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Query – Cant continue BSCS due to financial issue, now advise on BBA or BA Mass Communication

Query – Cant continue BSCS  due to financial issue, now advise on BBA or BA Mass Communication

Query Statement: Hello Sir. I was doing BSCS from virtual university but unfortunately I can’t continue my studies due to some financial crisis and road accident. My age is now 24 and I want to complete bachelors. Almost 3.5 years are required for completing BSCS program. I want suggestions from you that, should I do a simple 2 years B.Sc Computer Science, BA Business Administration or BA Mass Communication Degree and drop the BSCS program. My main interest is in business and business development. I have 2 years of experience in Lead Generation, Article writing and SEO. I am looking for secure future suggestions.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: I have 2 years of experience in Lead Generation, Article writing and SEO.

Skills – Non Subject Related: I have attended a poultry farming course.

Interests: I am interested in doing any kind of business.

Career Objective: To be a successful business man

Counseling(History): My Father wants me to do CSS. And I have no interest in CSS.

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Maha Khalid

If you are into business studies you should pursue that, your other education in computer sciences will help your resume in later life for multiple knowledge basis. Hope that answers your questions.

Saeed Ahmed

BSCS doesn’t seems right choice for because of your interest. As you have interest in business then you should pursue your career in business administration. MBA degree is best suited for you. Thanks,

Farhan Mumtaz

Considering your  background and interests in mind.
You should do BSc Computer science diploma and focus on specialization in IT such as IT security or IT audit or IT compliance and standards.

This will help you land on a reasonable job as soon as you complete your diploma and later on you can do MBA as and when you feel you are ready for it and you have substantial financial means to cover the MBA expenses.

Doing your own business is always preferable but it is not advisable until you have at least 3 to 5 years of experience in any field then you should get into business of your own in the same field you have worked for.

Make sure to pray five times a day and seek Allah’s advice to be successful in any walk of life. All the best

GulNaz Batool

After critically analysing data provided by you. I will suggest you to complete B.Sc computer science. After that you may take admission in MBA if you want to go for business. but remember, investment is more needed than any degree to start a business. and if you have investment then you should carefully judge you abilities before getting involve in business matters. by the way Poultry Farming is good choice but it also has some requirements and limitations. 

on the other hand, your’s father’s advice is very good. CSS is best option if you want to start you career from executive post. but CSS requires 100% dedication and complete concentration in order to achieve the goal.  As you mentioned that you faced/ are facing financial crisis, then it is time to go for CSS because after becoming a CSP, you will be able to persuade your dreams such as establishing a business or supporting you family. further, if you want to go for CSS, you have to judge the criteria for CSS. 

 Muhammad Ahsan Khan

 Keep doing BSCS from Virtual University. In Computer Science degree is not important its a field all about skills and innovations. 

I advise you to keep finding work for SEO and Article writing from web or free lancers websites. 

To increase your knowledge and skills learn from  and they both providing topics, categories and online courses. 

If you would like to ask me contact its my expert area. 




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