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I have done BSCS in 2011 and so confused and do not manage to understand what i should do

I have done BSCS in 2011 and so confused and do not manage to understand what i should do

Query Statement: Dear Sir, I am so confused and do not manage to understand what i should do… and does not decide the path to go in my job career.

I Have don BSCS in 2011, after that 1 month internship in Caltex chevron then , 1 month in iphone technologies, then 5 months frond end developer and after that still in Tevhveze solution from 2 years (Not Registered software house, small company)Basically as my degree is BSCS so i have 2 directions 2 go 1 is Software House as a software developer and 2nd is Quality assurance. In the last 3 years my confidence breaking down and i m not learning too much, and my interest is not building, I think because of small company, not learning, no projects, no standards e.t.c. That’s why in the mean time in 3 years i tried and gave so many interviews to software house but i don’t know why someone give me not a chance even for fresh job , when i gave a test my logics are not working ..i cannot clear logical test .I Am so confused if senior advisor can talk to me then surely i can find a better way.

Education Level: Bachelors

Skills – Subject Related: 1 C# (3/10), 2 MS Visio, 3 Windows Application, 4 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 / MYSQL (3/10), 5 WordPress / Wamp Server, 6 MS WINDOWS XP/VISTA/Win7, 7 HTML, 8 Software/Hardware Troubleshoot, 9 CSS, 10 PHP(3/10), 11 Localhost To Live A Project

Skills – Non Subject Related: Adobe Photoshop(2/10), Support & Maintenance, Web Administration, Video/Audio Editing Softwares(2/10)

Interests: My Interest Is To Go To That Path In Which I Satisfy And Enjoys The Work. My first Aim To Become a Software Developer Because It Is Valuable and Demanding Job With good Package, Another Option……..

Career Objective: My objective is to identify which path i should go , i want a work which not changing day by day but in similar manner , repeatedly like deployment , but i want a good salary after a senior position because i want to help to poor’s and needy people and to teach them freely

Counseling (History): Seniors/others have different opinions to Masters in MBA/MSCS /Apply again and again in different organizations, self-study/Do Business E.T.C


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

 Farhan Ahmad

You need to build your logic and your software development skills.
The way i see the industry growing you should get in to IT Security that’s the future in IT.

Get into IT audit, security policies, compliance, IT Risk and International IT Security standards such as ISO27001 and PCI and the likes of those.

All the best


Saeed Ahmad

As you said that you have interest in software development. You need to get command on different programming languages. I’ll suggest you join a good institute which offers courses in new technologies or you can learn these technologies from senior resources who are serving in the IT industry.

  • Desktop/Web Development (ASP.NET using C#, HTML5, JavaScript/JQuery, different client frameworks, like Angular,Backbone,Bootstrap etc)
  • Mobile Development – A really good course is offering in Sir Syed University on Sat/Sun, join it if interested in mobile development


Hamid Gul

I’ve tried to understand your problem by extracting something from your email. Here are my conclusions:

  1. Software developer should have to live with the latest techs, not necessary you remain live on Facebook or other SMNs. The size of the company has minor impact on your growth. It is sole responsibility of developer to keep him/her live with latest technologies.
  2. Disappointment is never a solution to problems, developer should never give up his/her dreams, and you can achieve all whatever you decide.

 I advise you to visit Home –, This may be good solution for you instead you spent whole time in development. You need to be developer + operation manager – a multi-role job with high pay rate. Moreover I suggest you to go for some certifications in QA/QC, Scripting, and development.

 I hope you will get something from my answer, if you still confuse, just call me on my number below and I suggest you more.

Muhammad Ali

Thank you for your query.

As for as the future of software developer is concerned, it has a vibrant and brighter future in Pakistan and abroad. You first have to switch your job from a small organization to larger scale, where there are so many opportunities to learn and grow. There are so many large scale software houses in Karachi providing a better future and job.

Secondly, you have to learn some development skills of your own, you have to get involved in learning activities, try to design some freelance software’s, design some applications of your own.

Until and unless you learn some skills then you will be able to grow in your future and keep concentrating on the logics, because when you logics become clear, you will be able to learn more.

On the other side, you have mentioned for Quality Assurance, then it is a good field, but almost every organization have less the 5 QA Engineers rather than software developers.

Good Luck

Waqar Ali

I believe being a Fastian you must have good programming skills. Anyways issue is this that you worked in various streams and didn’t master in any of them. So net result is you are nowhere in professional life.

Now two things

1) First decide either to decide a software engineer patch or QA engineer path (you are the best judge of your programming abilities).

2) Do masters only if you not a good base in CS etc. Otherwise it will be waste of time and money.

Hilal ud Din

A very Good Afternoon,

I understand that there are lot of problems is being facing by IT guys even after studying hard and paying too much money to colleges & Universities unlike other Professional. But, There are many things in IT field after completing the Basic studies in IT .

  1. Complete MS(IT) or MBA  in IT  and ITIL V3 certifications – You may start your career in IT Management . I would suggest this one is most suitable, because every day new technologies are being introducing. It is very difficult for a developer to continue it.
  2.  Do some networking like CCNA, MCSE or few more certifications – in this way you may continue your career in Networking. You may get job in Pakistan as well as abroad with good package.
  3. ERP Functional consultant – This career can be started after passing some ERP certifications like (MS Dynamics AX , GP , Oracle  and SAP ) . There is lot of opportunities in this field in Middle East and US, Canada etc.  Specially SAP ERP. You have to be a little developer and more functional i.e to activate the Built in ERP systems.
  4. IT Teaching  –  if you are interested in IT Teaching  then go for MS (IT) , MPhil  , and PHD  this career is most perfect for being staying in Pakistan.  Nowadays, an Every PHD professor takes 150 k per month by just taking few classes a week.

 In last I must say that an IT pro is nothing without certifications although it is difficult financially to complete it. But, try to do complete specific certification related to that specific IT fields. This will enhance your career.

 Please don’t feel hesitation in asking further. Here are my contact details.

Imran Baig


in my opinion, you must try to develop a career in Software Developer, others are time taking options. Do also try for MS along with your job.



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