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I am studying in ICs with Physics, math’s and computer. Than what I do after it i-e (BSCS, BS software engineering)

I am studying in ICs with Physics, math’s and computer. Than what I do after it i-e (BSCS, BS software engineering)

Query Statement: Now i am studying in ics with phy, maths and computer. Than what i do after it i-e (BSCS, BS software engg) i want to do that course which is benificial financialy in future.

Education Level: Intermediate

Subject Related Skills: Computer Maths Physics

Non Subject Related Skills: None

Interests: interested in operating computer

Career Objective: software engg, computer science

Counseling (History): None


CCP Pakistan Advisors Replies

Faisal Ayub

It’s hard for me to tell with the given information what to pursue but let me tell you one thing. Whatever you do if you do it good your will definitely be rewarded financially and will get a good job. So the key is to do the thing which you enjoy and want to excel in and the money part will come automatically.


Hasnain Malik

BS software Engineering has much worth then BSCS

Sajid Ali

Never depend on field but on Skills. Both are very good only if you achieved the level of expertise current looking by the recruiters. I will suggest select one that is your favorite and go to the peak of expertise market will be yours

Good luck

Nadeem  SALAMAT, PhD

Go for BCSC

Zubair Bajwa

Take computer engineering, it is the best.

Good Luck!!

Syed Iqbal Haider

You need to improve Skills in writing English composition and communication!!!

Secondly concentrate more on your knowledge, that you are trying to learn, rather than money.

Money is automatic outcome, if you are good in Knowledge and in your work.

Change your priorities!!!!

Good Luck

 Azam Tahir

Considering financial benefits, BS Software Engineering is recommended for you but with the only condition that you have aptitude and interest.

Safeer Abbas

Dear, Just check the scope and potential of freelancing.

Build your skill according to your interest. Because only with your interest you can make your future brighter

Good Luck!  



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