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Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Queries through CCP Pakistan Facebook group

Can anyone suggest me a best Web designing or Graphics designing academy in Islamabad? I want to Learn web designing and Graphics designing.  Abbas Ali

Shehla Shoaib : Really very easy to learn video tutorials for graphics and web designing

Abbas Ali : Thank you so much.

Rida Zahra : If you are interested to learn Graphic Designing online I suggest you one of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorial.

Join Forum @

Saina Siddiqui : Please check Arena Multimedia Arena Islamabad G-9 House # 474, Street 51, Sector G-9/1, Opposite Post office Islamabad.

Mob: 0336-5952502

Tele: 051-2575131 | 051-2251156-57


For course information check following link:

Shehla Shoaib : For Dreamweaver, Photoshop and flash check these video tutorials and for web development see

Shehla Shoaib : Video tutorials on

Abbas Ali ‎: Saina, Rida and Shehla Shoaib: Thank you!

 My cousin did her I.Com recently. Now she wants to leave commerce field. Kia wo BSCs k liay apply kr skti ae? Kindly tell me difference between BSCs and Software Engeenering, please. Axixa Habib

Shaista Khanum : Axixa Habib can you please tell us what subjects she is interested in? Where is she located? What are her future aims?

Saina Siddiqui : Kindly also tell us the reason of leaving this field.

Axixa Habib : Kindly tell me difference between BSCS and Software Engg.?

Axixa Habib : Actually she found Accounting as a tough subject so she does not want to pursue this Accounting field.

Axixa Habib : Kya BSCS ka koi scope ae?

Shaista Khanum : Okay now here you told what she found difficult. Can you please tell us what subject she likes?

Rida Zahra : BS Software Engineering ka scope hai. BSCS ka ziada scope to nahi ha coz kuch log smjhty hain k yeh 2 year ka Bachelor program hai. Itni awarenes nahi ha.

Saina Siddiqui : Dear Axixa Habib BSCS is a generalized field and Software Engineering is a specialized one. Specializations are always in demand. A person who has done BSCS can become assistant to Software Engineer but not a Software Engineer.

M n ye pochna hai k additional subject rkhne ka kia procedure hota hai? hr college y allow krta hai? Please bta dein. Thank you very much. Irum Waleed

 Laila GhulamAli : Dear student, please give us your details. Which additional subject and at which level?

Irum Waleed : Actually m n matric k paperz diay hain. Agay m n ICS statistics k sath krna hai, sath m Physics additional subject rkhna chahti hun. m ICS Physics k sath krleti but jis colg m n adm lena ae wahan meray khayal m mera name ICS Physics m nhe aye ga is liay ICS Stat ko choose kia.

Irum Waleed : Kindly tell me additional subject rkhna ka procedure aur is k exams kxe detay hain.

Laila GhulamAli : ICS means Intermediate in Computer Science?

Irum Waleed : Yea.

Irum Waleed : Ye Physics k sath b hota hai na.

Laila GhulamAli : You need to check with colleges who are offering Software Engineering for their individual criteria of admission. But I have seen student who comes without Physics as optional subjects in Intermediate level, giving an addition subject exam of Physics during supplementary examination session of their board means they prepare Physics of Inter level them self and then give additional subject exam privately with supplementary students.

Noor A S Qureshi : The nice and correlated subject is statistics with computer and math in Intermediate of computer science.

Irum Waleed : But is me prob a rae ae. See first year m to m Physics additonal sub rkh kr de dun ge but 2nd year m jb result aye ga to uske bad supplemntry exams hun ge tb tk uni m admission nhe hoga na.

Irum Waleed : Date nikal jye gii

Laila GhulamAli : Irum Waleed you need to decide what you want to do in future and then select your subjects.

Irum Waleed : m n software eng krni ae but wo UET se physics k begahir nhe hoti ae, is liay m Physics ko additional sub rkhna chahti hun.

Laila GhulamAli : It means it is very common that students take Physics as additional subject if it is mandatory in UET.

Noor A S Qureshi : Can you tell me the degree which you are mentioning in UET

Laila GhulamAli : Did you check with your college?

Irum Waleed : Yea its Computer Engg.

Irum Waleed : Laila GhulamAli kindly tell me iska procedure kia hota hai is k liay private exam dena hota hai kia?

Laila GhulamAli : You need to check from your college.

Irum Waleed : Abhi college m admission nhe hoya.

I just appeared in ICS Stat exams , further I want to study BS.CS ,Can I don Software engineering. Please clear the difference between BS.CS and Software Engg. Regards. Nigahe Zehra

Shaista Khanum : Nigahe Zehra. I.CS. in your comment must be standing for Intermediate of Computer Sciences. Can you please clear what is stat?

