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Not interested with my studies in BS software Engineering in Current University

Not interested with my studies in BS software Engineering in Current University

Query Statement: Dear Sir, I am studying in the 5th semester of Software Engg at Islamic International University Islamabad. My experience is that this university is being run by government. I am not further interested to complete software engg course being lecturers are not fair with student and student counselling. Pick and choose policy is there. Please advise which of the best option for me for my future career? Awaiting response from you with valuable advice

CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Muhammad Hamid

I suggest you to complete SE in whatever circumstances however focus on your development/engineering skills in your field of choice but should be hot in the market. If you do need any assistance regarding SE in University and course selection you can either meet me otherwise I’ve good contact in CS department and University to resolve your issues and concerns.
Again I would suggest you that university role is to provide you a nursery but you are responsible for your success and failure. So you need to focus on practical things and keep in touch with market. I see several peoples coming from re-known universities are not good in SE but I found many which came from low universities but very good in SE. Kind Regards


I would suggest you to complete your education. You can ask your college management if you can take migration from their college to any other college.
Software engr are very well paid, so you are in a good field just you have to take patience and hard work to get overall good CGPA. Regards


The best advice for you is complete your software engineering. You have already gone through 5 semester, you have given your time, skills and money to those 5 semester. Now, if you leave it in middle then all of your previous efforts will go in vain and you will have to start from zero.

My sincere advice is not to quit your engineering. Keep struggling, keep work hard. One day you will get your fruit. Regards,

Muhammad Arslan

According to your academic career, I would advise you to choose some other good university and continue your degree or get admission in BSCS (Computer Science) or BSIT (Information Technology). Computer science has a great scope in Pakistan and all ever the world so it is wise to stick with your degree.

Hasnain Malik

There are lot of different options if you are not interested in it. But I will suggest you to complete degree and then switch off your this degree by doing MS in any other career


AOA: Pick and choose policy is everywhere even in Europe too. so, be serious and complete the work, you work will be fruit full at the end.
best wishes

Nida Shoaib

As Salaam U Alaikum: 5th semester means you are already in your third year which reflects that you have spent 2 and a half years in the university. You must complete the course now and apply in some other reputable university for your Masters program.

 Life is full if different flavors, one needs to experience them as and when we go along, Abrupt decisions may lead you to waste your two years and then restart studying again.



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