!!!




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