Shaista Khanum : Does your word ‘stat” means Statistics?

Nigahe Zehra : Yes Statistics.

Shaista Khanum : Okay so does it mean you have done Intermediate in Computer Sciences with Statistics?

Nigahe Zehra : Yea I.CS. Stat k sath b hota ae aur Physics k sath b.

Shaista Khanum : Okay Good. So you must be having Computer Sciences subject along with statistics? If not then please mention your optional subjects here.

Nigahe Zehra : Yes. It was Math, Stat and Computer.

Shaista Khanum : Good. So now for B.Sc. in Computer Sciences you need to have Physics in optional subjects as it is demanded by the B.CSc. colleges.

Shaista Khanum : Difference between Software Engineering and B.CS. is that B.CS. deal with all aspects of Computer Sciences at Bachelor level while Software Engineering only deals with Software development aspects.

Nigahe Zehra : So tell me can I do Software Engg after I.CS. Stat?

Shaista Khanum : In terms of specialization in IT and Computer Sciences field, the field of Software Engineering is very good because these professionals are high demanded by Software houses and Software developing companies.

Shaista Khanum : And they can enter job market with their Bachelor degree. B.CS. is an old version of ICT education which further requires M.CS. to complete market level of qualification and is demanded in job

Nigahe Zehra : Waise I’m talking about BS.CS. not B.CSc.

Shaista Khanum : You need to check with colleges who are offering Software Engineering for their individual criteria of admission. But I have seen student who comes without Physics as optional subjects in Intermediate level, giving an addition subject exam of Physics during Supplementary examination session of their board. Means they prepare Physics of Inter level themself and then give additional subject exam privately with supplementary students.

Shaista Khanum : I believe what you mean by BS.CS. is B.Sc. in Statistics. Am I right?

Shaista Khanum : Dear Nigahe Zehra, if I’m right in guessing your abbreviation BS.CS. then yes you can do B.Sc. with Statistics with these combinations. But If you have some interests in software development or software operations you can go for Software Engineering as well. Another field which is newly developing in Pakistan but high demanding abroad is B.Sc. in Bioinformatics. In this field you develop specific software’s which are used in biological equipment’s and also learn to operate/alter those software’s. Like CT scan, MRI machines, DNA sequencers and many other softwares along with hardware’s used in Medical, Health Sciences and Research field are also developed in Bioinformatics.

 Saina Siddiqui : ‎Nigahe Zehra is it Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS). Please clarify so that we can guide you properly.

Saina Siddiqui Yes you can do go ahead.

Nigahe Zehra : Means m ICS Stat k sath Software Engg kr skti hun. Can you tell me k ye Lahore m y eng kahan khana se hoti ae?

Nigahe Zehra : Saina Siddiqui. Yes it was Bachelors in Computer Science.

Nigahe Zehra : Kia mjhy Software Engg k liay phy ka optional dena pre ga phr b?

Nigahe Zehra :  m poch rawe hun k ICS Stat k sath kr skti hun?

Meray subjects Math, Stat aur Computr science thay.

Nigahe Zehra : Shaista Khanum. I’m talking about Bachelors in Computer Science. M n apse y pocha tha k kia m Physics k begahir Software Engg kr skti hun? Please tell me.

Shaista Khanum : Yes you can do it.

Nigahe Zehra : Without physics?

Nigahe Zehra Can you tell me ye Lahore m kahan kahan se hotii ae, kindly send me link.

Shaista Khanum : Some of the institutes give admissions without Physics, but others do not. You will have to check their admission criterion of each college individually.

Nigahe Zehra : Tell me the names of university please.

Shaista Khanum Which part of Pakistan you are located and where do you want to have admissions?

Nigahe Zehra : I live in Lahore, admission b Lahore m e lena chati hun.

Shaista Khanum : See the names of all Pakistani Universities given in our “file” section of this page at the top.

Shaista Khanum : If you can then also visit these Universities and institutes and get first hand knowledge from their admission department yourself.

Nigahe Zehra : There are no names of Universities.

Nigahe Zehra : Kindly tell me names of those universities please.

Shaista Khanum :

Nigahe Zehra : Dear many universities offer BS.CS. aur kehtay hain k is ka sath e student speclization kr skte hain. In Software Engg and many more, like UCP, GCU, UOL. Can you tell me BS.CS. thk rae ga specialization krne k bad. Plzz tell me, iska scope acha rae ga?

