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I have done ICS with Physics in 73 % marks and want software engineering but seems jobs will be rare as many people are doing same.

I have done ICS with Physics in 73 % marks and want software engineering but seems jobs will be rare as many people are doing same.

Query Statement: aoa sir. I have done ICS with Physics in 73 % marks and want software engineering .But there is a problem that I think when almost everyone in our country is going to  field without thinking, then there will be very rare opportunities  for job after 4 to 5 year.. so I am confused about it.

Please sir give me some advice and if my angle of thinking is not  right then guide me…  sir write some good universities where i can apply according  to my marks(800/1100).

Education Level:   Intermediate

Skills – Subject Related :   got 189 marks in computer out of 200 in intermediate,  got 800 marks in ics( phy).

Skills – Non Subject Related :   I study c language little bit.


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Asif Ali Azad

 It is nice to know that you think a lot before making a decision about your career. Here are a few points that might help you in order to make decisions more easily.

 The most important priority when you select your carrier is your aptitude. If you don’t know about it, then read some books about how to know your aptitude.  The rule of thumb is to find out what kind of work / study/ books/ sports are more fascinating for you in which you involve so much that you forget about the time.

Find out that you are a job oriented person or a business minded person. Remember that to start a new business, there must be enthusiastic and well with right direction. Money is a secondary issue.

 In every field there is a lack of good professionals and always a room for elite ones. So you must be the one who has to be in the tops of your profession. There is no need to be afraid off about the job. It’s always there for the best one.

 If you want a job in IT, there are 3 important things. 1st your relevant degree, 2nd relevant certification, 3rd experience.

For a fresh ones like you, gain relevant degree + relevant certifications and do some work even free to gain some experience. After a year and so you will start to earn gradually.

 Whatever you select, must be followed by an energetic and positive manner. Always see the positive outcome and negativity and failures are only for learning experiences. Edison failed 999 times before he developed the bulb. He said once asked that in my 999 failures, I knew then, that 999 ways are not the right combination to develop a bulb. Regards

  1. M. Naveed

 If at one side there are so many people adopting software engineering field, then on other side international market is also outsourcing software development business to Pakistan based companies to reduce their cost. However, job market is always been competitive all over the world and you have to go extra mile in order to secure your place. So even if you are choosing to go for software engineering and you have interest in programming than you should not try to get the degree only but the expertise.

 So if you are interested in software engineering go for it and if you are not sure then go for computer engineering, which will open other options for you as well. Whatever you choose, try to get expertise and that will stand you out in crowd. Faisal, nobody can stop you getting a good and satisfactory job once you will acquire expertise on your subject. Regards,

 GulNaz Batool

 Your marks are really good. You should not think about opportunities but should study with enthusiasm because who become able to get sufficient knowledge in this field, opportunities are created for them automatically. Further, computer science is a broad field that has many branches, therefore one can opt any of the branch for better opportunities. Furthermore, modern age is an age of computers…in every field it has frequent use, thus don’t worry about this problem. Go for software eng. if you are really interested to study it, learn about new technologies and programming languages and be a part of progressive human resource. 

 “achi si job mily jo k 5000 plus ki salry ho.” 5000 plus rupee ki job to apko bht aram se mil jae gi jnaab..:) … dear job apki field p depend nai krti…ye ap ki job select p depend krta he k ap kahan job krna chahtay hain..Such as government. Job, private in multinational firm or abroad. Computer science ki field k persons ko earning ki koi fikr nai hoti coz they can work even without having any job. 

There is a simple requirement for opting software eng, your programming skills should be good. You have read C++ in intermediate, test your skill in this language because the best logical understanding you get in this language will help you to understand other languages. You should work on arrays, pointer, file handling, functions, operator overloading and function over loading and classes. 

 If you manage to understand the concept and use of the above mentioned topics, you will be better able to move further in the field of computer science. 

I wish you all the best and welcome you to the world of computers. 

Muhammad Hamid

We have to change our mind in this regard. If, whole nation become software engineers (which is not possible), even then if we are focused on Quality and have quality skills, we will have job, otherwise if label us as software engineer but we don’t have enough skills, market-required skills we cannot get job.

In these there are so many so called software engineers are job less, you know why, its because they are not Quality software engineers. I am in Software Engineering industry and we have plenty of jobs everyday but we don’t have suitable candidates.

I, myself never had a time to take on new projects, I’m with several projects and time slicing on each.  So I’ll advice you if you do have mathematical/computing aptitude you must go for it but all time make sure the Quality of skills, then you don’t need to worry at all.

For further counseling, you may contact me on behalf of our forum. Kind Regards 

Yousaf Chaudhary

Hope you are doing well. I am happy that you are conscious about your future. You want to go for software engineering that’s really good. And let me tell its future scope is not going anywhere. Pakistan will soon be the software hub of Asia. If you feel good while studying it, I’ll suggest you to go for it.
In Pakistan mostly universities are offering CS Computer Science, whereas Nust , Giki, Lums are offering this program. If you feel good for abroad then it’ll be wonderful, you can have job opportunities as well apart from studies. There you can utilize your talent.

Think Wise and Go For it my Dear, Best of Luck

 Zubair Bajwa

In my opinion Computer Science is the top most in demand engineering profession. In Pakistan also there is lot of demand and there is 100% employment in the market.

 You need to be good in mathematics and willing to work hard. In your area top colleges are: Comsat University, Islamic University, UET Taxila, NUST, CASE, virtual university, it is also good and cheapest

Remember there is always room at the top, you just need to be amongst the best. Best of luck! 



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