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Query – I have recently finished matric. and now m confused with variety of careers ahead

Query – I have recently finished matric. and now m confused with variety of careers ahead

Query Statement: AOA. I have recently finished matric. and now m confused with variety of careers ahead. plz help me out. I want to become something within Pakistan. I can have foreign studies but i request you to suggest me a suitable career in computer field. I wanted to become IT EXPERT but i have listened that it includes software and progamming. And i am bad at program making. So I thought again and chose C.A. but now people around are saying that it is a tough field. i hate mathematics  and chemistry. Please tell me what subjects to choose in college and then in university as well so that i can have an honourable career and a very good job iin any city of Pakistan or around the world. please help me out soon. i am very much confused. please. waiting for your reply. thnkx

Education Level: Matriculation

Skills – Subject Related:    my spoken iz excellent and now i have very good creativity skills.

Skills – Non Subject Related:       not special.

Interests:   psychology, fine arts , computer hardware (not computer language) , business, IT.

Career Objective:  I want an honorable and governmt sector job.

Counseling(History):         by parents

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Maha Khalid

If you are somewhat of an artistic person, then you can pursue a graphic designer, animator, illustrator career.

IT careers are also great for men and women in Pakistan. They lead to many other sub disciplines. Web developing, software programming, QA analysts etc.

Any of the two career directions sound good for you.

Try opting for government universities, FAST or NUST for IT education and private universities like NCA BNU for art degrees.

Remember every university is not great in all disciplines it offers it students. So some are known for certain degrees while others are known for the rest.

Muhammad Rana Yaseen

Welcome in Pakistan portal career counselling, I am pleased to have your query,
It is nice to read your aims and targets for hour future, May Allah give you happiness, health and success in your future. Ameen.
As per your statement you want to excel in computer field, I am unable to define an exact line of action coz I haven’t see your profile in different subjects. I will suggest first you make up your mind to opt for subject in FSc or intermediate.
As your wish you should go for ICS in it you have to study chemistry/physics/Mathematics  etc.
as per my opinion you should go for intermediate with psychology main subject and then excel in it till MSc. After that you may opt CSS/lecturer ship that would be more respectful in both domain Government and private sector respectively.
At the end I will say again you must make up your Mind,

Further query and assistance pls don’t hesitate to contact us through Pakistan Portal.

Wishing you a bright future.

Best Regards

Zubair Bajwa

After Matric, FSc is the next challenge; work hard and get very good marks so as to get admission in Computer Science.

I think a bright person can pick up any subject and you don’t have to worry right now. CS is excellent choice, main thing is to take a challenge and then rise up to it.

Good Luck and study hard, you can discuss again when you get FSc marks.

Best Wishes

Yousaf Q Hayat

I am very glad to hear from you and acknowledge your intelligence.

It’s nice to think about career at this stage as it’s imperative to decide before you enter to Higher Secondary Education.

Choices are plentiful nowadays, but solely depend on your aptitude.

I don’t know what subjects had you chosen for your Matriculation as the subjects you chose will give you your career pathway.

For example IF you want an engineering career you must take Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. And IF you want to go on Medical side then Biology i.e. Zoology and Botany would create your pathway easier.

Anyways, you may choose to become a Medical doctor but it is a very hard working and tiring career.  Firstly you must have an aptitude for it that means a sense and commitment to serve.

Otherwise you can go towards Chemical Engineering or Geology that will give you a career as a Scientist in Geology that means Petroleum Industry or Mineralogy.  Pakistan is going towards those areas and you’d get a good job in Mineralogy or Geology,  however you have to go for Master’s degree or even PhD in any of those field.

Conclusively the whole onus is on you and yourself alone.  Please make up your mind first to do hard work and then think about a field.

 I wish you all the best and proud of you.

 Good luck

Anjum Naz

Dear Student

you need to complete your studies in the field you feel comfortable every field in which you have interest is easy and everyone is tough if you don’t have interest in it. So choose the subjects you like most. If you got first division in your intermediate, Bachelor and masters you may get a good job other way round if you got third in very demanding subject, it will be useless, so again i advise you to choose the subject you like most. And got first class degree it will make your career

 Have a blessed time ever

Rakhshanda Khan

As you have mentioned that you want to be an IT expert , you could pursue your career in this field if you are passionate about learning. Moreover IT field has become a saturated field for mid-level career professionals who knows use of few software. IT field is the fastest growing field and to excel in this field hard work and consistency is required. However, you are young and your can do attitude will take you there where you want to go. Indeed programming is difficult but not impossible to learn. During this summer you can take admission in any IT training institute to learn programming basics but before registration you need to consult with their admission or any IT professional about languages. In Pakistan skill development council is doing really very well. They offer good courses with affordable fees. Furthermore, there are various courses available on-line for free or with nominal fee. Go to or MIT open ware courses (you can find it just by Google it). By visiting these site you will get better understanding but I suggest you seek help from your elder brother or sister or any person close to you. Consult your parents.

 Remember only you could help yourself, we feel stress because we do not like to change our habits and do not come out of our comfort zone. We feel stress and do not like things because we do not like hard work. For IT professionals Programming is essential. Demand of Computer Science graduates and software engineers will never decrease. IT field is also good and best suited for girls and you can easily get well paid office job within Pakistan. However, in every field you need to have up dated knowledge and recent developments, new relevant software and hard work to excel. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

Safeer Abbas


You mentioned psychology, fine arts, business, I.T as your interest. I could not include the computer hardware as your interest because you are confuse about it. Well you said, you want to become IT expert but you are too poor to make software and programming. How can you say that, did you ever make a software??? Listen dear! Every expert was once a beginner.

Near to me, whatever you mentioned as Interests all those what you fascinate about…those all are not your interest. May be, Psychology can be your career.

In your email only one statement was clear ” I want a honorable and government sector job” then you should simply graduate and try CSS or PMS.

Personally I recommend you just try to figure out what you want to do…. Don’t ask others that; what you want to do…. I repeat “every expert was once a beginner”.

Sarwan Ramani

Hope this text finds you well.

I will suggest computer field, to become IT expert computer programming is not necessary, try to networking side if you are looking for IT, networking is also very waste field and have much job industry. Try to get international certification rather than go for local degree try for CCNA, CCNP etc further information regarding networking you will easily get from internet.



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