Shaista Khanum : Dear Nigahe Zehra if you are going for specialization then after BS.CS. , you will have to go for MS.CS. . This will bring specialization which is within any of your chosen subjects of MSCS.

Shaista Khanum : If you plan to stay in Pakistan then MS.CS. destination is better but in foreign jobs of software development, Software Engineering is demanded mostly. So the decision is yours.

Shaista Khanum : Software Engineering just gives you specialization of softwares but MS.CS. also gives you a chance to deal with hardwares and its categories.

Rida Zahra : Nigahe Zehra g bilkul ho skti hain ap BS Software Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Network Engineering ma admission ly skti ho. Sab sy pehly NAT test clear karien and ho sky to web programing like PHP, web designing, Dot Net sy related short course b karien coz yeh agy ap ko Software Engineering ya kisi b engineering ma bht help dain gy :) Best of luck for you future.

Nigahe Zehra : Rida Zahra Hashmi but Lahore m kuch universities BS. Software Engg k liay Physics require krti hain…but m n ICS Stat k sath kiya ae.

Nigahe Zehra : Kuch kehte hain nhe o skti. kia ap mjhy Lahore ki kuch universities ke nam e bta skti hain jahan se Software Engg Physics k without o jye UET b Physics mangti ae.

Nigahe Zehra : Kindly help me.

Saina Siddiqui Dear Nigahe Zehra there is quite less link of Statistics B.Sc. with Software Engineering. Software Engineering has obviously more scope then BS.CS. as Software Engineering is a specialized field and BS.CS. is a generalized field.

Nigahe Zehra : Saina Siddiqui you mean m n ICS Stat kia hoya ae jiske subjects Math, Stat aur Computer science thay. Ab us se Software Engg nhe o skti?

Saina Siddiqui : Software Engg main core courses main stats parhaye jati hai

cal 1 and cal 2 and further bhe advance stats and itna strict rules nai hotay. Please check admission requirements of any university in which you wish to take admission.

Nigahe Zehra : Saina Siddiqui, Rida Zahra Hashmi, Shaista Khanum, see m n check kia ae k PUCIT Physics k begahir Software Eng krwati ae can anyone tell me k wo Engineering kxe krwati ae or best rae gi ya nhee. Ap b aik dafa confirm kr k bta dein k wo sach m physics k begahir krwate hain cuz m n to unkiii website pe e prha tha, please.

Rida Zahra : Aap BS Software Engineering ma admission ly skti hain. Ap belong kaha sy karti hn. If you are near from Bahawalpur then IUB is good for Software Engineering, if you are from Lahore then consider PU.

Saina Siddiqui : ‎Nigahe Zehra please call related universities and ask student support center or admission office they will guide you better.

Nigahe Zehra : Rida Zahra Hashmi yea I’m from Lahore. PU ki Engineering kxi ae?

Nigahe Zehra : PU n Software Engineering k liay Math ko zrori kaha ae, kia ap mjhy bta skti hain k is m adm se phlay mjhy entry tst dena paray ga?

Rida Zahra : Bohat achi hai. Ap waha sy karien pehle NAT prepare karien and NAT test dain then apply.

Does an inter commerce student is eligible to take admission in B.Cs? Nave Smarty

Shaista Khanum:  Some of the colleges allow it in Pakistan but some needs Intermediate Physics and Maths examinations to be passed by the candidate as an additional subject at inter level.

Nave Smarty: Thank you for the reply. What about Karachi University, is there any need to give Mathematics examination or any other test to be passed??

Shaista Khanum:  My dear I am sorry to say but this is the truth. The changing policies of Colleges/Universities of Pakistan do not confirm one word of mouth. If you want to get information about Karachi University then U will have to call the particular department or set a personal visit with the students admission section. Here is the main link.

Shaista Khanum: Here is the link for Computer Science Department of Karachi University.

Saina Siddiqui:  oh yes it varies from institutes to institutes, But be careful when u select college or university

Saina Siddiqui Yes you need to give mathematics test, a portion of mathematic will be involved along with test on other general things

Malik Nawaz : Dear Nave Smarty can you tell us y u want to change your field? When the commerce field is also interesting now a days.

Nave Smarty Dear Malik Nawaz! I am getting info for my cousin, she has no interest in commerce, she did SSC in computer science and she thinks that is more suitable for her, now she wants to back to computer sciences.

Nave Smarty Thanks for the guidance you made.

Malik Nawaz Dear Nave Smarty then u must check this link it’s helpful for her.

Nave Smarty ‎0kie, I’ll  d0 :-)



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